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ister M. is now worshipping the True Lord God Almighty in full throttle and she's on the Holy Spirit fire for His Utmost. But there is one area of her life she is still unfulfilled and seriously agonizes about; she's still single unable to find her God-given husband. She has tried to settle down to a God-given man so that her ministry can be well-grounded; but all her relationships had floundered. Consequently, Sister M. has concluded that marriage is not for her. So, when she called me here at The Jesus Christ Solution Center, Texas to come and preach at her church, I demurred. Naturally, our discussions centered on her singleness and why I will not preach in her church. She explained that she wasn't single as a deliberate choice, but since all the men she had dated weren't for her, she felt that the Lord God Almighty didn't want her to settle down to married life. So, I asked her; "Sister M have you considered the fact that, those men may not be blamed and ask yourself; what is it in me that is drawing such men to me in the first place?" She said she thought the men were having issues and thus she's not to be blamed. "Maybe the Lord Jesus Christ didn't want me to marry so I can devote my full attention to the work He has called me to." That is not in the Holy Bible.

There is nowhere in the entire Holy Bible that the True Lord God Almighty told His own to live a single life in order to carry out His purpose and will for our lives? I told Sister M. that she chose to remain single not because she wanted to discharge her ministry, but because of frustration in not finding the "right" man to fulfill her ministry. From Genesis to Revelation, all righteous men and women called for His Glory were all married and none was told by the Holy Spirit to remain single as a condition to being called into ministry. Besides our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, no other person was single but Apostle Paul. The reason our Lord Jesus Christ didn't have sex and sire a child is simple; that woman and kid will never die because our Lord Jesus Christ didn't sin. For Him to have sex with any woman would pollute the special body prepared for Him to come to this world to become the propitiation for the sins of the world according to Hebrews 10:4-5: "…because it is impossible for the blood of bulls and of goats to take away sins. Therefore, when Christ came into the world, he said: "Sacrifice and offering you did not desire, but a body you prepared for me;…" The Lord Jesus Christ didn't have the same physical body that Adam and Eve passed unto you and me and the rest of humanity from the Garden of Eden. That was why He had to pass through the Virgin Mary for nine months. Our Lord Jesus Christ would not have been able to conquer the grave, if he had sex and consorted with any daughter of Adam and Eve throughout the thirty-three years He sojourned in the flesh with us. According to Apostle Paul in I Corinthians 15:54b-57: "Death is swallowed up in victory." "O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?"The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."

The second person in the Holy Bible known to be single was Apostle Paul. He was known to be married before his Damascene Experience and his calling (Acts 9). After he became the Lord's Servant and Apostle to the Gentiles, he chose to forfeit all, including marriage and became single out of choice and after he asked the Holy Spirit to give him the strength to accomplish this as he himself disclosed in I Corinthians 7:7: "I wish that all of you were as I am. But each of you has your own gift from God; one has this gift, another has that." Do you read what Apostle Paul said there; that his singleness was a gift from the Lord? All the apostles, beginning from Peter were all married and they took their wives along with them on their missionary journeys according to Apostle Paul in I Corinthians 9:5: " Don't we have the right to take a believing wife along with us, as do the other apostles and the Lord's brothers and Cephas?" John the Apostle even sent greetings to the believers in the churches that the Lord God Almighty used him to establish on behalf of his wife (2 John. 14). To remain single as a woman is not a pre-existing condition to be called by the True Lord God Almighty for His purpose and ministry. Apostle Paul sounded this warning as a threat to the True Church of God that Satan and his demons would use to beguile even the elect in the Last Days. Hear him scream in I Timothy 4:1-3 when he gave us a head up thus: "The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron. They forbid people to marry…"

