Monday, June 17, 2019
Pikesville, Maryland, USA

or our young learners who are yet to come to grips with the common words of our elders, and better still, their words of wisdom come this old adage or saying that "When two elephants fight, the grass suffer. This may now be making some sense to the young ones over the LAUTECH saga. The impasse created on the ownership tussle of this excellent, world class University makes one sad. Here is a unique case of a child with two biological fathers and mothers! Incredible is what I hear you say! This is quite different from the case of a Siamese twins. Even in such a case, medical science has made it possible to separate these two human beings to be able to live and exist as separate human beings. After successful separation the Siamese twins are still able to co-exist.

One then wonders why the LAUTECH issue has refused all humanly possible solutions to date between the two brother States of Osun and Oyo. Why should it be made to look like the Institution has been jinxed and dying? Players who determine the fate of the Institution come and go but the Institution remains, churning out graduates till the end of life. Why then should the well-meaning citizens of these two states allow the two erstwhile governors to destroy the potentials of our young innocent students? Now that the two 'brother APC governors are gone, " we the people" of Oyo and Osun States remain the recipients of their inability to agree and resolve the long-standing problems between the two states. They were supposed to be 'brother Governors' from the same political party, were they not? It is a paradox that they cannot come to terms on the LAUTECH issue of ownership or successful partnership.

The issue of LAUTECH and Governor Ajimobi's inability to bring the issue of LAUTECH and his (Governor Ajimobi's) inability to bring to closure, was one of the five listed major things Ajimobi failed to do while in office. In retrospect, it must be a thing of regret for him and his Omoluabi Brother Governor (Aregbesola) since this failure may put a big dent on their eight-year administration. If Oyo state prides herself as a Pacesetter (Asiwaju) and Osun is Omoluabi personified, what is gentlemanly and pacesetting in leaving a legacy of a dying University behind? The issue has now become a part of History and cannot be swept aside. The memory lingers on!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the joint ownership of this excellent University, however, single ownership makes it possible for proper accountability and care. It is where one of the parties proves inadequate or incapable, the issue of single ownership becomes expedient. Where also one party is disposed to peaceful and amicable separation, the modality for separation can be worked out between the two, especially since the students' future and workers' welfare have come into the mix. Oyo and Osun States should forge a quick way out, before further damages are inflicted on these students and staff of LAUTECH. We all cannot afford to see this University go moribund. Incalculable damages will continue to be done with further dilapidation on its decaying infrastructures with further delays and inaction.

The option of single ownership option may be inevitable, if this will accelerate the Institutional growth, development and necessary repair of the damages caused by the years of neglect (impasse). Let the two States (Oyo and Osun) with younger Governors and fresher minds come together and chart a new way forward. Many people are optimistic that Governor Seyi Makinde and Governor Oyetola will be up to the task. God will grant them the grace.

This is the time for the people of Oyo and Osun State to rise and condemn the on-going impasse and interfere to inject some sanity into the LAUTECH imbroglio. It is long overdue and it must be brought to a close soonest. Whatever the intrigues are, can be peacefully resolved for the sake of the workers, staff, students and teachers, who are being trampled upon. The moribund status of LAUTECH must be reversed and normalcy brought into it.

Enough is enough.