Wednesday, May 30, 2018
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Ilisan, Ogun State, Nigeria

he Scotch to earth politics of the All Progressive Congress in Imo State's Ward and State Congresses are taking downward trends and promoting negative thoughts by the leading actors, which concerned citizens of the state cannot ignore. The statement of some stakeholders of the APC in Imo State imploring and inviting President Muhammed Buhari to declare a state of Emergency in the state as a result of their intra-party wrangles, is out of the question. Internal political skirmishes of one particular party should not degenerate to the point of pulling down the state.

Politicians of all the Parties in the state, should be reminded that Imo state is one of the entities in the Federal Republic of Nigeria with high literacy voters, and as the citizens watch the macabre dance of political gladiators masquerading, there is no doubt that the people must surely assert their will on Election Day, grandstanding of politicians notwithstanding.

History had shown that Imo voters always exhibit their anger and frustration on politicians through the ballot box. Chief Ikedi Ohakim is a typical example of this assertion. It is amazing that some politicians behave as if the state is inhabited by Lilliputians. Political Gladiators must be warned that Imo people have been watching with keen interest on all their political activities, whether in or out of office. And when voting comes, the generality of the people that are watching, will not hesitate to vote out any party or leader that takes the interest and welfare of the people for granted. Internal political wrangling of partisan nature should not degenerate to wishing an entire state ill will.

Imo APC must leave the state alone in their fratricidal war of succession. It is instructive to note that for the past couple of years, the citizens of Imo State have been passing through a lot of hardship occasioned by Governor Rochas Okorocha's Urban Renewal Program. Even though the program is uplifting the face of Imo, most especially Owerri and to an extent Orlu and Okigwe, it brought terrible hardships on the affected citizens of the state due to the dislocation of their business premises. The question here is whether the APC stakeholders, including Ararume, Izunaso, Uzodinma and Uwajimogu ever called a stakeholders meeting to parley and advise the Governor and their state party leader Okorocha, to tamper the zeal of his demolition in his renewal effort with mercy. The APC leadership in the state could not summon a stakeholders meeting to advise the Governor on the way forward. Now that the national election is some months away, all hell is loose and some are even calling on the President to declare a State of Emergency on a state whose citizens had been suffering all these years through various types of business dislocations.

Imo state APC leaders must eschew rancor and bitterness and allow the state respite for the fact that there are other parties in the state that are also looking for votes. One party's in-fighting must not be allowed to truncate a peaceful election that the citizens of the state are eagerly awaiting for in 2019. The people of Imo State are tired of fair weather politicians whose stock in trade is deceit. Employing the tactics of turning like the wind vane of joining and dumping parties, in order to satisfy their stomach infrastructure is mundane. Imo citizens must discern clearly whether they will continue to have these ugly bunch of people to continue dancing their macabre dance of taking the state for a ride.

Well meaning, sincere and intelligent Imolites must step forward and take back their State for a rapid Economic and Industrial take off that will usher peace and prosperity for the entire citizens. New leaders that will establish medium scale industries to stem the tide of migration of our youths to various corners of the world, where they face all types of dangers including death. The people of Imo state need political leaders that will checkmate these ugly trends. Imo voters must therefore take a cue from their sister state Anambra, to elect a technocrat that will give his or her all to the welfare and development of the entire state. May the light be shown so that people will find the way of electing God fearing and purposeful leadership for the people in the "Heartland" come 2019.