Abi Adegboye, PhDSaturday, February 24, 2018
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"Every fantasy should begin with the idea that Africa has been uncolonized by white people"

- Rashid Darden

ntainted by western imperialism and external gerrymandering, Wakandans determine succession by agreed-upon rules that give citizens the strongest leader and not a stooge of western powers who atrophies in office till death a la Nguema Mbasogo, Biya, Museveni, etc.

The Panther rules without fear of assassination a la Lumumba or overthrow a la Nkrumah. The battle for succession was concluded sans mercenaries who have a stake in the perpetuity of war nor dictators heavily invested in the military industry. Indeed, the Panther showed a healthy distrust of two-faced allies such as the United States which is both aid-provider and instigator of wars.

The Panther rules an egalitarian state where citizens go about their businesses without fear of a predatory state sucking their lifeblood through heavy taxation, maldistribution of resources, and favoritism of the wealthy over the masses.

In the spirit of self-determination, Wakanda chose isolationism instead of forced participation in white man's wars a la Burma, World War I, World War II, Libya, etc.

Not a conqueror nor conquered, Wakanda practices self-defense by protecting its territory against external penetration such as characterizes the African state. And within its borders, citizens are safe from cow-terrorists and cultists. [By the way, did anyone notice the cameo by the Chibok girls? And it was the women who rescued them; but that's another essay].

On the economic front, Wakandans decried beggar-thy-neighbor trade agreements that would result in 99-year leases to mine vibranium at minimal cost to western corporations and high human, environmental, and societal cost to Wakanda. In fact, they deliberately kept its discovery a secret so as not to invite resource wars a la Congo.

Choosing economic self-sufficiency, they are not integrated into the global economy at the periphery nor choked by indebtedness to International Financial Institutions peddling loans for white elephant projects.

Given its lack of loans, Wakanda is not caught in that downward spiral of underdevelopment nor stuck in the cycle of victimhood and dependence on foreign aid.

Rather, it is fully engaged in the supply chain of vibranium from mining to the production of space crafts, medical miracles, and retractable bridges. Thus, the economy is not vulnerable to manipulated commodities prices or climate change.

Socially, Wakandans embrace their traditional, modern, and futuristic realities, their human and eco-diversity, and all that they are. For the prosperity of all.

Long live Wakanda!

Long live the vision of a better Africa!