Tuesday, June 5, 2018


ew days ago, I was behind my four wheels heading to Enugu. At Udi I met a police check-point and I was forced to stop behind six vehicles. The policemen on duty were checking the vehicles and the drivers one after the other. One of the policemen, who was the chief tax collector, had his trouser knee extraordinary pocket already filled to the brim. The naira notes inside it were competing for space. Hence the knee big pocket was trying to burst. When I saw it I shook my head and soliloquized, "Bribery and corruption are at work."

When it was my turn to be checked, the fierce looking Corporal shouted at me, "Man of God, wetin you carry?" I shouted back at him, "Man of Satan, wetin dey for your big pocket?" His face failed. He ordered me to pack well beside the road. He cocked his gun and pointed it at my chest. Then he sharply asserted, "Why did you call me Man of Satan? I will show you the Satan now." I replied courageously, "Officer, I called you Man of Satan because of those illegal naira notes looking for accommodation inside your knee big pocket." He retorted, "Does it concern you? Now show me your particulars and Driver's License." I obliged him. After glancing through, he asked me, "Where are your Triangle and spare tyre? Obediently I showed them to him. Further he asked me to show him my tax receipt. With frowned face I answered him rhetorically, "Are you a policeman or a tax collector?" Out of anger he released a shot into the air and shouted, "Obey before complain!" I told him that as a priest (Man of God) I am exempt from paying tax. After this, he asked me to pay road-block tax for police maintenance. In turn I asked him to pay his tithe for church maintenance. He started smiling and remarked, "Man of God, you are very wise. But remember that police is your friend. Bless me so that the Satan in my pocket may be sanitized." He bent his head at the door of my car and I showered heavenly blessings on him. Thankfully he asked me to continue my journey. Finally I sped off after the unnecessary delay. However, I quite believe that I used the encounter to preach the Gospel to the police and to all those reading this write-up, including my humble self.

Some time ago I was on a high velocity along Abuja - Lokoja expressway heading to Awka. I was alone in the car. At a lonely place, a Man of Satan stood beside the road waving and shouting at me to stop because, according to him, one of my tyres was puncturing. One spirit told me to stop while the other told me to drive on. I obeyed the latter. After driving for about 10 minutes ahead, I stopped in front of a busy market to check the alleged puncturing tyre. I checked the four tyres one after the other and they were all in order. On reaching home I narrated the incidence to my colleague. He asked me to thank God for saving me from the Man of Satan who would have defrauded me or even temper with my life had I stopped at that lonely place. He told me that it is dangerous to drive alone and to stop abruptly at a lonely place. Once I stop, other men of Satan would emerge from the forest and descend on me and on my belongings. Those who have ears let them hear.

At Lokoja I stopped to refill my car's fuel tank. Also I filled my human tank because I did not break my fast before setting out for the long journey. I was dressed on a gentleman's black suit and clerical Roman collar. I entered into one of the eateries and ordered for a plate of rice crowned with a chicken lap and a pair of gizzard. As I was descending on the delicious menu, a gorgeously dressed beautiful fair lady approached me with an infectious smile. I thought she knew me. I asked her, "How are you?" She replied with smiles, "Fine, Man of God." Further I asked her, "It seems you know me. Where do you come from?" She replied, "Man of God, I shall tell you when I come back. Kindly lend me N1,000 to pay for my meal. My husband went to toilet. When he comes back I shall repay you." Without any suspicion I gave her the loan." She went before the displayed food items. Before I could look towards that direction again, she was nowhere to be found. After eating, I stood in front of the eatery waiting for her over 20 minutes but all to no avail. She disappeared like lightening. I concluded that she is a dupe and a woman of Satan. I learnt my lesson and continued my journey.

Recently I came out of church service and saw six missed calls in my mobile phone, which I left behind in my car in order to avoid serving two masters at the same time. The number was the same and unfamiliar. I told myself that something must be wrong or that the caller needed my attention. Out of charity and curiosity I returned the call. It was a masculine voice. He intimated me that he is a banker with the information that some a dubious person was trying to hack into my bank account to clear the money there. He asked if I gave anyone my Bank Verification Number (BVN) which he called out and asked me to confirm. Unfortunately and luckily I did not know my BVN off head. Then he asked if I was with my ATM card. I answered him negatively. As if by premonition I removed it from my pocket wallet a day before. He asked me to hurry home and get it with the intention of calling out for him the number he would request. Ignorantly I jumped into my car and drove home madly to do the bidding. But along the way a thought came into me to call someone I know in the bank. I narrated to her what I was about to do. She cleared my eyes and told me never to do so. She told me that the caller is a fraudster. As if some scales fell from my eyes, I came back to my senses. I went back to enjoy the food and drinks being served at the occasion I went for. After some time, the idiot called me asking why I have not called as he directed me. I told him that I was in the bank. Also I said to him, "You are a rogue. Go and find something good doing." Immediately his phone went dead. My dear, Satan is now walking about in human flesh. Even borrowing a biro from unknown persons in the bank can be ruinous. Let us beware!

Do you know that Satan also comes to Church? After my priestly ordination in 1993, I was about to leave for my first posting. My biological father sat me down for admonition. He categorically stated, "Father, be careful as you go, because since everybody has gone to church, Satan also went into the church." These words of advice since then have never left my memory. They are words of life. Not everyone in the church is a man or a woman of God. Some are devil incarnate. Even you cannot trust all the Men of God in the sanctuary. Only God knows who is a true believer or a true Man of God. While praying in the church, close one of your eyes and keep the other open to observe Satan's manoeuvre around you. He appears in human form. A certain young lady was praying in the chapel with her two eyes piously closed. She just received her first salary and came to thank God for his benevolence. She kept her handbag containing the salary of N50,000, her mobile phone and house key beside her. After the thanksgiving prayer, she opened her eyes to take the handbag. It was nowhere to be found. It happened that a Man of Satan who came also to pray stole the handbag and its content. The young lady cried and cried. Some sympathizers offered her oral and kind consolations. She went home with mixed feelings.

Few months ago in Rivers State, a Man of God who calls himself Pastor was arrested for using his house as armed robbers' den. He trains armed robbers at his home and preaches the Word of God in his church. He is popularly known as Angelic Pastor. One day is for the thief and the other day is for the owner of the house. On a certain day, his gang members went for armed robbery operation. They killed the victim and dumped his corpse in a forest. Later the armed boys went to collect their booty at the late victim's house. In the process the police ambushed them. One of them was arrested while the other three fled. During interrogation, the arrested armed robber confessed that the Man of God is their Commander-in-chief. For some weeks the Man of God was on the run. Unluckily for him, he was arrested while preaching the Word of God in one of his distant church branches. He pleaded for mercy but it was too late.

Man or Woman of God can also be found in the State Government House, in the State House of Assembly, in the National Assembly and in the Presidency. By their fruits you know them. The Word of God says, "When the virtuous rule, the people rejoice, but they groan when the wicked are in power" (Proverbs29:2). What is happening now in our country Nigeria? There are anger, hunger, insecurity, senseless killings, unemployment, epileptic power supply, corruption, etc in the land. Most Nigerians are not happy. Therefore can we conclude that the wicked are in power? Are you a Man (Woman) of God or a Man (Woman) of Satan?