Tuesday, July 10, 2018
Pikesville, Maryland, USA

ver since the story of this hard-working and dynamic Minister of Finance broke out, this writer, who was actually writing on the achievements and excellence of this bright young lady of Finance, had been shocked beyond description. Why Kemi? Why now? I have combed through all available information and found out that if care is not taken, many accomplished Nigerians might be running away from public office for fear of blackmail and deadly persecutions. Like I stated in my last article, Nigeria has got too many paradoxes and schemes. The scheme to pull people down, popularly called Pull Him/Her Down (PHD) is one of them. The scheme is always to bring people to their knees when they fail to worship and 'dance' to tunes or when they step on toes. This is just may be one of those cases involving those in high political echelon. I am not out to defend Kemi Adeosun or insinuate that what she has been 'alleged' to have done was right. ONLY the courts can decide on that. I also do not know Kemi Adeosun from Adams!

After a careful perusal of the information available it is not hard for me to see through the ongoing intrigues. The hardest task, assignment or job for anyone is to have to fight or stop CORRUPTION anywhere in the world. If corruption does not fight back physically, it can fight back spiritually, socially or by other open or discrete means. It can be used to smear a fighter and it is not uncommon to use a careless blackmail to silence any Corruption Fighter. The biggest advantage which the corrupt individuals have is that they can use their stolen wealth, colossal amount of money to fight you to the last! I have no doubt that with the TSA and the IPPIS, out of the many innovations to the credit of this lady, she is the LIVE enemy of Nigerian Kleptomaniacs, Looters and the Corruption-Personified individuals in the Nigerian society and environment in general. Bring a Saint into governance today, he/she will either be corrupted and indoctrinated or be eventually disgraced out of office for concocted stories or be implicated directly or indirectly on bizarre stories, which nobody would have noticed if his/her role had no connection with curbing corruption. So, what the hell, let corruption thrive while the poor masses suffer! This is the sad turn in Nigeria today. If you can't stop them, join them. What a paradox!

A careful study of the trends of Kemi's Nigerian employment stories revealed many 'lapses' and/or 'overlooks' which are today being made to discredit and smear her, causing her and the nation, embarrassments of untold dimensions. I will not want to get into what is fraudulent or what is a deliberate attempt to get the best brain for the job, at different levels of governance. However, one is disturbed that the female employees are handicapped in the African workplaces and the African environments in general. I saw a YouTube video of a woman, a Jamaican born, American and Ghanaian Naturalised citizen, crying out for the way she has been treated by the Government of Ghana. In that video she lamented that she would not succumb to opening her legs up to any man, to get her legitimate rights. Who knows what Kemi must have experienced to get to this level of embarrassment?

Is it or should it be a sin, to come back home to serve one's fatherland? She is a British born Nigerian citizen who does not have to come back to Nigeria to work to earn a decent living. If she did not measure up and could be found to be outstanding in her chosen career, she would not have been spotted and given the plump jobs in Nigeria. Why are we as Nigerians, more interested in destroying our talents? Kemi Adeosun as well as Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala (who initiated the TSA and IPPIS) are two very outstanding Ministers of Finance that Nigeria ever had. Should she be discarded just like this? Maybe she should have remained in Britain, making waves and doing good for Britain and herself, instead of coming back to Nigeria to be maligned and blackmailed like this. She is very honourable and worthy by all means and should not be denigrated by anybody.

I am not out to defend this lady, as I have never met her before. I have, however, felt her good presence in our financial health, in this our nation Nigeria. Every one who has watched her and seen her output as a Minister, will attest to the fact that she (Kemi Adeosun) is easily one of the best two Ministers in our current Executive class today. She is brilliant, smart and knows what she is talking about at all times. Anyone who has watched her interviews will attest to the fact that she is indeed a rare breed of Minister Nigeria can ever have. She talks extempore with figures and details at her finger tips. Nigeria deserves and needs more people like Kemi Adeosun in governance. She is in a class of her own and very distinguished indeed. We are proud of her. God bless her.

