Friday, April 26, 2019
Pikesville, Maryland, USA

have often wondered why Nigeria and many Nigerians are always in search of the worthless. Running and chasing one problem or another and moving around in circles like in a maze or in an endless loop. We are always getting out of one problem or issue or another only to refresh an old problem or start a brand new and novel BUT NEEDLESS problem or concern. If it is not a boundary issue with one neighbouring country or another, it will be the issue of a disclaimer on a Bonafide citizen, being disowned for political or religious gains by other people of the same nation called Nigeria. Can we just stop this shenanigan and put on the toga of seriousness for a change? What many people have expressed on radio, TV and newspapers is that we lack focus and hence we jump from one issue to another, while a former issue may not have been successfully resolved and concluded. Can anyone tell me why we have been as unstable as we are?

Just why are we so prone to identifying issues and concerns but so incapable of resolving them without either letting them drag on for so long or putting them in abeyance while trying to fish around for other problems to latch on to? I need someone to tell me why we lack focus and are ready to hang on to any straw like a drowning man. Only a few days ago we heard that a Nigerian, of high political and social status or stature was not a Nigerian! How strange and amazing that such a fellow who had occupied almost the highest position in our land can have his citizenship of Nigeria queried? That same individual had belonged to a couple of political parties in the land and established high profile educational institution without having his citizenship called to question. Just how do people wake up from sleep to dream up the idea of declaring the citizenship of a fellow Nigerian illegal? Are we after some sensationalism or just trying to distort facts or calling for some cheap attention? What a shame!

This is certainly not the best way to spend our precious time. We can do better trying to explore the unknown and research into the future and discover things that are new and novel to make life better for mankind/womankind. Politics aside, we can do better as Nigerians. Do we have to go to De Haig or other supreme courts outside of this world, to drag this needless case in question! If no one caught the issue in the last couple of decades and the man succeeded in nationalising or Nigerianising himself to become prominent in the society, then we should keep our mouths shut and let him continue to lay claim to the nation he had succeeded in 'fooling' without being discovered for so long. We should be ashamed of ourselves for not being attentive enough for so long. Who is to be blamed for this omission? In the Yoruba parlance Ija lo de ni orin di owe meaning when friends fall apart (disagree), ordinary jokes become misread as abuses. We need to stop kidding around like children, for a change.

I am not a politician and I do not wish to be seen as siding any political party. I only wish to let us know that as a nation, we have more to do in the era of globalization than chasing after belated trivialities of nationhood. There are more serious national issues and concerns to contend with, if we want to make progress. We are still struggling to catchup with the advanced countries of the world in many areas of development, so why must we continue to chase the wind always? We certainly can do better than wasting the pages of newspapers and the media space with denouncing and disclaiming people's citizenship. We need to face our more serious problems which are killing us and one of which is the ever-thriving cankerworm called CORRUPTION instead of the citizenship brouhaha of our former Vice President. Our education is in a mess, our health is in shambles, our polity is polluted, and there is acute hunger in the land. Can we just face our Education, health, economy and corruption head-on and let people nationalize and naturalize, if they so wish? These are better issues and concerns to occupy our time than the needless issue of disclaiming citizenship.

America became great with people coming from many nations of the world to become the United States of America. Canada is currently building herself up on similar pattern of encouraging emigration. Nigeria and Nigerians certainly can do better than this noise making and 'talking loud but saying nothing'. We should have gone beyond the teething, tale telling stages since our hard-earned Independence. We need to grow up, sharpen our focus and get serious as a nation desperately struggling to survive.

Nigeria has attained the weekly or fortnightly reputation of chasing after some sensational issues and leaving them unresolved before getting into fresher and more extraordinary, dramatic and potentially damaging issues. It is so amazing, if not disgusting, that we are configured like that. We are ever so ready to be distracted instead of seeking and finding solutions to our fundamental and developmental problems. All of these must stop. Long live Nigeria.