My wife -Dr Margie, and I were in Africa for His Utmost last year. A Christian sister of ours extended an invitation to us to come preach in her church and the pastor there was a lady. My wife knew what the Holy Bible says and asked; "Is she married? -referring to the lady pastor of the church. The sister answered in the affirmative and by the time we met this wonderful and Holy Spirit-filled woman-pastor, the Lord God Almighty had already gone ahead to make all arrangements. "I'm the one the Lord God Almighty called into ministry," she told us; "But I knew I needed my husband as my spiritual covering and so I prayed to the Lord to bring me that spiritual covering. Here we're nearly twenty years and the church is a testimony to the Power of the Lord." The Holy Spirit instructed us to go there and minister for two Sundays and His Glorious Name was praised, Hallelujah! We receive invitations from all over the place here at The Jesus Christ Solution Center, Texas all the time, but we don't honor invitations on cues or instincts or church name, followership or population. Here is our standard rule as laid down by the Lord God Almighty in His Words in Acts 16:6-10): "Paul and his companions traveled throughout the region of Phrygia and Galatia, having been kept by the Holy Spirit from preaching the word in the province of Asia. When they came to the border of Mysia, they tried to enter Bithynia, but the Spirit of Jesus would not allow them to. So they passed by Mysia and went down to Troas. During the night Paul had a vision of a man of Macedonia standing and begging him, "Come over to Macedonia and help us." After Paul had seen the vision, we got ready at once to leave for Macedonia, concluding that God had called us to preach the gospel to them."

Do you read that Verse 7 where the Apostles were stopped from preaching the Gospel in Bithynia? As I have pointed out here in the past, the True Lord God Almighty is not so much interested in what we do for Him; rather, He is interested in who asked you to do what you're doing for Him? So is it possible for the Holy Spirit to stop you from preaching the Gospel in certain places and churches? Absolutely! I remember an invitation we received some time ago and we were elated because we thought it was a veritable opportunity for us to share the Gospel as Paul and his companions felt above in proceeding to Phrygia and Galatia. "Honey, pray about it first," was what Dr Margie said. It was from one of the so-called mega-churches and we concluded the Holy Spirit was indeed at work there. The pastor there refused to obey the Holy Spirit when certain openly sinful people came to the church and instead of the pastor to "rebuke sharply an elder caught in open sin" ("But those elders who are sinning you are to reprove before everyone, so that the others may take warning." I Timothy 5:20); the pastor looked the other way because those openly sinful elders/ worshippers were the financers of the church's activities. Since then, the Holy Spirit had stopped speaking to the pastor and had departed from the church and He-the Holy Spirit-told us not to go preach in that particular church. I thank the Holy Spirit for directing us accordingly.

If you're a servant of the Lord God Almighty and a Christian sister called into ministry genuinely and truthfully, the Holy Spirit would tell you whom your husband is. The Lord God Almighty is a God of Order. He would never circumvent His Chain of Authority. If He doesn't want a husband for a woman, He would not have created them male and female ab initio (See Genesis 27: "So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them." Even the Lord Jesus Christ Who was God-in-the-flesh would never circumvent the Chain of Order which He created so what did He do while sending His apostles out? Mark 6:7 told us thus; "Calling the Twelve to him, he began to send them out two by two and gave them authority over impure spirits." Are you telling me that, only married couples are supposed to work for the Lord? I am telling you through the revealed Words of the Almighty God Whom you claimed to send you to ministry that, unless you hear Him through the Holy Spirit that you're to remain single without a husband and He has given you the gift of singleness as He did for Apostle Paul in His Service and Ministry, then you can't work as a head of a church for Him as a single sister. Here are the seven signs you must look out for and seven requirements that you must fulfill and exhibit to convince you that, yes indeed, He has given you the gift of singleness as a Christian Sister for you in your church or Christian ministry.