I have an experience to share to let people know that anyone in Nigeria, can fall victim of forged certificate, even coming out of recognized and approved government establishments. It happened to me as a Professor in a Nigerian University, about three hundred Kilometers away from Lagos. I was requested by the American Embassy to bring my child's Birth Certificate for a travel visa. Being that my son was born at the St Nicholas Hospital, in the heart of Lagos and his birth was duly registered in the Lagos Island City Hall, I went to this Council Hall to meet the 'so called' Bossman in his City Hall Office. I was told to bring the 'prescribed amount of money' and I was seated in the air-conditioned Office of this Bossman. Lo and behold, after about thirty minutes, a supposedly 'genuine, good looking, authentic certificate' was handed to me. I appreciated them and rushed back to the American Embassy, where the Consular Officer told me, to my chagrin, that I had come with a fake Birth Certificate. What an embarrassment, with this being done to me, as an academic and a responsible Nigeria citizen? Everyone should remember that Kemi Adeosun was a 'nobody' (not a Commissioner or Minister) in 2009 when she went to get this purported forged NYSC certificate. Could she not have been a victim of the touts milling around the NYSC office like they do in other agencies and establishments?

To convince me that the Birth Certificate was fake, the Consular Officer told me that the signee of that certificate was his friend and that he took up that job a few months ago and that he 'signed the certificate four years before he assumed duty' as an Officer of the City Council! Can anyone imagine what he/she would feel like in this type of situation? I felt belittled and dazed that a fake certificate can originate from a government establishment. Could I have bargained for a forged birth certificate? There are similar cases like this in Passports Offices, Tax Offices and Drivers' License Offices, etc. There are recognized TOUTS and syndicates, who pose as authentic officials in collusion with the establishments on all sorts of shady deals, unknown to their victims. I was once an unfortunate victim. I am in no way defending Kemi Adeosun but this was my own personal unforgettable experience. This can happen to anyone, no matter your level of education and accomplishments.

Coming back to the title of this article When it Rains it Pours, Kemi Adeosun Saga: Heads Must Roll, one is definitely not out to raise a false alarm, however, there are many issues involved in the employment patterns of this lady, ab initio. The whole saga is a downpour and not just a rain drop by any means. May be her brilliance and the eagerness of her Nigerian Employers mesmerized them and prevented them from being as meticulous as they should have been on the NYSC inadequacy. If 'ignorance of the law and mistakes' are not condoned by the law because the law is nasty, then many heads must roll on the Kemi Adeosun issue. All previous Nigerian employers of this lady must then be prosecuted including the Ogun State Government and the Federal Government of Nigeria. At no time did Kemi Adeosun employ herself. The onus is on employers to verify her Nigerian NYSC certificate. Further, the screening Committees of the State Government of Ogun, which screened her for Commissionership, the NASS Screening Committee, the Security Clearance for Ministerial Appointments, must all be prosecuted for approving the Presidential nomination of Kemi Adeosun. Further, the NASS Committee members, who spotted the anomaly during the Ministerial screening by the National Assembly are to be prosecuted for setting up a trap, a time BOMB for Kemi Adeosun or a Gold mine for themselves for their future explorations and exploitations, and they indulged in this act as well, based on the N10 Billion and other arm-twisting of this lady by NASS, as reported in the papers.

In summary, all of the following must be prosecuted for breaking the NYSC Laws on the purported illegal jobs offered to Mrs. Kemi Adeosun in Nigeria, to date:

  1. Quo Vadis Partnership (Managing Director)

  2. Ogun State Government (Commissioner for Finance)

  3. Federal Government of Nigeria (Minister of Finance)

  4. Ogun State Government Screening Committee

  5. Federal Government Ministerial Security Screening Committee

  6. Senate and National Assembly Screening Committee

  7. Federal Government/NASS Officials who spotted the NYSC anomaly but allowed it to pass through.

If heads will not roll on the above listed seven affected sectors, personalities and Governments, then the hue and cry over NYSC certificate forgery is a farce and a mere calculated attempt to smear, blackmail and frustrate her out of office. We all know that Corruption fights back so viciously and mercilessly but I am sure that the God that she serves, will see her through. The Cross she wears on her neck, as a sign of Christ in her, will vindicate her. Who among us can claim to be perfect and infallible? Only Jesus Christ or Allah the Merciful.

She implemented the Treasury Single Account (TSA) and the Integrated Personnel Payroll Information System (IPPIS), as well as initiated many anti-corruption policies which have been effective in curbing corruption. The pertinent questions for all of us now should be - "Has this woman performed well in her different capacities or not?" Are we looking for capable individuals with the requisite skills and knowledge or one with legal NYSC discharge certificate? Was she caught with any corrupt practices (Looting, stealing, forgery and financial mismanagements) on any of these jobs, where she had been purportedly, illegally employed? Nigeria must be careful in our quest for Certifications and Certificates as opposed to knowledge and skills acquisition and possession. No wonder there is massive examinations malpractice, impersonations and improprieties at all levels and in various sectors in Nigeria! If the answer to any of these questions confirm that she is inadequate in her positions, then we should send her to jail immediately, otherwise we should let sleeping dogs lie and leave her alone.

