Fr Pat Amobi ChukwumaSunday, May 24, 2015




n a certain town, there was a blind titled man. It happened that all the titled men had a big feast. Since he couldn't go alone due to lack of sight, his grandson took him to the venue of the feast. It was a banquet of assorted meals and drinks. The blind man ordered his grandson to stay outside because only the titled men were permitted to enjoy the banquet. The poor boy was very hungry and angry. The aroma of the banquet filled the boy's nostrils without tasting anything at all. Each titled man ate one leg of cow and drank six bottles of small stout. They became intoxicated and began to prophesy in their ancestral tongues. One of the titled men stood up feeling dizzy. Unconsciously he urinated inside the common soup pot. Everyone shouted at him for such unruly and untitled behavior. Out of annoyance, the gathering dismissed informally.

The blind titled man in question sought for assistance. Fortunately one of them led him outside the gate where his grandson was sleeping and sighing. The blind man called loudly to ascertain his grandson's where about. The boy, filled with rage and hunger, reluctantly took his grandfather's hand violently. The drunk titled old blind man roared like a helpless lion. The boy ignored him and was pulling him along violently. After a while, the blind titled man asked his grandson to lead him where he would ease himself. It happened that there were many wild ants there. The hungry and angry boy took him inside the multitude of the wild ants. As the blind titled man was urinating, the wild ants attacked him from all fronts. The old man cried for help. The boy started laughing at him, beckoning on the wild ants to discipline his blind grandfather for his wicked act of letting him go hungry in the midst of plenty. He mocked his grandfather and said, "Wicked grandfather, I have handed you over to the wild ants to punish you for your wickedness." What a reprisal handover!

On another note, there was a lovely woman who married a wicked man. God blessed them with five children. Do you know that a day never passed without the man beating his wife like where the vulcanizer is beating the body of a broken vehicle. In fact the woman's face has become like the battle field of Iran - Iraq. When the lovely woman could no more bear the beatings, she ran to her maternal home and narrated her ordeal to her four fearful brothers. They accompanied her back to her husband's house, where they waited for the wicked husband to come back from work. As soon as he came in, the wife handed him over to her four brothers to deal with him. They nearly tore him to pieces but for the timely intervention of passersby.

Judas Iscariot promised to hand over Jesus Christ to the Jews if they pay him 30 pieces of Shekel. He collected the money and betrayed his master by kissing at the Garden of Gethsemane. Indeed he handed Jesus over with the hope that he would escape as usual. But when he saw Jesus being tortured and being led away for crucifixion, he restituted the money and committed suicide. Before Jesus hanging on the Gibbet could say, "Father forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing," Judas had already hung himself. This reminds me of some penitents who come to Confession, before you could say, "I absolve you from your sins in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit" the penitent has already gone out of the church. Was he absolved?

In a Relay race, the runners occupy their different positions ready for action. Each set must be vigilant and agile. Often, the baton falls down at the point of being handed over to another set of runners. When this happens, it causes a monumental loss of victory, unless the one involved can fly. But when the handover of baton is well done and the runner in question is trustworthy, then victory is assured.

Now let me hit the hammer at the nail. Our country Nigeria is about to make another political handover of power. This time it is like a friend handing over to a foe. However it does not matter so much, because I have read that in politics there is no permanent enemy. I couldn't believe that Peter Obi and Andy Uba would one day eat from the same political plate. Who knows if the outgoing President Dr Goodluck Jonathan and the in-coming President Muhammadu Buhari will one day sweep together with one broom or share one umbrella? For now a ruling party is handing over to an opposition party, come 29 May 2015. All Progressives Congress (APC) becomes the Ruling party while Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) becomes the Opposition. Indeed, no condition is permanent. All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) is third in rank and will crow from time to time, to ensure that justice is done in the polity and that the sun sets well. Ikemba Odumegwu Ojukwu is gone but his spirit lives.

The 6-year reign of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan comes to a successful end on May 28, 2015. I doff my cap for him because he has done well. He is the first Nigerian Statesman and Peacemaker. He conceded defeat for the sake of peace in Nigeria. No leader in Africa has done so. Let us give him a standing ovation! Please continue standing until I give you a sign. May the good luck Jonathan has brought to our country continue to propel our future leaders! Amen!

Behind every successful man, it is said, there is a woman. Two human factors have brought us to safety so far. They are Good luck and Patience. The good luck in President Goodluck Jonathan has doused the tension surrounding the 2015 Presidential Election. Secondly, the patience in Mrs Patience Jonathan, the president's wife, is our joy. There is always peace in a family where the virtue of patience is found. I pray that our future leaders may imbibe this great virtue. Thank you, Mrs Patience Jonathan, for your patient motherhood role as your husband was battling with the storm of steering the Nigerian turbulent ship. Goodbye Jonathan!

Welcome General Muhammadu Buhari. You are now a civilian general. It falls on you from May 29, 2015 to tackle the general problems in Nigeria. The war against insurgency is still raging. You promised that you have the wherewithal to make the stubborn child sleep, so that the house will be peaceful. Thousands of innocent lives have been wasted at the altar of Terrorism in this country. As a gallant soldier, I hope you can still shoot accurately. You are retired but not tired. As a manager of a primary school where I was some years ago, we called for application for the post of a headmaster. A retired headmaster wrote an application and underlined this fact: "I am retired but not tired." When he came for interview, he buttressed that he was not yet tired by blowing his muscles high like a wrestler. General Buhari, I hope your muscles are still agile as in your military days because the tasks ahead are hard and demanding.

Our economy is not yet stable. Nigerians are still hungry and angry. Corruption has been crowned in this country since our Independence. To fight this stubborn malady, one must be well equipped. General Buhari, how equipped are you? Please remember that chemical or biological weapons are not allowed. Beware! Some of the men and women in your cabinet can hide corruption in their under-wears. Some of your compatriots ventured into politics to embezzle public fund. You need double-edge swords to fight them.

President in proximity, having visualized the enormous problems confronting Nigeria, I heard you asking Nigerians for patience. Your wife Aisha Buhari is the First Lady. Your request for Patience is hereby granted. That means as from 29 May 2015, you will automatically adopt Patience as the second Lady. The First Lady Aisha is very accommodative. President Buhari, you also need good luck. On behalf of my fellow Nigerians, I donate him also to you, so that good luck may follow you all the days of your reign.

President Buhari, by God's grace I shall be at Eagle Square Abuja on May 29, 2015 to anoint you with Holy Oil, so that no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper. Also I shall bathe you with Holy Water, so that no bullet from enemies of progress will pierce your temple. Finally, I shall hand you over to God in prayer, so that he may protect you from principalities and powers that be.