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Other than the murder of...Dele Giwa which he has never denied of committing, except to deliberately frustrate and clog the wheel of justice, there are other questions he would have to consider and answer to Nigerians.
Monday, July 8, 2002

Remi Oyeyemi



" Thus saith the Lord, Keep ye judgement, and do justice: for my salvation is near to come, and my righteousness to be revealed."
- Book of Isaiah 56: Vs 1

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord."
- Book of Isaiah 55: Vs 8

hile IBB took his vile strides across the political landscape of Nigeria, he dealt with Nigeria as a gifted chess player imbued with evil spirit. He was so supremely confident that he once told reporters that "I know Nigerians very well." At that time many people did not understand what he meant. He later shed light during an interview with TELL magazine that every Nigerian has a price. He in fact insinuated that he could outdo the Satan himself by buying over Jesus Christ! He added that what was always important was to know the right price. He however, confessed that the only person without a price was and still is Gani Fawehinmi. (If this sounds like blasphemy, worry not about it because it is the least of his crimes). It was in the same interview that he referred to himself as an "Evil Genius."

Other than the murder of the founding Editor-In-Chief of Newswatch, Dele Giwa which he has never denied of committing, except to deliberately frustrate and clog the wheel of justice, there are other questions he would have to consider and answer to Nigerians. This has become more imperative because when IBB changed his title from Head of State (HOS) to President, he said the reason he did so was to take absolute responsibility for whatever happened during his tenure. He explained that it was to tell Nigerians that "the buck stops" at his (IBB's) desk. Nigerians already used to calling the military impostors HOS were numb and they did not have any choice since the issue was not debatable.

Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida would need to explain to Nigerians the events and circumstances surrounding the Ejigbo, Lagos crash of C-130 airplane in which the cream of the Southerners' and minorities' army officers mostly of the ranks of Captain and Major perished. They were the emerging elite of the Nigerian Army.

In fact, at another point during his evil reign, he arrogantly told Nigerians that he was not only in government, he was in power! He was reacting to those displeased with the way he was running the show to either acquiesce with his treacherous style or forget it. So, the time has come for him to show that leadership. The bucks stopped at his table. He was in charge. He was in control. He was the leader. He was "The Man." He was in government. He was in power. He was and is still responsible. Therefore he must answer to Nigerians. Hold it! He must answer for all his acts in and outside (?) government. Yes, he must.

Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida would need to explain to Nigerians the events and circumstances surrounding the Ejigbo, Lagos crash of C-130 airplane in which the cream of the Southerners' and minorities' army officers mostly of the ranks of Captain and Major perished. They were the emerging elite of the Nigerian Army. Judging by their credentials and what we all came to know in the aftermath of their death, they were very highly educated and professional.

Credible sources informed this writer that immediately the C-130 crashed, an order from above (which could have been none other than IBB) disallowed the Nigerian Army Air Rescue Transport from saving the lives of the innocent Nigerian army officers. Rather IBB awarded the "contract" to Julius Berger which spent valuable time moving cranes from one spot to another while valuable human assets who have parents, wives and children were drowning in the Ejigbo swamp! That IBB could even reduce the saving of innocent Nigerian army officers' lives to a contract award and refused to allow that military department to do what it was trained for is enough for him to be tried for murder.

In addition, it is on record that less than an hour of the crash, the British government offered to rescue the victims and the offer was turned down by IBB. It is also on record that the U.S. government informed the IBB administration that they had a ship on the high seas very close to Nigeria that could be on the scene within few hours of the crash to help in the rescue effort. It was turned down by IBB. Can IBB please come out and tell Nigerians why he declined valuable help that could have saved somebody's father, someone's husband and reduced the number of orphans?

IBB would need to explain to Nigerians how Colonel B. S. Dimka, the man who led the coup that killed General Murtala Mohammed, escaped under his nose after he (IBB) had effectively surrounded the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria where the coup was being announced. He must give Nigerians the detail of how Colonel Dimka escaped on that fateful day in February 1975, without shooting a single bullet.

Nigerians would like to know where the Gulf War surplus of over $12 billion (twelve billion dollars) is. IBB owes Nigerians this explanation because he was in government and he was also in power when the surplus came in and disappeared. The buck stopped at his table. There could not possibly be any excuses now!

IBB would need to explain to Nigerians the source of the money with which he purchased his shares in the German air carrier, Lufthansa that are being held in proxy for him. Sources confirmed that Julius Berger which, is the parent company of the air carrier helped him to buy the shares (?). IBB served us as President of his own volition. He owes us accountability, because we all have an idea of what the salary of a General is. And even if he was a general all his life, he could not have made such money, hence Nigerians need to know the source from whence the money came. If he could explain that, we might be inclined not to ask questions about the sources of fund for the Minna Mansion, though, there are no guarantees for that.

