Olanrewaju AjiboyeWednesday, December 31, 2014




gainst God's wish for them, the Israelites demanded Kingdom to be administered a King and when they persisted, Samuel acted as a go between. Alas! The first King for God's beloved people, Saul, disobeyed God.

Nigeria is not sharply different because it is a country loved by God but dammed by man. So therefore for this discourse, inference would be mostly drawn from the story of Kings in the Holy Bible.

First and foremost, it is save to argue that, after the imperfections of Kingship, humanity devised several other ways of making it safe for both the "Royals" and the "Commons" hence Democracy evolved in different variations but all fall to a redefinition, refinement and revision of Kingship and Kingdom.

In the eon of time, there were many successions, there were coups in the Kingdom of Israel with many successors unable to keep God's commandments. At independence in 1960, Nigeria embraced the refined and revised Kingship called Democracy and in that beginning it was the parliamentary variation. And just like the Israelites of the Kingdom era, the leaders did what was evil in the sight of the Lord and they suffered consequences that included pogrom and high profile assassinations at God's time of reckoning.

Despite that, little lessons or none have been learnt till this present times. Just as God could defend his beloved Israelites when their priests were faithful to him until the sons of 'Eli' the priest, Hoph'ni and Phin'e-has went haywire, Nigerian leaders became selfish, greedy, fetish and devilish and have remained so in all spheres of life.

"Sodomites" had sway in leadership and followers served Mammon instead of God and God unleashed his severe anger on them for their sins.

When God chose to heed their cry and provided them a good leader they were either killed or dethroned. And the cacophony of it all is that the real beneficiaries, the ordinary folks would jeer the killed or deposed leader.

Name any sphere of life that is not corrupt and has not been corrupted in Nigeria. The police that deserves the best of accolades due to their vital statutory roles in the society are reduced to cannon fodders in the hands of the leaders and the led. And like a double -edged sword, many members of police population represent every other thing except their statutory roles. Instead of law enforcer, they are law breakers. They often act as agents of brutality and oppression and they are ready instruments of people in power. They subvert justice and enrich themselves corruptly. and many among them also represent every other things save their statutory roles. What other proof does one need for worshipers of Mammon than police and armed robbers carting away valuables from victims of accident?.

The military is not spared. They are despised silently due to their bully capacity, but they are also in more recent times caught in great dilemma such that they now have to turn their arms against those who they are supposed to protect but who have now become their vicious enemies. Instead of warding off external aggressions, they now have to direct their weapons against some deranged minds who are also Nigerians.

The political leaders when they are not acting against the constitution of 'vox populi vox Dei',their aides are just acting like 'Eli' the Priest's sons as recorded in the Bible.

What can we even make out of The so called men of God? Majority of them are agents of Satan, they are anti-Christ and impostors of Mohammedaism. They have evil dalliance with those in political power with the sole aim of sucking the blood of the commoners.

Tribes are at war. Faiths are suspicious of one another. Neighbors have evil intentions towards one another. The young ones are ready to sacrifice the seniors for monetary gains. The old of Grand Pa's age bracket rape great grand children ages.

Robbery, kidnapping, extortion, arson, gambling, ritual murders and prostitution are the prevalent social disorder.

Judges ideally should represent God on earth by dispensing justice without fear of favor. These days, it had become a double edged sword. If justice dispensation hurts the powers that be, the judge gets reprisals such as untimely retirement, blackmail, intimidation and threat to life. Unfortunately, the people or the collective on whose behalf the judge has discharged his duty in all honesty and courage are largely indifferent, but those who pervert the curse of justice earn not only rapid promotions, they also get huge financial rewards.

All the foregoing illustrations connote Baal worshiping in place of God and at no other time in the post Independence Nigeria is this more reinforced than under the leadership of a once shoeless president who bungled political capital.

Who is supposed to have more kindness and understanding towards the Nigeria project more than this president? According to him, he was not born with silver spoon and he should understand more than anyone else where the shoe pinches. Who should shun self help and desperation more than this president considering how God fought his cause and his battle for him in becoming the substantive president and getting re- elected in 2011?

This government may not have been the only culprit in bad governance but to whom much is given, much is expected.

In his article titled 'Between GEJís today and GMBís yesterday', in The Nation newspaper December 31 2014 edition, Mohammed Haruna wrote:

"Whatever those like Okupe who prefer the status quo may choose to believe, the fact is that Nigerians have never had it as bad as it has been in the last five years under President Jonathan, the good people of the oil producing Niger Delta region he comes from not exempted."

If many military Gate-crashers behaved in disorderly conduct while in government, though it is undesirable, for two reasons much may not have been expected from them. Firstly, they are like predators whose main aim is to feed fat on their preys and secondly, they hardly can have feelings because Nigeria spoilt them right after their secondary education, from when they have everything on a platter of gold.

But come to think of it, is God not telling us something about one in the midst of them who had the opportunity to amass wealth and riches, not once, not twice but has shunned all forms of greed and lewdness? He is Muhammadu Buhari (GMB).

General Muhammadu Buhari often jeered by those who are ignorant and the sophists as "perennial loser", "serial loser" or "semi-illiterate" seems to be a man of destiny. Perhaps God has decided to once again, to bring forth one of the Messiahs he has preserved for our good, due to the prayers of the few believers in the midst of a sinner multitude.

The best grace and generosity God and owner of the Mighty throne has offered to humanity is in sending to them from among them those who are to redirect them from the course of perdition. God did appear to Moses but not showing his face, he visited others in dreams, in trance and in meditation but the two great books, the Bible and the Quran did not record it that God came down to address the people.

Therefore 2015 represents a choice to either continue the pretense of Godliness in gross unGodly acts or a discernible conscience to avert the descent to perdition.

Should 2015 returns the present government or maintains the status quo, then the Devil must have sought further latitude from God to further test the faith of this potentially great country loved by God but damned by Man.