Thursday, February 25, 2021
Harrisburg, PA, USA
Chimamanda by Flavour- Alfred plays and sings the song

Link to the video:

very time I play a song and post it on Youtube, some of my listeners will always ask when I will play a new generation Nigerian music. I used to tell them that I play mainly songs that I have known over the years so that I only have to invest minimal effort in playing it. I remind them that this is just a hobby for me.

But a few weeks ago, I started thinking seriously about it but could not immediately decide which song or Nigerian artist to select from. But then I saw an interview that Flavour N’Abania granted where he was talking about his life, upbringing and how he got into music. He sounded very modest, humble without the signature boastfulness that some artists engage in. That got my attention. I took a look at his songs and the one that I felt like I wanted to play was “Chimamanda”. The significance of what he was singing is universal. Everyone hopes that the supreme being will not fail them when they need him hence Chimamanda.

I took some time, learned the song but I knew that I was not going to call out some of the personalities he sang about in the music. I decided to give the music a slightly different slant so I will not have to mention those names. As I was doing it, I chanced on an idea, why not inject a touch of rap into it? I did. The video is what I came up with.

Enjoy and I appreciate feedback

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