Fr Pat Amobi ChukwumaWednesday, February 22, 2017
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was taking an evening walk few days ago. Coincidentally, I came across a certain elderly man with two mouths. One of the mouths was situated at the normal place on his face. The other mouth was behind his neck. He was talking from both mouths at the same time. I was seeing him from afar. But to make sure I was not dreaming, I came nearer the man from the rear. I was really frightened. I asked myself, "Is this a human being or a ghost? If he is a human being, is he from this planet?" Probably, there were many unused mouths the day God created him. Hence he was endowed with an extra mouth to talk to those who could not hear him from the front. Before the strange two-mouth man could turn behind to look at me, I ran for my dear life. Please anyone who knows the where about of the strange two-mouth elderly man should report to the nearest police station for arrest and persecution. It is against the constitution of humanity for one person to possess two mouths. It is also a criminal offence. I put it to lawyers to disprove me.

As the tensed hormone of fear in me was trying to normalize as a result of the strange two-mouth man I saw, accidently I met another man talking from both sides of the mouth. Immediately, I stood still to watch the scenario. A normal person speaks from one side of the mouth. How is it possible for this second man to be speaking from both sides of the mouth? It is ungodly and unnatural to do so. I posed this question to myself: "Is this man speaking from both sides of the mouth mentally deranged or an extra-ordinary human being?" I summoned courage and confronted him. I asked him why he speaks from both sides of the mouth. Instead of answering my questions, he started abusing me. He asked me, "Who are you to challenge me? Do you know who I am? If you do not vamoose from my face, I shall put you behind the bars for insulting a public official like me." In return I told him that if he does not stop speaking from both sides of the mouth, then I will annihilate him with immediate effect. He wanted to hit me on the head with the iron staff in his hand. I dogged him tactically. Without wasting time I inserted hand into my big pocket and brought out a cross and a small bottle of Holy Water. I started binding and casting him. He fell on the ground, foaming at his mouth. He raised his two hands up begging me for mercy. He promised not to speak from the both sides of the mouth again. I looked with pity at him and absolved him from abusing the mouth.

If you are pointing an accusing finger at someone, the four other fingers will be pointing at you. Thus, I ask politely, "Do you and I speak also from both sides of the mouth?" In a nutshell, speaking from both sides of the mouth means to make two contradictory statements at the same time or one after the other. A person who does so is not trustworthy and cannot be taken serious. Falsehood is the common denominator of speaking from both sides of the mouth. Such expression keeps the hearers in suspense and in jeopardy.

After the second year in office of late Umaru Ya'adua, he fell into serious sickness and was consequently rushed to an undisclosed hospital in Saudi Arabia. The cabals around him seized the opportunity to manipulate power for their own advantages. They informed Nigerians that the president was recuperating and would soon return to the country. Some eminent Nigerians were said to have visited him in Saudi Arabian hospital. Some of them kept mute on coming back while some made fragmental statements. Unfortunately, the then Vice President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan was not allowed to visit him or talk to him on phone. After a period of time, it was announced that President Yar'Adua was back to the country. But what surprised me personally was that the lights at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja were put off on the night when the plane conveying the president landed. I asked myself, "How come it that the presidential jet of a whole president of Nigeria, the Giant of Africa, landed in total darkness?" At his arrival, a statement was issued from the press secretary of late Yar'Adua expressing gratitude to Nigerians for praying for his recovery and at the same time he thanked Goodluck Jonathan for holding forth for him while he was away. Later, President Yar'Adua was kept in Aso Rock and was greeted from afar. Probably a computer machine was at work. Some of those allowed to make the visit reported that President Yar'Adua waved at them from his sick-bed. A robust might have done the waving. Why was the Vice President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, again denied the opportunity to visit his sick Boss in Aso Rock?

The drama lasted for a short time. Falsehood can never endure. After keeping Nigerians in suspense, the then Minister of Information, late Professor Dora Akunyili, broke the hidden news. She courageously told Nigerians that President Yar'Adua was dead. Those cabals speaking from both sides of the mouth were silenced. Probably they used the period of late President Yar'Adua's sickness and eventual death to enrich their pockets and to manipulate political power. It was learnt that Yar'Adua died in Saudi Arabia and was brought home in a coffin. That was why the lights at the airport were put off. But darkness cannot overcome light. Falsehood cannot conquer the Truth. Falsehood reigns as long as good men keep silent.

Another drama is in progress in this 2017, between January and now. Our President, Mohammadu Buhari, was said to have traveled to London for 10 days' vacation. He wrote the National Assembly and transferred power to his vice, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, who is now the Acting President. He is the President of Nigeria in acting capacity. President Buhari while in London would be attending to his ill-health in an undisclosed hospital. For about one month now, Nigerians are kept in suspense. No one knows the true health stand of our democratically elected President. The President is a public figure and not a private figure. Nigerians are supposed to know the where about and health status of their president, so that prayers can be channeled to the right direction. Some of the cabals say he is well and hearty in Nigerian House in London while some say he is recuperating. Commenting on line on 9th February 2017, Onoribe Williams asserts, "Am baffled with these conflicting statements of a man declared healthy and hearty but cannot speak to the public from the comfort lodge he is. Am glad life is not in the hands of man so Nigerians are already moving on whether the acting president has capacity or not. Any day the cabal wakes up from their dream the truth will show itself. I don't think these people love this country (Nigeria) as they profess."

After the I0 days' vacation period elapsed, President Buhari was said to have asked the National Assembly in writing for an extension of his medical vacation so as to get the results of his medical tests. We are told he would come back soon. How soon is the soon? The dates of his coming back have been shifted thrice. Nigerians expect President Buhari to speak to his subjects in person, if all is well with him. The cabals continue to confuse us by speaking from both sides of the mouth. Please anyone who knows the personal phone number of President Buhari should send it to me. I want to speak with him man to man. As a man of God I shall tell Nigerians the truth.

Truth is life. The Holy Writ says that the truth shall set you free (John 8:32). No matter how long falsehood reigns, truth will eventually triumph. It pays to be truthful. Father John Henry Newman (1863) in his journey of faith gives three fundamental principles of Truth: "Openness to truth demands an openness to conversion; Truth demands that reason be given primacy over all conclusions; and truth demands that it be defended from those who question it." If our political leaders tell Nigerians the truth about National affairs, then the hearts of Nigerians would be converted to embrace the truth. The cabals and all those who speak from both sides of the mouth lack the virtue of rationality. If the people know the truth, then they can defend it with their last drop of blood and energy. Keeping someone in suspense is ungodly and inhuman. The Jews approached Jesus Christ in Solomon's Colonnade and asked him, "For how long do you keep our psyche in suspense? If you are the Christ tell us plainly" (John 10:24). Without speaking from both sides of the mouth, Jesus told them the truth. Nigerians expect nothing but the truth from those at the corridors of power. Nigerians have the right to know the health status of their leaders and their where about. The president as a human being can fall sick like any other Nigerian. That the president is sick is not an opportunity to play hide and seek or to play a costly drama. Human life is precious. As philanthropists we pray for the recovery of the sick and the repose of the dead. Sickness is part and parcel of humanity. On the other hand, all mortals must die. Those speaking from both sides of the mouth will chew their tongues sooner or later. How long can a pregnant woman hide her pregnancy? Nigerians are waiting for President Buhari to come back healthy and hearty in order to give them the dividends of Democracy. We voted for Change which is yet to be experienced after two years in office. Therefore hungry and angry Nigerians are waiting curiously for their President's arrival at the presidential wing of Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja. Some are waiting anxiously at Kaduna International Airport in case he returns when the reconstruction works at Abuja International Airport has begun.