Friday, June 1, 2018
Bonn, Germany

Continued from Part 4

The worst illiterate is the political illiterate, he doesnít hear, doesnít speak, nor participates in the political events. He doesnít know the cost of life, the price of the bean, of the fish, of the flour, of the rent, of the shoes and of the medicine, all depends on political decisions. The political illiterate is so stupid that he is proud and swells his chest saying that he hates politics. The imbecile doesnít know that, from his political ignorance is born the prostitute, the abandoned child, and the worst thieves of all, the bad politician, corrupted and flunky of the national and multinational companies (Bertolt Brecht)

igerian youths should ask why citizens of a country rich on prodigious oil reserves are getting poorer by the day; the youths should ask why oil is no gift for Nigeria's poor. We should ask why Nigeria is one of Africa's top two oil producers, yet most of its people live in wretched poverty and hopelessness? Our youths should do something about this, and now, as the future must belong to them!

Nigerian youths must bend all their faculties to the task of liberating Nigeria. They know full well that nothing good will ever come to their ways from the present crop of leaders because they've no plans for them. As I noted somewhere else, Nigerian leaders benefited immensely from Nigeria, but have not been giving the present day Nigerian youths all they have enjoyed themselves. Nigeria leaders of today were pampered by Nigeria, as they received qualitative education, at all levels, for free. When they were in the universities, they received a bursary, and some went to school abroad on a scholarship. Those in the military and para-military agencies then attended educational sessions and received qualitative training at home and abroad, and were well-equipped for their task. Today's leaders are giving Nigerian youths half-baked education, making them educated illiterates and unemployable graduates.

The leaders of today came out of schools to waiting jobs, and many got cars too. In fact, life has been good for the Nigerian leaders. But, they have made no effort to give the present day Nigerian youths even a one-tenth of what they have enjoyed, all their lives, from Nigeria. Rather, what theyíve been doing is to loot and waste all the resources which could have been used to make life easy and meaningful for all the peoples of Nigeria, whether young or old. Nigerian youths of today have known all their lives nothing but hardship, suffering, wretchedness, and despair ó Nigerian leaders have failed to guarantee a fulfilling and meaningful life for most Nigerians. Just an example: A few weeks ago, Nigeria students in Russia, on Federal scholarship, cried out for help, saying they have been abandoned. The story is the same for all Nigerians on federal scholarship all over the world.

Nigerian youths should make sure that Buhari leaves Aso Rock by 2019, because, whether as a military or civilian leader, he has never had any good plan for the Nigerian youths. Youths, who were not born or were so small when Buhari overthrew the government of Shehu Shagari in 1983, should know that he stopped the bursary award and the meal subsidy given to the then students of Nigeria's institutions of higher learning. Because Buhari is illiterate, he accords no priority to education, and he does not know that Victor Hugo (1802-1885) said that ďhe who opens a school door closes a prisonĒ. Buhari, the head of state, in the 1980s, and now, Buhari, the civilian president, have the same very story about Nigeria being broke, has no money to offer free education, bursary or meal subsidy to the students.

Nigerian youths should wake up from their stupor of lassitude and indifference, right now, to take back their country. They should stop their corrupt leaders from further recycling themselves and their children as if there are no other qualified Nigerians outside that clique. Youths of this country must strive to take over the leadership positions of Nigeria. They should know that this present government will not give them any chance to lead, as VP Osinbajo told Nigerian youths, in 2015, that they're not good enough for even ministerial appointments. NP wrote that the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, took to Twitter on October 13, 2015, to justify Buhari's refusal to nominate younger and more socially in-tuned individuals for ministerial positions ó as the previous administration did ó after uproars from Nigerians. The VP said on his official Twitter handle on October 13, 2015, at 1133 hours: ďThat we could not find some outstanding Nigerian youths to form cabinet is a challenge to our youths to brace upĒ. There, the VP meant that it's the fault of the youths that they are not being given the chance to lead. That was balderdash from the VP.

Nigerians youths should know that unless they do something now by taking over and changing Nigeria for the better, other Nigerians youths, abroad, will be lost forever. Nigeria needs all her youths ó both at home and abroad, but the present leaders make no plan to bring home the children of those they drove out of Nigeria. The problem is that those Nigerian children (youths), abroad, are excelling in their endeavors ó whether in sports, medicine, academics, business, technological know-how, management, ICT etc. Nigerian successive rulers succeeded in driving many Nigerian youths out of Nigeria. The youths of the 1980s, who were forced out of Nigeria in search of greener pastures, are now in their late 40s, 50s and early 60s, and have procreated a younger generation of Nigerians in their respective countries of abode. These young Nigerians procreated abroad may never see Nigeria as their fatherland, because, many of them, after being born in a different and decent culture and environment, may never want to do anything with Nigeria, after everything they have seen, read or heard about their parents' country. Nigerian youths must turn the country around, now, so that their compatriots and contemporaries, abroad, will start seeing Nigeria as home.

This is what Ayodele Olufunsho Godson posted, and Iím going to share it: It is high time justice is entrenched in our nation, Nigeria. This is a country where an individual 30 or 40 years and above is considered old for a job placement in the corporate world, but a man of 60, 70, 80 and above is seen as constitutionally competent for political offices. Itís an injustice of the highest order. If we can entrust the future of our industries and establishments to younger minds, why not entrust the future of our dear country to the same younger minds. The old good days of Nigeria resulted from the intelligent leadership of the youths, but now, we entrust our future into the hands of weak minds.

