Barth U. Amakihe, Ph.D.Monday, November 20, 2017
[email protected]
Ilisan, Ogun State, Nigeria


he selection of the representatives is made secondary to the primary purpose of the democratic arrangement which is to vest the power of deciding political issues in the electorate". SCHUMPETER in his work on Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy.

"Leadership is a necessary phenomenon in every form of social life". Michels, writing on the Elitists and the power of the leaders. The 2017 Gubernatorial elections in Anambra state of Nigeria is here with us again. The politicians of various political parties are all over the place promising heaven and earth. Even the president who had not visited the south east since assumption of office had also made campaign stop over. Other groups have even called for a boycott of the elections. The fact remains that elections are constitutional requirements for the maintainace of democracy in any country. No matter the condition a people may find themselves, stability of the system has to be maintained in order for development to occur, whether political, or economic had to be achieved.

Anambra, as its motto entails had been the shining light of the south east. And Ndi Igbo as well as other people in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, must note the progressive trajectory of this state, both in the area of infrastructural development and the provision of employment by the previous administrators of the state, starting with Chris Ngige, Peter Obi, and Obiano.

Even the nationwide debate, which featured major gubernatorial candidates of the major parties contesting the elections, showed maturity on the part of the contestants.

The candidates never shied away from the glare of the cameras nor did they evade the scrutiny of millions of Nigerians watching the debates. These are lessons which even the federal government of Nigeria must learn in future national elections. The debates moderated by Channels Television was equivalent to what obtains in developed nations of the world. Anambra people must therefore vote their conscience and make sure that the person getting their vote would maintain or even surpass the achievement of the previous administrators. And as the elections come and go, other states in Nigeria including Ekiti state should also organize elections that will create pride in the minds of Nigerians.

The elections in Anambra must be an eye opener to neighboring states' governors that are preparing the ground to install their cronies in various state houses. The present generation of Nigerians are waiting for an opportunity to elect honest, hardworking and God fearing leaders in all the states of the Federation.

Democracy in Nigeria must be nurtured through the establishment of a people oriented constitution which are willingly promulgated and endorsed by the people without coercion. As Sebastian De Grazia noted in his work the political community, "the community, as the ancient Greeks understood well, the community which embraces all other communities, is the political community." Nigerians therefore must understand that unity in the country must be anchored on justice and equity which is the bedrock of unity. May sanity prevail in this country.