Fr Pat Amobi ChukwumaMonday, July 3, 2017



Continued from Part 1

wo weeks ago, I was behind the steering travelling to Port Harcourt. On the way, a woman of God waved me down asking for a lift. After glancing at her from head to toe with spiritual eyes, my mind told me to grant her the request. She would be stopping at Aba. I did not take chances because nowadays it is difficult to distinguish between a chorister and a graduate; between a mad man and a mechanic. I asked her to join me in prayer for a peaceful and prosperous journey. Then I started binding and casting in the language I was sure she did not understand. I concluded with "In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord!" She responded a big "Amen!" My mind became settled.

Meanwhile my car's air condition system was on. The temperature inside the car was so conducive that you can be sleeping and driving at the same time. In order to avoid had I known, I applied 'keep me awake' ointment into my two eyes. As I looked at the rear mirror, the woman of God I gave a lift was already asleep and snoring like a fat female cow. I coughed loud artificially to awake her from the deep slumber and to stop the disturbing snoring. She did not even move a bit. Then I intentionally drove into a deep pot-hole as a second technique to awaken her. I succeeded, even though it was a disadvantage to my car. I consoled myself that the mechanic must work to eat. Immediately my car fell into the deep pot-hole, the woman of God jumped up and hit her head at the car's roof. She shouted, "My God, where are you?!" I told her it was not God who did it. A pot-hole was responsible. She laughed and said, "Father, you are very funny." I laughed in turn and replied, "Sister, your sleeping and snoring have no adjective to qualify them." We laughed and laughed such that I forgot that I was driving.

As a man of God, I entered into an interesting conversation with the woman of God. Man of God plus woman of God equal to people of God. I asked her if she did not sleep last night. She laughed saintly and asserted that my car's cold air condition sent her to untimely sleep. She asked me to put it off and open the glasses for natural air to come in. First of all, I expressed my concern that she did not fall into untimely death. Then I asked her the difference between natural air and air condition. She started educating me that natural air is beneficial while the air from air condition apparatus is artificial and unhealthy. She said that many people these days come out from air conditioned room and jump into air conditioned vehicle. From there they enter into an air conditioned office. The cold condition blocks the normal functioning of the body systems and can reduce life span. At times we need warm condition. Hence, air condition plus warm condition equal to balanced condition.

We need natural air to be healthy. From time to time we should open the doors and windows of our rooms, offices and vehicles to allow natural air to flow in and drive away unwanted gases. Let us not cage ourselves like non living things. Living things require air, water and food to survive. Our living rooms ought to be well ventilated. The air from fans and air conditions is artificial and makes us live artificial life which is peripheral. Some of the people walking along the streets are artificially alive and naturally dead.

Once upon a time, I boarded a commercial vehicle with an in-built air condition apparatus from Abuja to Enugu. We set out at early morning and stopped at Lokoja to break our fast. I broke my own fast with a small bottle of stout and a small loaf of bread. Afterwards, we re-entered the vehicle and the driver sped off. The air condition was so pleasurable that every passenger slept off. I was sleeping like a dog. As the vehicle was moving smoothly, some of the passengers started snoring. I was not comfortable with the snoring. To compound the unfavourable sounds, a fat sleeping woman sitting in front of me polluted the air, which sounded like atomic bomb. The nasty smell combined with the cold air condition to produce a horrifying atmosphere. Probably the sleeping fat woman might have consumed food prepared with plenty of native magi (ogiri) at Lokoja. I tapped her with my palms gently on the shoulders. She turned sharply and shouted, "Who is that idiot?" With my mouth full of unwanted saliva I replied her ironically, "The idiot is nasty air pollution." The mess woke up some of the passengers. One of them asked, "Who polluted the air?" The suspect was moping left and write with deep heart beat because her conscience was pricking her. I covered my nostrils with six handkerchiefs because the polluted air was so thick and contagious. Speaking like a masquerade, I pleaded with the driver to open the glasses for fresh air to come in before we die of poisonous gas. The driver obliged me. The difference between the natural air and polluted artificial air inside the vehicle was very clear.

In the good old days, people trekked to far distances. That was an enough exercise that earned them longevity. Nowadays most people travel on motorcycles, tricycles, and vehicles to their destinations no matter how long or short the distance is. The excess fats in the body remain intact and this can bring about other deadly diseases. A certain fat sickly man went to the hospital and was diagnosed of too much fat in his body system. The doctor recommended that he should burn those fats by regular exercise. The fat man thought of burning those fats in a quicker way. He poured kerosene all over his body and set himself ablaze. His outer skin was razed by the inferno. He was rushed to a hospital. The doctor asked him what happened. Out of pains he narrated how he decided to burn the excess fat in his body by setting himself ablaze after pouring kerosene all over his body. The doctor frowned at him and asked, "Are you foolish?" The patient started crying.

Nowadays, most people consume artificial food and drinks. That is one of the reasons we die young. Have you viewed closely most recent obituary posters? What is your observation? On my own part I observe that most people in this generation die between 30 and 60 years. The cause hinges on the consumption of artificial foods and drinks. Our forefathers ate natural foods and drank natural drinks, and they lived longer. The artificial foods and drinks are sold at different spots in the form of fast foods. Fast food leads to fast death. As if enough is not enough, unscrupulous persons in our society today produce artificial foodstuffs such as plastic noodles and plastic rice. There are also artificial eggs in the market. These plastic artificial foods enter our digestive system with death warrant.

Sorrowfully, we are wallowing in the artificial age. We have abandoned the natural processes of human life. For instance, God made marriage to be between a man and a woman. That is natural. What happens today? Man has created artificial marriage to exist between a man and a man, a woman and a woman. Today, homosexuality and lesbianism are on the increase. Natural methods of family planning have been sacrificed at the altar of artificial birth control. Some men are artificially transforming themselves into women by plastic surgery. Likewise some women are transforming themselves artificially into men. Michael Jackson was a handsome black beautiful man. Later, he underwent a risky plastic surgery and became an ugly artificial white man. When the artificial hormones in him expired, he slumped and died. Those applying bleaching creams in order to become yellow in complexion are taking big risks. The bleached skins will soon expire and the consequence is nothing to write home about. No one can cheat nature. Artificiality does not last.

Continued from Part 1