The ONLY grouse I have against her is that she has not taken a step further in her plugging of the corruption loopholes. In the successful implementation of the TSA, IPPIS which she inherited, she should have shown a full list of those who looted and explored some particular holes she plugged over the years, and these are many! They have looted Nigeria dry. The age-long Ghost Worker (GW) implantation into the workforce, which has been stopped/contained with the IPPIS system is one of her offences, even when culprits have not been exposed and/or prosecuted. If the Police alone had 80,000 ghost workers, how many of these, purported GW are IGs, Commissioners, Assistant IG, Commissioners and officers from other ranks or Recruits? Many Nigerians will faint if these details are revealed to us. How many thousands of ghost workers of different ranks and levels are discovered in the other Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs)? What an offence credited to this lady "with fake NYSC certificate" for saving Nigeria from the abyss of imminent permanent impoverishment? She was only doing her job as Honourable Minister as opposed to being an 'OLERABLE' Minister of Finance!

What about her achievements with the Treasury Single Accounts (TSA)? We all can remember that JAMB which had been remitting a few Million Naira into the Federal Government Coffers, was able to remit over seven Billion Naira or so to CBN, according to reports. Snakes are no longer able to swallow as much as six million Naira any more. What about the streamlining of the Procurement Processes? With these three measures alone out of many anti-corruption innovations, Nigeria had been able to save/collect Trillions of Naira in the last three years under Kemi Adeosun's leadership. The stoppage and plugging of loopholes for corruption are the genesis for the level of persecutions, costing and causing her so much disaffection and hate from the perpetrators and beneficiaries of these agelong Loophole Channels. Who says that corruption will not fight her back so ferociously in all realms possible? All we need to do is pray for her so that the God of the masses of the suffering Nigerians will guide and protect her to the end. She definitely means well and has done creditably well for Nigeria so far.

In conclusion, the problems of brain drain will continue to plague Nigeria, despite her immense potentials, if Experts and Technocrats from Diaspora will be maltreated and maligned like it is being done to Kemi Adeosun. At a time when Nigeria should be embarking on the huge task of repatriating our lost Human Resources from the Diaspora for growth and development, we are busy crafting how not to be able to retain them, by trying hard to destroy them. I make bold to state that many of the best brains in reputable organisations and Institutions, big and small in other parts of the world are Nigerians. In the usual paradoxical characteristic of Nigeria and Nigerians, we are on one hand, driving them away while we continue to berate them for staying or remaining abroad. Let us change the trend and let our nation benefit from the massive gift of our rich God-endowed human resources. We have talents in GM Motors, NASA, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, World Bank, United Nations, etc. whose expertise Nigeria can use in various sectors of our economy, as we are currently enjoying with Kemi Adeosun. Can we fail to remember several European/American born Nigerian Footballers and Sports men and women who have done us proud and who still continue to clad in the green white green for Nigeria?

We need to change our scary attitudes to our fellow Nigerians, men and women in the Diaspora, who are making the sacrifice, to forgo the good life abroad, for the problem ridden country of ours with inadequate infrastructures. Let us leave our Minister of Finance alone. Let Kemi Adeosun continue to whip Looters and Kleptomaniacs with the TSA and the IPPIS as well as other innovative reform programmes. For any right-thinking Nigerian, this should not be the time to say that she never had the legitimate NYSC Exemption Certificate when she can ably handle a whole Finance Ministry, creditably well. Discovering that she never had the proper NYSC or that it is fake is a little belated, unwarranted and petty! Did she process herself for all these Nigerian employers? Whoever thinks, he/she can damage her is an ingrate and should be sued for just finding out her inadequacies at this time. Please let her finish her job and go back to Britain if Nigeria will not appreciate excellence! Nigeria has benefitted tremendously from her expertise and is now ready to dump her. Dumping her now may re-open the holes she has plugged for the teaming masses thus re-energising the Corruption and Looting Enterprises to full bloom once again. What a shame? Please leave the Honourable Minister of Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun alone or else Nigerian Diasporeans will be discouraged from wanting to come back to serve our fatherland.