Dr. Wumi AkintideMonday, August 16, 2010
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ny of you who has read the part I and more importantly the part 2 of my "Words of advice to the 16 Akure King makers" written 4 days before the king makers cast their votes, would have realized by now that I knew what I was talking about. The two candidates I profiled in that write-up have emerged the clear front runners as none of the other 7 candidates received a single vote. The margin of victory for the winner may have been razor-blade thin with the king makers but it wasn't so at all with the great majority of Akure people at home and abroad . If you factor in the positive reaction of the Government and the general populace including taxi drivers in Akure and the reservoir of good will for the Deji-elect, you can call the selection a landslide victory for Kabiyesi Afunbiowo the Second. Alaiyeluwa, Olori Alade, Ajiwajiwa Ileke, Aga Amorire, O toye gboro, Dansaki Adebiyi Adesida.

Prince Adebiyi won, as I predicted, in large part because of the imperishable legacies of Afunbiowo the First in Akure and the unforgettable appeal and popularity of his biological father, late Prince Josiah Stanley Adegboye and his late brother, Prince Adewole Adesida who laid the foundation for Adebiyi's victory today as far back as 1975 when he single-handedly got 9 king makers out of 15 to transfer their support for him to Prince Adelegan Adesida who later became the 43rd Deji that year. There is no question in my mind that Prince Ademola Adegoroye was definitely a formidable and worthy candidate. He was rumored or claimed by Chief Odopetu Adelusimo Falade, as interim Head of the king makers in the absence of Olisa Folorunsho David, to have received 9 votes instead of the 7 credited to him in the final tally of the votes by the Akure Local Government once the vote of Chief Asamo was understandably and rightly voided. Chief Asamo at over 90 years of age is going thru Dementia and senility and could never have made an informed decision because his cognitive ability at that point is suspect. He could die any time from now.

I told you in my last article to expect some twists and turns and drama in the selection exercise because I knew they would come because some of our king makers and politicians are chameleons and manipulators and could pull a fast one hiding under some improvised legalism or technicality. They have lived up to their reputation I might add. Some Nigerians no longer look at fraudulent or sharp practices as condemnable and reprehensible. They look at them as a fact of life and they are right if you knew what I knew about the selection exercise as a one-time Secretary to the only Asodeboyede Ruling House of Akure before it was broken up into two for political expediency and to make it that much harder for the Adesida descendants in Akure to continue to dominate the Deji's throne like I pointed out in "The Lion King and the Cubs" which is now in heavy demand in Akure today because it is an authentic documentation of the history of Akure in a nutshell. Man proposes but God disposes. What is currently happening in Akure clearly epitomizes that cliche.

The politicians and some elements of Akure people who were suffering from selective amnesia and Adesida fatigue way back in 1991 prior to the installation of Deji Ataiyese, wanted a new ruling house created out of the only Asodeboyede Ruling House presumably to push out or ostracize the Adesidas for another 100 years or more to compensate for a century of Adesida's dominance of the throne thru the permissive will of God Almighty. I can imagine the awesome God who knows the end from the beginning and the beginning from the end just looking at them and shaking His head and having a good laugh at the short-sightedness of men myself included!

Who in their right senses and human calculation would have believed that the newly minted Oba Osupa Adesina Adepoju at only 45 years of age was only going to prove himself "a drifter just passing thru" like I characterized him in one of my articles. What was supposed to last a life time was shortened by God to only a twinkle of an eye, if you can believe that. The honey moon with the drifter lasted long enough for him to crack the Blues as Kenny Rogers once reminded us in one of his unforgettable country music duets. The drifter lasted less than 5 years from November 26, 2005 to June 10, 2010 before he got kicked out to make room for the anointed of God to borrow a leaf from the Jewish people. "Allahu Aqbar Kum Faya Kum". Only the insane and the unwise would dare tell you that God does not exist. He surely does in His omnipotence. God had done it in a way that the drifter himself and his Osupa/Odundun Ruling House could have no one to blame but themselves. By no means can they now hold the Adesidas responsible for their self-inflicted wound and monumental tragedy. It was God at work and it is marvelous in our eyes. Period. I repeat that God is truly awesome.

Another Adesida cub beating another Adegoroye cub, sad to say, is history repeating itself one more time. What we all must do is learn the right lessons from it and be careful and fearful of God. I urge Ademola Adegoroye who is a young man with his future still ahead of him not to lose hope, but to bury the hatchet for his time would come. He has fought a good fight and I give him credit for his staying power and uncanny ability. He must also learn the right lessons from the selection exercise that some king makers would take your money, give you their word, but go behind the curtains to pull the lever for another candidate.

They did that to Afunbiowo the first two times he ran for the throne before getting the nod for the third time in 1897 at the age of 65. The same thing was done to Deji Otutubiosun Adelegan Adesida who had expected that Olisa Kole Oluwatuyi II as Head of the king makers in 1975, was going to vote for him but he switched his vote for Prince Adebobajo at the last minute behind the iron curtains. I was there in person and I clearly saw what happened. Late Prince Adewole Adesida was the only candidate who succeeded in getting 9 king makers led by the same Chief Asamo whose vote was now voided to take an iron-clad oath for him to never switch their vote because he knew one or two of them could do that without losing any sleep because it was in some king makers' DNA to do so by their history, value system and track record. Prince Ademola putting all his hopes on any assurances given to him by the interim Head of the king makers probably did not remember or was too young to remember Olisa Kole Oluwatuyi the Second and why he was compelled by blood and family ties and loyalty to switch his vote from Adelegan to Adebobajo at the last minute because the mother of Adebobajo was the first daughter of Olisa Otutuleyowo.

