Saturday, July 28, 2018
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Pikesville, Maryland, USA

n less than one year or seven months or two hundred and twenty-three days or thereabouts, Nigeria must or will be witnessing another 'change'. Only God knows what that change will be. We only know that Nigeria is pregnant, only God can tell the kind of baby that is coming. We only need to keep our fingers crossed as we await the wonder working power of God who loves Nigeria. Despite the secularity of our nation as per our constitution, we all need to pray to God who is common to all religious denominations. All will be well in the name of God and the coming change will birth some good for Nigeria.

There is no doubt that a change, in whatever nomenclature is coming to Nigeria in the year 2019. It is certain that our governance will change. A new or rebranded political group/party will hold the sway. Manifestoes will be recrafted and be made to reflect the needs and wishes of the people (as expected). Heated debates will ensue. Attempts will be made to rebrand the nation and redeem her from the shackles of destruction. The Youths will rise to the occasion as a strong force to be reckoned with. The political atmosphere will be charged. New faces will emerge on the political landscape. Promises redeemable and unredeemable will be made. The old order will change as the polity will be totally transformed with the new spate of political awareness in Nigeria. Nigerians are today more literate and better informed than before in spite of being poverty stricken! The impoverishment will come to an end very soon by the special grace of God.

I do not profess to be a sooth-sayer of any sort. However, the above predicted changes are plausible in the light of the political barometer readings. All of them, and much more are positive and in consonance with the Nigeria of our dreams. Nigeria has suffered for so long in the hands of our greedy and selfish political leaders who have looted and defrauded our nation to a stand- still. The Me-myself- and-I mentality, which makes individuals to store up stolen monies of various denominations to last up to three or four generations must be brought to a halt and jettisoned. The new change must redeem the impoverished Nigerians from the 'kwashiorkor' look to the robust looking well-fed Nigerians The season of our 'suffering and smiling', and posture of deceit, must be turned into 'living well and happy looking citizenry'. It just must be well with us in Nigeria, with a new and dynamic team of politicians taking charge of governance. All Nigerians must contribute in the new set of changes, if Nigeria will make progress. I trust we all can do this by contributing our best to a new and beautiful Nigeria.

Below are twelve questions needing urgent answers:

  1. Will the next group of politicians (2019 winners) start off with seeking a national referendum before a wrongful take-off or resumption of the business as usual "Kleptomaniac" posture? Remember that Nigeria has been bled to stupor with the humongous, Jumbo Salaries and Benefits of current political office holders!

  2. Are we going to recraft our constitution to reconsider limits to immunity and impunity? Can we come up with a Constitution which TRULY represents WE THE PEOPLE, as opposed to the Military imposition?

  3. Can we revamp our judicial system and the Oath-taking Processes to strike some fear into people and engender some seriousness and commitment to service?

  4. Will the current political/Geographical nomenclature remain or change to 3, 6, 9 or 12 political or economic zones as in a possible United States of Nigeria?

  5. Are we all going to be one another's keepers and whistle-blowers when we notice traces of kleptomania and suspicious overnight wealth?

  6. Are we going to be ruled with Institutional Supports to halt/prevent/contain possible fraud in the system? More of TSA, IPPIS and the likes?

  7. Are we all going to say no to corruption and indiscipline by our readiness to be punished for culpable offences? Are we going to name and shame Looters and Thieves in public, as alternative to Death sentencing?

  8. Is the New Nigeria going to disregard tribalism, nepotism and religion to embrace one Nigeria in all respects? Jettison State of Origin?

  9. What will be the place of accountability, transparency, justice, fairness, & equality in 2019 and beyond?

  10. Can we restructure/rebrand Political Parties for distinct Values, Philosophies and Ideologies, to stop the disgraceful wave of political prostitution.

  11. Can we all try to rebrand Nigeria as a nation from now on? Can we all pledge to be good Ambassadors and be patriotic and nationalistic as Nigerians? Can we redeem our dented image in the global village?

  12. Will Nigeria open up a Brain-Regain Ministry or Brain-Reclaim Ministry, to reabsorb our lost brains to the Diaspora through Brain-Drains over the years?

In conclusion, it is my fervent hope that all political groups must take these twelve questions very seriously and integrate them into their manifestos. Failure to do this will spell doom, not only to political parties, but also our nation-Nigeria, a blessed country with impoverished citizenry - struggling, fumbling, and wobbling, in need of good leadership. We shall survive it by His grace and mercy.