Sunday, May 13, 2018
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yin adi l ndkk: HOW THINGS GROW

yin adi l ndkk (an egg becomes a chicken)

knj l ndomi gbr (a drop of rain becomes a flood)

Omi gbr a w dod (flood water becomes a river)

yin adi l ndkk (an egg becomes a chicken)

  learnt this poem in primary school and it details how things grow - an egg becomes a chicken; a drop of rain becomes a flood which in turn, becomes a river. Other verses express how a tiny seed grows into a massive tree, a caterpillar into a butterfly, etc. Essentially, things grow for better or worse. While we may applaud the seed becoming an iroko, not so the drops of rain becoming a stream and then a raging river especially when it floods. We wail and lament the flood whether of corruption or armed robbery, but ignore the drops of rain.

Story 1: Manu acquires four wives and sets about populating his compound. If each woman has four children, we have sixteen babies who will grow into sixteen primary school kids then secondary school then university, then what? If at any point in time, the culprit, I mean, father dies, without a miracle, sixteen out of sixteen will not be able to get any education at all.

Story 2: Ibadan is the poster child of urban sprawl. Legend has it that when a military governor attempted to demolish houses and create order out of the chaos of interior Ibadan, the then Olubadan queried, who owned the land? Ipso facto, the land belonged to the people of Ibadan who could build wherever they pleased. Today, if you get caught in traffic, you'd better take a mat. Secondly, when the rains start, Ogunpa has nowhere else to run but into homes, schools, businesses, and people; demolishing everything in its path.

Story 3: Shola cheated in primary school. By the time he was taking the JSce, JAMB and all those exams, he's perfected the system. He got admitted into practically all the universities he applied to. In this 4+ years studying microbiology, he fine-tuned his system using technology to amplify his game. On graduation, his entire family celebrated. Then, he interviewed with a bank and was asked, "What is microbiology?" His response, "You know, micro. Biology. Just like micro economics."

Story 4: He stole student union funds when he was in university. Now, he's running for senatorial office. What does a little thief grow up to be?

Story 5: You send money to Nigeria but it does not land in the designated account. Your relative complains and you send some more. Soon, the drainage in your account is linked to mama's Nigerian account. The more you look, the less you see.

Story 6: You tell it.

Everywhere you look, there's a story. If you connect the dots, you'll find that the deterioration we lament, started with a drop, a seed, a crack, a bite Left to fester, the decay grows because ?yin adi? l n'd'ku?ko?.