Saturday, July 7, 2018
Pikesville, Maryland, USA

he case of Nigeria convinces me about the meaning of a paradox, where you think you can sink so fast that you think you are flying! It is hard to believe that Nigeria, after fifty-eight years of independence from Great Britain is still in the teething stage, crawling, wobbling and fumbling along the tortuous democratic journey. I was shocked to my marrow yesterday when I came across a trending video on the Nigerian House of Representatives in Abuja. That video which has gone viral was a show of shame displayed by our Law makers. They were seen fighting, throwing chairs and objects and struggling to snatch the MACE, their symbol of authority once again. It was such a pandemonium and a paradox that our Law-makers were engaging in Law- breaking. Our respected Law-making Chamber was turned into another Oshodi or Jankara market or a fracas-chamber. Wonders shall never stop happening. Lord have mercy!

Only a few days ago, I watched another video where a Law Maker from this same Law-Making Chamber vent out his displeasure over the state of the nation and said he was ashamed to be called a Nigerian and disowned his own nation yet we are preaching patriotism and nationalism to our children. As we continue to spend colossal amount of money on our Law makers and on image laundering to repair the damages we have suffered over the years, our NASS and Law Makers (Leaders) of our Great nation are busy fighting like street boys, even in the Hallowed Chambers. Whao! Nigeria is being debased and disrespected, even by those who should be upholding her honour, glory, and prestige. May the good Lord forgive these Hooligans, who are poised on bringing our nation down. This lawlessness is getting too much and we need to stop condoning it.

I had written an article on this same forum titled Nigeria and the Mace Snatching Saga, published in May 2018, wherein I decried the gross act of hooliganism and misconduct in High places by our Senate Chambers when the Mace was successfully snatched, stolen, removed by some Hoodlums, from the Senate Chamber before their very own eyes. They all stood there and watched their symbol of authority (the Mace) snatched from them despite the many security hurdles between the Mace location and the limousine which ferried it to the under-bridge location of abandonment in Abuja. If our Law Makers can be so taken for a cheap ride, in day time with all security in place, why are we then worried that our Borders are porous and that foreigners are coming to kill Nigerians on their own land? This is another classic show of shame on our Law Makers part. Is this why Nigerians are sacrificing humongous salaries to maintain them on a monthly basis, without counting the 'Padding' and oversight bonuses? May be, we (Nigerians) need to be refunded the cost of maintaining some of these thugs (Leaders) to date! Our nation deserves better than these. Nigeria certainly got talents and abundance of Human resources of different 'flavours'.

We need to address the issue of preaching and teaching some decency to our Nigerian Law Makers, since we have now found and can conclude that over eighty percent (80%) of our Law Makers at both Chambers are not cultured or decent enough to be called polished enough to be in leadership positions. It is such a paradox that they are getting paid such fantastic salaries and benefits to either go and sleep in the legislative houses of assembly or go there to fight! Either the President or WE THE PEOPLE will have to promulgate laws guiding the conducts of our Law makers in and out of the Chambers. We have certainly had enough of these shenanigans from some of these riff-raffs at both the State and Federal levels of legislature. If they are not stealing (corruption), they are dancing Shoki-Shoki or Skelewu or engaging in ungentlemanly behaviours across the nation. What a mess to be associated with this class of animals? Things should not be allowed to continue like this. Let us bring an end to this before we get irreparably damaged as a nation. Let us not leave a bad legacy for the next generation. NIGERIANS MUST SPEAK OUT!

It is about time we start proscribing Law Makers for misconducts in public and private, afterwards they are supposed to be our ambassadors everywhere. Every tribe, senatorial district, constituency in Nigeria has more decent people than many of these ones we are currently contending with and we can specify the characteristics of our Law Makers to be nominated to offices before elections. Some of these Animals belong in the Zoo and not in the Law-Making Chambers! We all need to think seriously about our children and grandchildren and the legacies we are leaving for them. Posterity will not judge us right, if we fail to correct this anomaly in our political system. Politics is fast becoming a Corruption Enterprise, where more ragamuffins can thrive by shelving off the few cultured, decent and refined Nigerians, because they cannot descend so low, in fist fights and blow throwing exercises, in Law Making Chambers across the nation. We may just be seeing the wisdom in the adoption of a Unicameral as opposed to the wasteful Bi-cameral Legislature. This may ultimately bring some sanity to governance and eliminate thuggery from the political terrain. Law making is fast becoming a physical as opposed to intellectual exercise and this is wrong. Why can't the physically challenged citizens participate in politics (Law-Making) like the others? There is an urgent need to interject some discipline into governance at all levels, to be able to accommodate all citizens.

It is important that in our clamour for a new constitution, a special attention is paid to the need for decorum and decency in governance by our Law makers. The code of conduct has to be inserted to sieve out the stuff from the chaff. Only men and women of honour should be allowed to contest in elections. If this is not done, Nigeria will be ruled by thugs and Hooligans and our future will be gloomy as we will not be respected among the comity of nations. The Balewas, Awolowos, Azikwes, Ahmadu Bellos, Okparas, Enahoros, and Okotiebohs of the past were decent and honourable men in all respects. Their spirits must be crying in their graves for Nigeria in the mess we are in today. They could not have won independence for us, if they behaved like thugs before their British Colonial masters to negotiate for independence, despite the tremendous differences in culture, religion and political affiliations to mention a few. Something has to be done desperately and immediately. We are fast losing the little gains in respect and honour with the level of force and fury introduced to governance in Nigeria in recent times.

It is comforting, however, to see in the videos that have gone viral, that there were some men and women of honour among our legislators. They were seen as either pacifying the trouble makers or just keeping their cool, hopefully waiting for the Police or other Security Agencies to bring some sanity to the turbulent atmosphere. One can only imagine their state of mind, being found in the midst of such turmoil. We need to call our Law Makers to order that all these must STOP. Some of these unruly politicians may need to be banned from active politics, if politics to them, will be synonymous with thuggery and indecency.

Whether or not there will be elections in 2019, depends on the trending political jig saw by the major political parties. There are certainly many pressing issues to be addressed before the next round of political rigmarole. Firstly, it is my fervent hope that the issues of CONSTITUTIONAL REWRITE, which will represent the will of the people as 'WE THE PEOPLE' can be a reality. Secondly, the issue of RESTRUCTURING must be addressed, using the 2014 CONFAB report to accelerate the task. We have had enough of the fumbling and wobbling in Nigeria, as a nation endowed by God with quality human and natural resources. It is indeed a paradox that as endowed as Nigeria is, in almost all that we need to be a world power, we are left helpless and hapless in the hands of Politicians, least qualified, decent and cultured to nurture us to greatness. Our colleagues and contemporaries in nationhood (Brazil, Indonesia, India, and China, etc.) have moved too far ahead of us and are doing good for themselves, and we can do even better.

Enough is Enough.