It takes young men to run a nation; old men only dream dreams, but young men see visions. Dreams are what could be, while visions are what will be. Why play games with the future of Nigeria? Itís no wonder these days that things are falling apart. The old have meted out their days; itís high time they pass the baton to the next generation to take us to our promised land. They alone have the strength and the willpower to run the nation. Most of the old holding the reins of power today were relevant as youths; they have contributed their quotas, and we have applauded them for it, but to think that the new generation of youths or the younger minds does not have what it takes to run a nation is an aberration and wickedness.

Nigerian youths wake up and take your destiny in your hands. No one will give you power; a kingdom is taken by force. Get your Voterís Card and remain resolute that in 2019 no old man is going back to Aso rock. You constitute 70% of Nigeriaís population. You can do it. Aguiyi-Ironsi was 42 when he became the military head of state; Yakubu Gowon was 32 when he was head of state, and he ruled for 9 years; Muritala Mohammed was 37 when he became the head of state; Olusegun Obasanjo was 39 when he was military head of state; Ibrahim Babangida was 44 when he became the head of state, and he ruled for 8 years. This present Muhammadu Buhari was 41 when he intercepted democracy and became a military head of state. In this 21st century, he was still able to bewitch the unobservant and made his way to head the same system he truncated.

Shame on Nigerian youths! Audu Ogbeh was a federal minister of communication at the age of 35; and at 70, heís still a minister and the minister of agriculture. What a shame on this generation. Are we so much in a drought of brilliant minds? How could we have preferred this crop of leaders in a nation where we have brilliant minds, home and abroad? Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, is 45; Emmanuel Macron of France is 40; New Zealandís Prime Minister is 37; the Prime Minister of Estonia is 39; George Weah of Liberia, very close to us, is 51. The Nigerian leaders of today are consuming your today and tomorrow.

Our youths are now consoling themselves with the juice of the entertainment industry, where they can have the entire banquet. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, perhaps apologizing for their lack of rectitude, on behalf of his generation, recently said our youths should be empowered to deploy their ability to enact, innovate and work energetically at ideas and concepts in which they can make their own original input. Youths must be part of the action today, and must not be relegated to the leadership of tomorrow which will never come. Change that will lead to enhancement of living standards and progress for all is a situation where the elected accountably govern, and every Nigeria will have an equal opportunity not based on kinship or friendship but on free citizenship.

Donít sell your birthright for a Morsel of Bread; get your Voterís Card, unite as one and say enough is enough. Our problems need solutions and not prayers. If youíre 18 years and above and you donít have a Voterís Card, why pray for Nigeria? Donít bother to pray, because even prayer will not work if good people refuse to do the right thing. The first step to answered prayer is to get your Voterís Card; the second step is voting out this present government. If you fail to do that, you have no right to challenge the battered economy, a series of suicide cases, incessant killing of innocent Nigerians, the insecurity and unemployment of over 16 million youths, the unfair educational quota system favoring one region against merit from other regions, the unjustifiable queues at filling stations, impending Fulani colonization and assumed supremacy.

I believe youíre willing as Iím to see a New Nigeria; then let the revolution start.

To end this serial, I advise Nigerian youths not to die for the politicians who donít give two hoots about them. In 2019, your collective votes will be more powerful than guns and tanks. This was sent to me: Governor Ganduje of Kanoís daughter married Governor Ajimobi of Oyoís son. Dangoteís daughter married former IGP Mohammadís son. Buhariís daughter married the richest manís son from Borno State. Abike Dabiri, a former lawmaker and now a special adviser to the president on foreign matters, is now an in-law to Governor Ibikunle Amosun, governor of Ogun State. Let me inform you again that Prof. Yemi Osinbajoís daughter was taken to the same kind of home marrying the son of one of the richest black women in Nigeria.

Their children study abroad, start work abroad, get married abroad, go to hospitals abroad, treat a headache and cough abroad, give birth abroad, go on vacation abroad, et al. Yet they come out later to give you guns, machete, axes and few thousands of Naira to cut your fellow brothers down in the name of election. Believe me; they will be coming to you again come 2019. If you are only good as political thugs, ballot box snatchers, and not as an in-law, then you have a problem. Use your brain.

President Buhari is a hypocrite; he's living in a fool's paradise and is not getting it that "it's over" for him. Imagine Buhari begging the youths to drop any ambition of running for Presidency in 2019. He made the plea on Thursday, May 31, when he signed the ďNot Too Young To RunĒ bill into law at the Council Chamber, Presidential Villa Abuja. He had the audacity to tell the youths to stop any campaign for the forthcoming Elections and keep their Presidential ambition till 2023.

Buhari should be the person who should wither his re-election ambition and not the youths. Buhari belongs to the past while this moment belongs to the youths. It's unimaginable that while other countries "which know what they are doing" are encouraging their youths to take over the political power immediately, Buhari is asking Nigerian youths to postpone their own ambitions. Buhari as a president was a mistake Nigeria can't afford again: He's old, illiterate, clueless, dictatorial, nepotistic, and has run Nigeria into the gutter. His time is up!

Letís end this on a funny but serious note. We all know the major problems Nigerians are facing today:

*Boko Haram (B)

*Unemployment (U)

*Herdsmen (H)

*Armed Robbery (A)

*Recession (R)

*Insecurity (I)

And putting all the first letters together, we all can see that our Real Problem, for now, is B-U-H-A-R-I. So, do away with him in 2019.






Continued from Part 4