Sunday, September 22, 2019

resident Muhammadu Buhari has everything going for him in his present capacity as the leader of Nigeria. He is not an entrepreneur politician; he’s not a power monger; he is immune from the allure of any eve with their destructive capacity; and above all, he is a courageous leader.

The fundamentals of government and governance are:

· To provide leadership

· To maintain order

· To provide public services

· To provide security for all and sundry

· To provide economic security and to a reasonable extent

· To provide economic assistance

The president and his team, especially his vice presidents have demonstrated the capacity of leadership and that is solved.

Under order maintenance of order is rule of law that rewards good conduct and punishes bad behavior. To a reasonable and commendable extent, the government has been delivering on this too given the circumstances of our law and judicial process.

Despite all its efforts, the government has not achieved much success and if properly digested, provision of security is the foundation, the fulcrum, and the most essential of any responsible government. The pedestal for all other fundamentals lies in security to life and property of all and sundry within the confines of an entity with Sovereignty.

The president as head of government can neither continue to trade blame nor tow the route of buck passing especially on the government it succeeded more than four years ago.

First the party that asked Nigerian voters to trust them and to trust the capacity of the leadership they presented was well aware of the security challenges confronting the country and had ample time to marshal a policy thrust that were supposed to tackle the myriads of security challenges.

In a more enlightened clime, the party would not have been rewarded with mandate renewal but unfortunately, the main alternative was a party that was reckless and profoundly corrupt with power for sixteen years in between era of windfall in major income earner for the country; the crude.

Part of the challenges that may be inhibiting accomplishments on security issues may have to do with insufficient man power, dearth of sophisticated warfare equipments; intra conspiracy; foreign influence and mutual distrust among the coalition in the federal set up.

Most of the aforementioned inhibitions are surmountable with strong will and determination to destroy evil.

First the leadership should strongly appeal to sense of nationalism and patriotism among all the elite and the masses across the geo political zones.

We have many our young graduates who are seeking employment and we can roll out some years’ program that allows fresh entrants to serve for a period of five years after which they can transfer to other spheres of career as it may suit their whims and the years in the military and Para military counts for them. Those that are willing to discharge and start their own businesses should be guaranteed a stipulated amount of money to start up.

Much as all emphasis should be placed on reduction and prevention of potential casualties, it is a mirage to foreclose a troop hitch free operations. In case of such eventualities, the victims and the vicarious victims should be adequately compensated and full honors and citations bestowed on them.

Necessity is the mother of inventions, if those who have the knowhow would not avail the technology to fight the insurgents, we should avail ourselves the talents endowed us to develop our own technology that is suitable and adaptable to our security needs. The cheer is that we are blessed with gifted people whose talents have not been exploited to the fullest all these years of our nation building.

The brass tacks of security challenges is that the country and the government must not succumb to evil and should stop at nothing to ensure evil is defeated; to do otherwise indicates a serious sign of distress of the State which otherwise signals failed state.

Where there is security, peace will most likely be guaranteed and progress will follow.

The president and the government should therefore apply and adapt measures devoid of denial of human liberty, dignity and freedom in its quest to uproot all forms of parallel governments and underground cells harmful to the health of the country.