First, you heard Him correctly and laconically. Please don't tell me you heard Him because you thought it out or assumed. When He speaks, He talks openly and clearly to you in this regard just as Apostle Peter said in 2 Peter 1:10: "Wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure,…" Second, you do not have the feelings that the rest of us human beings exhibit toward sex, which confirms the gift He has given you, because as Apostle Paul says in I Corinthians 7:9: "…it's better to marry than to burn." Third, if you still engage in sexual immorality in the background outside public purview or committing sex-related sins such as masturbation, using vibrator at night etc, you're a hypocrite and you're heaping curses on yourself, because as I Corinthians 7:2 warned; "… since sexual immorality is occurring, each man should have sexual relations with his own wife, and each woman with her own husband." Fourth, if in your heart of heart and in the inner recesses of your soul, you wished you were married but couldn't find the "right" man, but keep a straight face anyway to mask the volcano that is inside you, you're a sinner, because as Romans 14:23 warned; "… for whatsoever is not from faith is sin." Fifth, if you have been given the gift of singleness as you claimed and in your church or ministry, you find it difficult to counsel married couples in your church and don't want to be involved in that ministry, your gift is bogus. You're deceiving yourself. Sixth, if you see a handsome young man in the congregation or anywhere and suddenly your passion is aroused and you instantly desire to be a married lady, you are a deceiver and fake because the Bible says in Galatians 5:24: "Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires." Finally, if you are always angry, unhappy and unfulfilled inwards and your ministry is suffering in this area of singleness; in other words, precious souls are suffering through you as the head or leader of the church and ministry because of your singleness and you still claim that singleness is your gift; you're not working for the Lord. You are committing the sin of omission, because as the Word of God says in James 4:17: "If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn't do it, it is sin for them." But you said you were married before, had children and then divorced. Now, you want to devote the rest of your life to worshipping the Lord and thus need no man in your life. Good. But as long as those seven scriptural facts listed above do not manifest in your life and you're above 6o years of age which qualifies you to be considered a widow, including six other requirements you must fulfill (See 1Timothy 5:9). These are the exceptions.

It is time for you to seek for knowledge. You can marry this year 2018 to your God-given husband and that is why my wife-Dr Marge and I have written this Holy Spirit-inspired and directed book for you. There are plenty we do not know and anointing differs from one another. It is possible to remain ignorant for long until you realized it. God doesn't punish His own with singleness. Grab this book and see what you are supposed to do according to the revealed Will of God. It is more than prayers, night vigils, fasting and going to the mountain top.


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Dear Man of God, greetings to you in the name of God sir. I was referred to your post on and it prompted me to mail you sir because I believe God can use you for me on what I am encountering as regard my marital issue---S.S. Lagos, Nigeria


Dear Sir, My name is J... I was the person who called you at around 9 am today (Saturday, February 03, 2018) from Canada. You asked me to send an email to you for scheduling of an appointment. Sir, I need guidance from the Lord Jesus Christ and prayer direction for breakthrough in my ministry this 2018. I started a Church here in March 2014 and presently, the membership is around 40. We have been praying and evangelizing, but the output (result) is so small compare to the input. I look forward to reading/hearing from you. Best regards---J.J. Canada.


Greetings, my brother. Grace and mercy from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. I thank and appreciate your taking time out to call me back. As discussed, the background to what follows is an incontrovertible knowing that as far as life, He knows whatever happens to me and so, I am not anxious about anything. It is scriptural to seek our brethren in the household of faith to pray with as a fact of the word that enjoins us to pray one for another. I thank God for your life and that which He is working in and through you.

The following are 'areas' the areas I covet your prayers, not in any order of importance or priority but something like the wheel within the wheel of Ezekiel's vision moving in every direction at the same time. First, 1 John 5:11 "...And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in His Son..' with a consequent '....there are three that bear witness on earth, the spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these one desires an increase of His Presence and life (Zoe) even as John 10:10 stipulates.

The second is related to this: the Father's favor that brings into material expression that which is His heart and it was the case with Mary to whom it was declared '....thou art highly favored..'. One can imagine the horde of virgins in the land expecting the manifestation of His prophecy but His favor 'sought' out Mary as the vehicle for His will being done in the earth.

Finally, and related to the second, is His favor also, direction and leading in the 'new life venture' into business. One is aware of His promises concerning material provision: like I mentioned, it is beyond personal acquisition (I like to believe that my needs are little)....but for the purpose of being a channel of blessing to others. I have a 'vision' to register a non-profit in Nigeria (to be known as 'In the Name of Jesus Christ...) with attention to widows and orphans. I perceive a projection from workers of darkness and wickedness against some of these efforts (ancestral and kindred spirit things....however; I know that the Lord on high is mightier than the noise of many waters). I look forward to hearing from you in due season. In Him---C.O. GA, USA