Olanrewaju AjiboyeMonday, October 22, 2007



orporate bodies were falling over one another to pledge and donate substantial amount of money and equipments when Raji Fashola, Lagos State Governor, re-launched Rapid Response Squad (RRS), a crime combating outfit introduced by erstwhile governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. RRS at inception replaced “Operation Sweep” introduced by Olagunsoye Oyinlola but rejuvenated by Buba Marwa, Tinubu’s predecessor.

Sir, Below is a text intended for publication through your esteem online news outfit, www.nigeriaworld.com. It is intended for publication under my LANRE AJIBOYE's Medley corner. Thanks. Olanrewaju Ajiboye MAY EX PRESIDENT OBASANJO LIVE LONG TO SEE THE DEMOLITION OF HIS UNPOPULAR POLICIES: Though some people still argue that ex president Obasanjo is older than the official age he claims, but let us give it to him that the declared age is his true age. At his last birthday, he attained the three score and ten described as a ripe age in the bible and that was precisely on April 30 2007.

May this behemoth of a person live many more years in good health both mental and physical, so that he can be able to comprehend the full import of all his actions especially in the past eight years when providence thrust on him a second chance to lead a country blessed by God but damned by man.

In one of my write ups, I did state that at times some of our actions and decisions do have undesired consequences. This line of thinking has started to manifest in former president Obasanjo’s recent actions when he had the transient power. Unless a miracle happens, Olubunmi Etteh will lose the position she seems to be obsessed with, some of the governors imposed because of their bootlicking and pretentious loyalty to a man who loved to act God will lose their seats and it has started happening. Even the biggest of the charade, the stolen presidency is still on a delicate pedestal. Though it will be unfortunate because the man on the saddle, so far appear to be a good product sold through perfidy and subterfuge, but if that happens through court pronouncements, I will click a glass of wine with my own people simply because the intention of one man to act God, to act with arrogance and impunity would have been truncated and it will serve a useful lessons for future adventurers in power. It has not finished, the real owners of the party so much bastardized by Obasanjo and his hawks, the PDP are about to have their party back and very soon the ugly faces with their ugly minds will be shoved aside to oblivion. When all these happen then the man need not continue to pursue his Theology Diploma; what other lesson in Theology would he need after Evangelist Ebenezer Obey’s track ‘…vanity upon vanity; all is vanity’ would have dawned on him?

I am not qualified to know how Baba Obasanjo’s inner mind works because I have never met him before but if his countenance and empirically proven writings on human minds are a yardstick, then one can hazard a guess that he will be feeling some heat within him now. How time flies! He was reportedly given a cold shoulder in Ibadan where he had expected a grand reception and this happened just months after he had left office. It was also reported that he was shunned by other motorists when his vehicle broke down on the Lagos –Ibadan highway (Expressway). If his aides had refuted these reports, I have not read them; I therefore assume the stories are true. Were I to meet him at a public function, the only thing he owed me is the traditional African respect due to a father but I really do not have good memories of him as an ex president. And the simple reason is his arrogance of power; when he had the privilege to govern, he chose to dictate for eight years.


On a commiseration visit to Chief Emmanuel Iwunanyawu in Owerri, Imo State, South East of Nigeria on the death of his junior brother, Shehu Yar’Adua’s widow, Hajia Asabe told reporters she does not have a quarrel with the family of Late General Sani Abacha. According to a report in The Punch newspapers of Monday 22 October 2007, Hajia Asabe was quoted as sayingHa “Well, I wouldn’t tell you that the Abacha family is the cause of the death of my husband… I wouldn’t say it because if God didn’t plan it that he was going to go that way he would not have died… It is from God we come and it is to God we go. You wouldn’t lay the blame on anybody. Well I don’t have anything against the Abacha family. If I see them today, we will still talk...”

It would have been naïve for Hajia Asabe to have grudges against the entire Abacha family but much as I take cognizance of the teachings of her faith that tell believers to accept all situations as God’s doing, I totally disagree with the religious loophole that tends to give people who are culpable in heinous crimes an escape route. If she does not bear a grudge against the Abacha family that is good and reasonable, but I hold grudges on her behalf on late General Sani Abacha in his capacity as ex Head of State when the late Tafida died under a questionable circumstance. I hold grudges against all the perpetrators and collaborators of that dark period. Much as I succumb to the rule of law, suspected murderers should not be allowed to roam the streets and jet around the world with impunity. Killers of MKO Abiola, Kudirat Abiola, Pa Alfred Rewane, Chief Bola Ige, Dele Giwa and scores of unsung Nigerians who had their lives brutally cut short deserve justice. Each time we preach reconciliation and forgiveness especially for suspected killers, we tend to encourage evil people who will commit crime against humanity and seek forgiveness when they see the signs that their evil acts are about to catch up with them. Saddam Hussein at the point of death was preaching forgiveness and this same man once had total disregard for sanctity of live when he had absolute powers to determine who lives and who dies in Iraq. If perpetrators of unsolved murders are found even in their twilight years, they must be made to face the consequences. God is also a God of vengeance. The Almighty through his prophets handed us code of conduct and through these prophets also gave us consequences for our misdeeds. Though Abacha is dead and cannot be brought to justice for all that happened when he held sway as head of State, his punishment shall continue to be the documentation and condemnation of his evil acts for generations yet to come. Hitler is never allowed to rest because his crimes against humanity are constantly documented for generations that had not been born when the pogrom occurred in Germany.


A female journalist died in the line of duty in far away Switzerland recently. Ms. Phil Shimenenge Sende was the National Assembly correspondent of the AIT, the television station that was Obasanjo’s nemesis for his third term push. Apart from that, the late Ms. Sende hailed from Benue State as Senate president David Mark and she was a mother of two. May her soul rest in peace and may the souls of others who died in the course of their chosen fields of endeavour continue to rest in peace.

Much as one does not wish to disturb the soul of the deceased journalist, it is important to address some important issues posed by this particular journalist’s death. According to the Thisday Newspaper’s news item in its Oct 11 2007 issue, Mark was reported to have promised to sponsor up to university levels, the education of the bereaved children of the journalist both ages 19 and 17. Fine, Nigerians who have the wherewithal should be encouraged to be doing this more often especially to those who really need such aids. However, David Mark did not stop at that; he promised that the Senate would fly the remains of the deceased back home and would be involved in according her a befitting burial.

Some posers are raised by this aspect of David Mark’s pledge; will the Senate be using tax payers’ money to do this or will David Bonaventure Mark and his colleagues be donating from their allowances or salary? Did the Senate president follow due process when he had not discussed the issue on the floor of the house with other members before giving his pledge? Is there more to it than meets the eye apart from the fact that the lady was a National Assembly correspondent and a fellow Benue indigene? If this Senate president has in anyway bypassed due process, then he should be sanctioned so that he does not get indulged in the future. The Senate is not his personal property; he and other members hold in trust the Senate for the electorate even though most of them were elected through a dubious process.

So many journalists died for the enthronement of democracy to which David Mark was then an anathema and now a beneficiary. Did they ever get mentioned on the floor of the National Assembly?

If David Mark put the same concern and emotion he put when he learnt of the death of this journalist, to the job at the National Assembly, perhaps we would get better hospital deals in Nigeria where we as citizens can go and consult our GPs for general medical check up at regular intervals and at a cost affordable. Nigeria has been so kind to the likes of David Mark, if not for any other sake, for the sake of their conscience they should sit down there and attend to the myriads of problems facing the good people of Nigeria.

Olanrewaju Ajiboye is a member, Board of Nigeria Foundation www.nigeriafoundation.org