Wednesday, March 31, 2021
Harrisburg, PA, USA
Easter - A Song to Uplift You - Naraekele Mo (Cover)

Link to the song:

always think that the significance of Easter means that no song, on Easter day, should be dull. All Easter songs should be danceable and upbeat in celebration of Easter and resurrection.

To help cheer your Easter, I played and sang the song- Naraekele Mo (Nara Ekele Mo) Take Glory God. It was originally recorded by Tim Godfrey and Travis Greene.

To add more spice and get you on your feet dancing, I added a strong bass line. I also added a few rap lines to draw in the younger generation, essentially trying to bridge the music divide through rap. The last time I added some rap lines in the song- Chimamanda by Flavor, many from the younger generation who listened to it liked it.

All song rights belong to Tim Godfrey and Travis Greene

I hope you enjoy it and Happy Easter to All

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