Fr Pat Amobi ChukwumaSunday, May 4, 2014




onders shall never end. Is the world coming to an end? Jesus Christ prophesies that "Nation will fight against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes and plagues and famines in various places; there will be terrifying events and great signs from heaven" (Lk. 21:10 - 11). Further Jesus says, "Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child; children will come forward against their parents and have them put to death" (Mtt. 10:21).

I was going through the Sun Newspaper of 20 April 2014 and I was forced to pause on page 12. Fear ran down my spinal cord when I saw the caption "Evil genius: Schoolboy, 18, abducts, kills landlord's daughter, 4." It was a true story of a boy by name Franklin, a native of Ohekelem in Ngor Okpala, Imo State. He lured his landlord's daughter aged 4 into a bush, where he used an article of clothing to blindfold her. He then put a rope on the little girl's neck and hung her on a short palm tree. The distraught father of the little girl with tears exclaimed, "It is unbelievable that Franklin Njoku hanged my four-year-old daughter, Gloria. He is used to our little daughter and we didn't expect him to do what he did. Life is terrible."

My people, is life not terrible? Terror began when Cain killed his brother Abel out of envy. When God confronted Cain for his wicked act, he (Cain) dropped a bombshell saying, "Am I my brother's keeper?" (Gen. 4:9). Hence the first terrorist in history is Cain.

The descendants of Cain are today all over the world - in families, kindred, villages, towns, states and nations. Man seems to have lost the sense of rationality endowed on him by God. Terrorism is the order of the day. It is spreading like wildfire. Who will rescue us? God, are you asleep?

Today, armed robbery is given less emphasis in Nigeria because a greater evil has overtaken it. Kidnapping for ransom is the order of the day. Armed kidnappers now tamper with human life just because of money. The victims are kept in the forests and are terrorized. The families of the innocent victims are contacted through GSM phones and millions of Naira are demanded from them, lest they terminate the lives of the blindfolded victims. The worse happens when ransoms are collected and the victims killed as well. Money is lost. Life is lost. Life is terrible.

As we are hiding from kidnappers, Boko Haram terrorists shatter innocent Nigerians with bullets and bombs. Even students are not spared. About two months ago, the insurgents invaded a boarding school in Taraba State and started firing at innocent students preparing for their exams. In the process, about 49 students were summarily executed for no just cause. Most of the school buildings and properties were set ablaze. The parents of the victims have been weeping without consolation. As if enough is not enough, about 234 students of Girls' Secondary School in Chibok, Borno State were recently abducted and taken to an unknown destination. Imagine the plight of those unsuspecting girls. They had no spare tunic with them. Each of them has won same underwear for about three weeks now. What of those under their monthly periods, how do they manage? Imagine man's inhumanity to man! Life is terrible. My prayer is that God may rescue those innocent girls if they are still alive. Even the parents are demanding for their release, alive or dead. I am weeping myself. Life is terrible!

The unmerciful insurgents have done a lot of havoc from place to place, especially in the North-east of Nigeria. Many innocent Nigerians going about their normal business have been slain. There is nowhere to hide now. Even Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory is not safe. The recent merciless bombing at the Nyanya-Abuja Bus Terminal moves even the Angels of God to tears. In fact, over one hundred passengers, marketers, okada riders, and others died instantly at the scene. Some were cut into pieces like vegetables. Some had their skulls shattered. Also some were grinded like pepper. About 140 sustained various degrees of injuries. Some of the injured are waiting for the carpenters to finish their caskets for burial. Oh my God, life is terrible!

I have a very cogent question to ask: Who are those sponsoring these insurgents? If you see a bird dancing in the middle of the road, someone in the forest is beating the drums for it. I reiterate again that until the godfathers of these faceless terrorists are fished out, the end is not in sight. In the recent past a politician boasted that if he failed to win the presidential election, he would make the country ungovernable. Can't such a person be quizzed? Another way of being an accomplice in an evil is to keep mum. Those politicians and retired Generals who have not come out to condemn the insurgency are questionable. An elder cannot stay at home while a goat gives birth tethered on a rope. A person who sees someone throwing a stone inside a market that is filled to capacity with human beings and keeps silence; does he know if the stone will hit his mother? I am indeed very sad. If you see me now, I am almost looking like a moving skeleton. I pity my fellow Nigerians being slaughtered like fowls for large feast. Even my life is not guaranteed.

The Federal Government under the leadership of President Goodluck Jonathan is having sleepless nights and days. Some unscrupulous politicians would like him to fail in this war against terrorism. Such persons would like to occupy his seat by all means, even by sponsoring those insurgents secretly. I believe that whatever is hidden shall be revealed with time. There was one day that a masquerade beat me mercilessly during my youthful days. On investigation, I found out that the man behind the mask was my arch-enemy. I shouted, "No wonder!"

As the terrifying situation is nationwide, we are advised to be security conscious. How long will this last? Everyone is a suspect. But in Law, one is assumed to be innocent until he or she is found guilty. I thank God for the honest effort of my new state Governor, Chief Willie Obiano to rid Anambra State of criminals, kidnappers and terrorists. It is only when this feat is achieved that the hearts of Anambrarians can be relaxed. That is the meaning of Obiano (relaxed mind). When the environment is safe, we can then sleep with our two eyes closed. Virtually every Nigerian is sleeping nowadays with one eye open. The other when I was sleeping with one eye opened, a wicked rat wanted to plug off my eyeball. Thank God I was not yet deep asleep by then. I caught the rat that looked like a human being and handed it over to the police to face the wrath of the Law. When the polity is safe, investors can come in to invest. The economy will grow. Nigerians can then enjoy this temporal life as they look forward for eternal life. Life is terrible in hell, so let us aim at enjoying a peaceful life in heaven by living a good life while on earth.

Due to the terrifying condition of Nigeria presently, I am making a serious plan to relocate to the newly discovered planet known as Kepler-186f. It is 500 Light years distant from the earth. It is slightly bigger than the earth. According to scientists, this new planet is potentially habitable. It is referred to not as earth's twin but earth's cousin. By the grace of God, I am migrating there any moment from now because life has here in Nigeria is terrible. Those who are interested to join me should indicate immediately either by calling me on phone or by sending a text. Entry closes in two weeks' time. Anyone willing to join me in this migration to the new planet must have the fear of God and value for human life. Goodbye fellow Nigerians.