Someone said why was it wrong for IBB to own shares in Lufthansa when other Nigerians have shares in British Airways. Well, there is nothing wrong with that. All we need to know is where did he get the money to buy the shares?

IBB has got to explain to Nigerians the reason he emasculated the Nigerian Airforce. Sources alleged that he was scared that it was the only avenue that could be used to overthrow him in the aftermath of Mamman Vatsa's alleged coup (?) and later Gideon Orkar's. By the time IBB scurried out of Aso Rock, Nigeria had no battle ready airforce. This is treason. Nigerians need an explanation as to why he (IBB) should not be tried for this?

Nigerians would like to know from IBB, is it true that he "pushed" drugs? What does this have to do with the murder of Dele Giwa? What is his connection with Gloria Okon? What did or does his wife have to do with that mystery? Nigerians are tired of "rumours." It is not only bad for Nigeria, it is worse for Babangida himself. He could not say that he has not heard this "rumour" of him being a "drug pusher" and yet he has failed to come out and "cut off" the monstrous head of this "rumour"? He needs to come out clean by denying or confirming (?) this. He owes Nigeria and Nigerians that much.

Is it true that the reason IBB moved against Mohammed Buhari and Tunde Idi Agbon was to checkmate his then impending retirement and trial as a drug kingpin? Did he or did he not confess to Sani Abacha that he "pushed" drugs while he was begging Abacha to join the coup plot against the "Deaf Deadly Duo"? Is it true that he attempted Sani Abacha's life after he discovered that Abacha has a tape of his confessions?

What were the reasons for sacking General Domkat Bali and Commodore Ebitu Ukiwe? From all accounts and all indications these two gentlemen served Nigeria dedicatedly. They were never accused of any unprofessional act or any offence against the state or their respective professional organisations. Nigerians respect them and really do care about what happened to them. There are not many ex-military men with their kind of dignity and integrity in Nigeria. Why were they disgraced out of office? Nigerians would like to know.

What was or were the true reasons IBB decreed two political parties Social Democratic Party (SDP) and National Republican Party (NRC) for Nigeria after deceiving them for several years? What were the true reasons for banning the first crop of contestants? And why, for God's sake, or if you like as a muslim, Allah's sake (I know IBB do not believe in Allah, because he has sworn falsely in His name several times) did IBB, annulled the June 12, 1993 elections regarded as the "cleanest" in Nigerian history? What was his motive? What was he trying to achieve? Nigerians would like to know.

From the declining days of General Yakubu Gowon to the dark days of hapless Shehu Shagari, naira went from being stronger than the dollar to being about five to one. It was the most powerful medium of exchange on the coast of West Africa. Then IBB came with his treacherous SFEM policy to destroy not only our naira but also our economy. In fact he had the noxious effrontery and the nauseating temerity to insult the intelligence of Nigerians in an interview with John Momoh on NTA in which he said he tinkered and tried to bust the Nigerian economy but that the economy refused to give up! Can any reasonable Nigerian imagine this? IBB must explain to Nigerians whose lives he has destroyed as a result of this perfidy why he should not be tried for treasonable felony!

Nigerians need to know why it was IBB that reportedly got to be notified first after the death of Sani Abacha and not his wife, Mariam Abacha? What did he know about Abacha's death? What role did his henchman and murderer-at-arms Haliru Akilu play in Abacha's death on IBB's behalf? What was IBB's role in Chief M.KO. Abiola's death? What did IBB tell President Olusegun Obasanjo about Abiola being of no problem to an Obasanjo's presidency?

IBB would have to answer to Nigerians on these questions. Where, when and how he would answer these questions I do not know. But he would eventually have to answer them. It is a matter of course that is unalterable by man. The law of nature compulsorily requires it. God destines it. And happen it must!

After 30 years of service, a retiring professor of history has this to say, " The Mill of God grinds very, very slowly; but very, very certainly"! The Mill of God, is hypothetically the instrument through which justice is dispensed. It is disgustingly slow. Irritatingly and at times, pathetically so. In its slowness, those with shallow faith would wonder if there was any God to allow injustice of gigantic magnitude to subsist and remain unpunished. As a result of this, they even wonder, is there God? Even those who took it upon themselves to be the preachers of faith would quietly mumble to themselves during occasional solitude whether God would ever come around to dispense this much-expected justice.

But God is not like man. His ways are not our ways. His styles are not our styles. And His methodology differs from ours! He is very slow in reacting and deliberately but very certainly so. The day of judgement may be slow in coming, but certainly it is coming. And very soon too! So, IBB should be ready because there is no way to "maradonise" out of this. Yes, there is no way out!