I recall that Olisa Kole Oluwatuyi before he went in to cast his vote on that occasion, was reminded by late Chief Kola Ogungbade of how he himself was selected the Olisa without any sweat by Deji Afunbiowo, a very compassionate and fair-minded Deji who sent a delegation of Akure Chiefs led by Elemo Komolafe Adedipe to go persuade him to come become the Olisa in succession to his own Father, Olisa Oluwatuyi the First one of the founding fathers of the CAC Church in Akure who lasted only three months as the Olisa because his religious piety and convictions were totally against his fundamental values and beliefs as a born-again Christian. He could not see himself worshipping idols and bowing to Satan like he said at the time. Those who knew him best knew that God would take him than allow him to wallow in covenant sins like the ones he was bound to inherit as the Olisa of Akure. I was an eye witness to the event I am narrating here. There is an Akure proverb which says if you live long enough the total quantity of meat you have eaten, if taken together could be equal to the size of an elephant. I am talking from experience that money alone cannot buy.

Deji Afunbiowo who was not even a Christian at the time felt so sorry that Oluwatuyi the First had died so quickly. He wanted to compensate his son who became the first educated Olisa in Akure to be his second-in command and he did so without taking a penny from him. That was then. This is now. How many of the Obas or Dejis we crown today can do what Afunbiowo had done without taking the candidate to the cleaners?. I can tell you none of them. Some of our king makers today are manipulators and light weight vote merchants who can sell their mothers for money. If you look at the first press statement issued by Odopetu Adelusimo Falade and the next statement he issued after it became clear to him he was backing the wrong horse, you will clearly see the turn around more than 360 degrees. He and his colleagues were more than quick to throw Ademola under the bus in their mad rush to get on board before the train leaves the station That is the caliber of the king makers we now have, sad to say, but it is a fact of life in today's Nigeria any where you go.

I therefore strongly believe that Prince Adebiyi won the tally because one or two of the king makers who had taken their loot and had previously given their promise to Ademola, going forward, had switched their votes to Prince Biyi at the last minute. There is always some Judas Iscariot among them. They often have no regrets doing what they do, because in their convoluted minds they have justified the money they have taken from Ademola by issuing a statement which they later recanted in a heartbeat. Ademola as a politician who has once vied for Speaker of the House of Assembly, Majority Leader in the AD and later as Governorship candidate for the AC in the last election, should have known better and expected the crocodile tears some of the king makers are now shedding for him. The die is cast. The Adesidas are back on the throne, and unto God be the glory.

Now to the "Victor Ludorum" the new Deji of Akure. I have already congratulated you. I am very pleased at your success but I must tell you that your selection is the easy part. You have your job cut out for you as you settle down. I congratulate you first and foremost for picking the name Afunbiowo the Second. The name "Afunbiowo" you have picked is a name we all cherish and treasure because of his magic, his legacies and track record in Akure. You must not soil the name or drag it in the mud and I trust you will not. You must always remember how you got to where you are now riding on the shoulders of our grand father, your biological father and the track record of our brother late Prince Adewole Adesida who had led the way for you talk less of the other Adesidas who had held that title with pride and integrity for more than a century.

You have got to find a way to make peace with your cousin Ademola and unite the other units of the Ojijigogun Ruling House and the other 7 candidates who ran against you. I expect the 7 from the Adesida Unit to very soon issue a comm unique of solidarity with you as you embark on your duties and responsibilities as the new Deji. You need to quickly revisit the issue or stalemate of the current Olisa who was suspended by your predecessor following the advice of some of his chiefs while he still had the power to do so and before his dethronement. It was a silly suspension borne out of a heartless vendetta but his colleagues had tried to use the suspension as a weapon to put him in the cooler and stop him from having any role to play in your selection exercise.. Olisa Folorunsho David like some of his fellow king makers including the current interim Head have collectively committed some horrendous mistakes or blunders without any question but some of them and especially Olisa Folorunsho David deserves to be given a hearing or empathy he was not so willing to give others when he too had the powers.

But there is a part of record that is very good for Akure and that must not be swept under the carpet as you now exercise supreme authority as the Deji of Akure who can hire and fire any of your chiefs at any time like Olowo Adekola Ogunoye once did to no less than 10 or 14 of his chiefs in one fell swoop and he got away with it. If you allow yourself to fall an easy prey to the advice of a cross section of your High Chiefs and our family in resolving the Olisa stalemate and other Akure problems, you may irredeemably hurt yourself and your credibility in the process. I will not say more than that because I trust your instincts and judgment to do the right thing.. Eti Oba n'ile Eti Oba L'oko, enia lo nje be" You need all the support you can get from friends and foes alike to get to where you need to be. You have won this for Akure and Akure has won this for you by the special grace of God.

You must listen to advice and not just listen to your heart alone as you work to redeem and correct what has been wrong in Akure. There are problems galore you are going to confront. We would go into some details as you settle down. Making a fortune out of selling and giving out lands will be part of what you do and enjoy, but it must not be the Alfa and omega of what you stand for. You must remember you are holding that position in trust for the rest of us and generations yet unborn. Above all, you must not do what you believe that Afunbiowo the First would not touch with a 10 foot pole because he was great, wise and compassionate but firm and strong Oba and the very best in our life time.

I have confidence in you that you will succeed, As you begin the rituals leading to your formal installation, I wish you good luck, long life and God's speed and the wisdom of Solomon. I end this write-up with the prayerful refrain our grand father and your name sake Deji Afunbiowo the First always wish for people he loved and respected. "Ario re a de Ibi ti ushin re so si" meaning that "any good thing your heart desires especially things that will promote public good and the good of our city will never elude you". Amen. K'ade pe lori ki bata pe lese Okun Arabaribi, Omi nini eiye mu. Saki Ekun. Ooodio!

I rest my case.