Tuesday, May 28, 2019
Pikesville, Maryland, USA

t was interesting and relieving to read in the newspapers that the First Technical University, Ibadan, now belongs to Oyo State. At last the truth has come out from the horse's mouth, what a big relief!

Congratulations to Oyo State and to the First Technical University, Ibadan. This writer also thinks that it is wrong to say that Oyo State has no financial Input whatsoever in the establishment of this Institution. What a fallacy? What about the land on which the University stands? Could it have been free? What about the staff who worked on the establishment of this University? Were they paid by the foreigners or the Central Bank of Nigeria or other Agencies? Even if the staff who conceptualized the University were seconded for the assignment, were they not on Oyo State salaries and stipends?

It is total rubbish to say that "Oyo State has no financial input". Notwithstanding this attempt to diminish our great pacesetter State, the sky should still be the limit for the new University as the State of Oyo is abundantly endowed with the needed infrastructures and human resources to make this university the cynosure of all eyes among the Academic communities in Nigeria and the world. For the first time in history, the next administration of Oyo State is blessed with Engineers from top to bottom of it all, from the Engineer-led Governor to his Engineer wife, to the Engineer Deputy Governor to the Veteran Engineer Advisers and Contractors etc. What a star-studded Engineer leadership!

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The buzz around was that perhaps this Technical University, Ibadan, was the property of a former gubernatorial candidate and the State governor. May be this disclaimer should have come a little earlier than this, especially coming after the losses in the last elections. Better late than never. We however, congratulate the State of Oyo for this new development. The question now is where do we go from here with the new 'gift' of the First Technical University, Ibadan and the dying Ladoke Akintola University of Technology? There is no doubt that LAUTECH cannot and will not die. It has come a long way and all possible efforts must be put into it to bring it back to life and allow it to flourish. Fortunately, the incoming GSM administration of GSM has good plans for the revival, normalization and survival of this great University, currently situated on the soil of Oyo State.

I have had the privilege of visiting this LAUTECH University on occasions and I know many staff, students and alumni of the Institution. Reports about the growth and development of the University are quite impressive. Students of this University have attested to the high academic standards of the University. Information on the alumni profile reveals that in spite of the political cloud hovering on the institution, the products (alumni) are fairing very well in their various endeavours.

One hopes that as the new administrations of the two affected States resume work, the imbroglio can and will be resolved for the benefit of the students and the two States. Enough is enough and it will be better if LAUTECH gets conceded to either Oyo or Osun State, if it becomes impossible to work out an amicable settlement. The impasse is getting too unduly prolonged and the students have had enough of the slack. It is time for one of the two states to bend or break, in the name of peace and progress for the two states and the affected students in general. The jinx has to be broken once and for all and the time is now.

When the impasse is resolved, the two states will be able to focus better on their individually (owned) separate universities and develop them for excellence. In the era of globalization, no Institution can afford to be left in abeyance (or aloof) and problem ridden while research and development are advancing in other Universities around the world. Oyo and Osun States need to get their acts together and remember that the lives and the future of a generation is being wasted, for as long as they allow the problem to linger on. May be the Royal fathers and Leaders of thought will need to step in and put an end to the imbroglio. Enough is enough (oto geee) our children have suffered enough!