Olanrewaju AjiboyeWednesday, December 10, 2014




nder its watch, the PDP headed federal government has rendered torpid the purpose of a State, a Sovereign which Nigeria is.

To fortify and justify the above assertion, inference would be drawn from the submissions of four great philosophers on the purpose of State or the end the State is meant to achieve while the thinking of the fifth would cap the essence of the State.

Here we go. According to Aristotle, the State came into being "For the sake of life, for the sake of the best life." From the submission, we could deduce the ethicality involved in a State.

Newman in his own view says that the State exists "For the exercise of the qualities which make men good husbands, fathers and heads of households, good soldiers and citizens, good men of Science and philosophers." Newman is not done yet when he goes further that "When the State by its education and laws, written and unwritten, succeeds in evoking and maintaining in vigorous activity a life rich in noble aims and deeds, then and not till then has it fully attained the end for which it exists."

Locke diverged a little when he suggests that the "convenient" rather than the "good" represents the end of reasons people submits to be under a government and the sole aim is the "Preservation of their property", a general name for 'lives, liberties and estates.' Locke argues that in the state of nature, those values are not safe and the better preservation of these natural rights is the rai-son d'Ítre people coalesce into political society and that the exercise of power by a government is preponderant on that premise.

Adam Smith (1723-90) opines in his Wealth of Nations (1776) that the Sovereign which for the purpose of this discourse represents the State, serves three duties which are firstly to protect the society from "the violence and invasion of other independent societies ; secondly to protect every member of society "as far as possible...from the injustice or opposition of every member of it..." And thirdly the Sovereign has a duty to erect and maintain "certain public works and certain public institutions, which it can never be for the interest of any individual,or small number of individuals, to erect and maintain, because the profit yielded would never repay the expense to any individual or small number of individuals, though it might frequently do much more than repay a great society."

Without any intent to bore readers, Herbert Spencer (1820-1903) wraps up the purpose of State when he writes "The State is nothing but a natural institution for preventing one man from infringing the rights of another; it is a joint-stock protection company for mutual assurance."

To juxtapose the above copious submissions of the different philosophers, with the aberrations in governance perpetrated by the government powered by PDP, it is obvious that that government has drained the essence of the State and it is very unlikely the State will have enough strength to survive the onslaught for the next four years if by either acts of commission or omission that government is returned in February 2015.

Where is "for the sake of life" and "for the best of life" opinion of Aristotle when Nigerians do not have access to health care, good shelter and good nutrition? Health complications occasioned by anti social applications by the present government are the reasons we now have high increase in hypertension and diabetic situations in both young and old and there is no plan to manage the health challenges through drug procurement subsidy.

Can we honestly fault the thinking of Newman when most of artisans especially those whose skills require constant electricity have become disillusioned and now forced to survive on curves alien to their skill?

How safe are lives where terrorist cells not limited to Boko Haram wreck havoc continuously? How protected are we when the properties we acquire through our toils, through our retirement and life savings are bombed off in one fell swoop? And how protected are our liberties when the substantive number 4 citizen in the person of House of Representatives Speaker, Aminu Tambuwal is hounded, terrorized and harangued by the very institution that should uphold not only his fundamental rights but that of ordinary citizens? How free are we when our democratic process such as electioneering voting is militarized with intent to foist an unpopular candidate on the populace? How safe are we when a serving governor in the person of ex governor Fayemi of Ekiti state was nearly killed by an unremorseful and overzealous security agent funded by tax payers' money?

Can we justify Newman's philosophy that the State is to "make men good soldiers, good husbands when our gallant soldiers are now caught in the web of intrigues between defending the country and without enough equipments to bouy their war exploits? Are Boko Haram fighters good men or deranged minds? How did we get to the quagmire?

Has this federal government not rubbished Adam Smith's theory that erection and maintenance of certain public works and institutions need not be for the purpose of profit but as a pro bono publico? How many of prospective and qualified candidates have access to formal education? Is there any sense in having indigent students forced to seek admission in exorbitant private universities? Is electricity available and affordable? Does it make any sense in social service parlance for consumers to pay a monthly charge of seven hundred and fifty Naira on prepaid meters? Where are the hospitals to offer health care to Nigerians? Are the masses not slaving for the telecommunications compannies?Where are the integrated transport services to make a Citizen work in Lagos and sleep in Ibadan or Osogbo or even Ilorin? Why do people drink from contaminated water? Why are we all prisoners on the comfort of our homes when we have to erect iron gates to ward off potential attackers? Why do we have to pay extra forced and voluntary tax to militias to protect our neighborhood?

Every scheme and program of the successive governments powered by the PDP at the center since 1999 are skewed to favor and benefit the elite in government and to disadvantage the masses.

It is therefore safe to conclude that the PDP governments have shirked in their responsibility to uphold the tripod upon which the State stands and consequently have lost the moral rights to continue at the expiration of the term of the current government.

It is the hope that their massive defeat through by the instrumentality of one man one vote will serve as a well deserved comeuppance.