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Yet it is the same America that speaks of dialogue and peace when two countries kill themselves even when it is obvious that a dominant state is having an upper hand.

Thursday, September 20, 2001
Annie Brisibe


“Only those who had the courage to take unpopular positions managed to change the world. Don't be afraid to be different”-----Julius Ihonvbere

n September 11, 2001 an unpopular position was taken by a courageous few in clamor for justice. The World is confused, afraid and every one is talking, guessing and debating on what would happen next. The president of the united States of America George Bush (alas Baby Bush) is angry, spitting fire and demanding forcefully for a "must" support from the NATO countries. NATO has evoked article 5 and now, we are looking at WW111 as they claim. The fight now is the "HAVES" against the "HAVE NOTS." America and Europe against Africa, Asia, the Middle East etc. This reminds so much of Nostradamus predictions that the next WW may start in the Middle East. However, from what I am seeing, I don't think the Middle East will be going to War in thousands of years to come not with the intra and inter conflicts they have to settle.

How dare anyone touch the United States, the invisible State, and the trainers of terrorists, the controllers of World Powers, the destruction of competitors, the determinants of social and economic policies and most of all the proud inventors of military and technological "witchcraft". As much as terrorism is unacceptable and should be condemned, the question is how do we define terrorism and who is a terrorist?

Or perhaps the hypothesis should be The United States with its foreign policies have been able to create War Heroes such as Timothy MacVeigh the hero of the Oklahoma bombing and mythical icons such as Usama Bin Laden, the great CIA trained war veteran that single handedly defeated the Russians during the Russian planned annexation of Afghanistan. I think, legally speaking there;s very solid case for impeaching every American president since the second world war. They have all been either outright war criminals or involved in serious war crimes.1 Take note the term "War criminals" could be articulated into different contexts and these could be seen as:

  • Economic War Criminals:

    As much no one in the corporate world and the government of the United States takes the doctrine of free trade seriously, it was considered fine for economics departments and newspaper editorials. The need to continue to promote idealistic slogans thereby portraying the United States as democratic and free country. The controls exercised through Multilateral Institutions such as the International Monetary Funds (Which like the World Bank, lends Third World nations funds largely provided by the industrial powers). In return for its loans, the IMF imposes "liberalization": an economy open to foreign penetration and control. Sharp cutbacks in services to the general population.2 The outcome of these economic policies leave hundreds and thousands in developing countries impoverished, malnourished, illiterate, and most of all death.

  • Military Policies/relations:

    The use of the US military as a planned action for control over other nation states is a strategic security act by the United States. In 1950, US well planned attack on the soviet Union known as the "Roll-back strategy" that would foster the seeds of destruction within the Soviet Union.3 So that the United states can negotiate a settlement on their terms with the Soviet Union (or a successor state or states) The Nazi government was no exception as American policies implemented in 1949, revealed a US espionage in Eastern Europe had been turned over to a network run by Richard Gehln, who had headed Nazi military intelligence on part of the US-Nazi alliance that quickly absorbed many of the worst criminals, extending to operations in Latin America and elsewhere. These operations included a "secret army" under US-Nazi auspicious that sought to provide agents and military supplies to armies that had been established by Hitler and which were still operating inside the Soviet Union and Europe through the early 1950s.4 When the Vietnamese government refused to accept the so called perfect document of reconstruction and domination known by the United States known as the "Grand Area" they had to be smashed, resulting in the Vietnamese War.5

    In Central America the number of people murdered by the US-backed forces since the late 1970s comes to something like 200,000, as popular movements that sought democracy and social reforms were decimated. These achievements qualify the US as an "inspiration for the triumph for democracy in our time,"6

    The situation continues with El Salvador as Noam Chomsky puts it "For many years, repression, torture and murder were carried on in El Salvador by dictators installed and supported by our government, a matter of no interest here. The story was virtually never covered."7 In February 1980, the Archbishop of El Salvador, Oscar Romero sent a letter to President Carter in which he begged him not to send military aid to the junta that ran the country. He said such aid would be used to "sharpen injustice and repression against the people's organizations" which were struggling "for respect for their most basic human rights" (hardly news to Washington, needles to say). A few weeks later, Archbishop Romero was assassinated while saying a mass.8

    The war that took place after oppositions struggled for leadership and control with people's organizations was fully supported by the US government. In Carters last year in 1980, the death toll reached about 10,000 rising up to about 13,000 in 1981.9 In cases such as this the international media has helped play a very biased role in downplaying the atrocities committed by the US governments in other countries and as such has continued to serve as a network of institutions that have contributed to increased terrorism.

    The terror continues and the spirit to conquer with which ever means necessary was the US ideology and the next victim was Nicaragua. The mainstream US media ignored the ferocious and brutal killings in Nicaragua that were extensively supported by the US government. When the tyrannical rule of Somoza was challenged by the Sandinistas in the late 1970s, the US tried to institute what it called "Somocismo (Somoza-ism) without Somoza"-that is, the whole corrupt system intact, but with somebody else at the top. From Nicaragua to Guatemala: The development and successful democratic and economic development of Guatemala after the overthrow of a vicious tyrant that led to the installation of a democratic government gave the US prickly nerves.

    The success of Guatemala was considered a threat to the US self defense and self-preservation as echoed by Eisenhower and Dulles. Using a lame excuse such as the Guatemalan government support and implementation of communist and nationalistic policies, the CIA carried out a successful coup against the government of Guatamela.10 In Chomsky's words Guatemala was turned into a slaughterhouse till date.

The list of US so called aid support in different paradigms either in economic or in military have been seen to create more harm and destruction to lives and nations states than what it pretends to want to do. In Africa today the strategy of military aid continues, and countries such as Nigeria is a major plan of control by the US government. What use is an FBI office or a US military base in Nigeria? Of course what do we think we are the most loved country by the US? Nonsense! The United Nations on the other hand is an instrument put in place to blindfold the so-called "Have Nots" countries to believe that they are important while they steal them blind. Instigate wars to keep them busy, hungry, impoverished, confused and subdued.

What does the US think, that in an unjust and an undemocratic world created by them and NATO, with people hungry, angry and dying that there would be PEACE? No, its not possible as much as we all clamor to stop terrorist attacks, condemn it with all of our might the fact remains that as long as the World remains unequal in this era of feminist, ethnic and general people's campaign for equality activities are still grossly unequal. Not to talk of even trying to at least have food to eat even if there are no computers. The basic necessities in life are unreachable and the standard of living has been erroneously destroyed that poverty is almost becoming a norm in most of our countries. It is sad though that America speaks of revenge with so much aggression and that apart from NATO States all others are prime suspects and considered enemies.

Yet it is the same America that speaks of dialogue and peace when two countries kill themselves even when it is obvious that a dominant state is having an upper hand. It is the same America that drags and humiliates people by taking them to the World court when they feel it convenient. Now it is the same America that considers the World court a joke and the talk of dialogue and peace a cliché.

The question is why the attack? Why would people want to kill themselves just to attack American structures that Americans say is the symbol of "their way of life." with the continuous attack on Muslims which I consider very biased and uncalled for, the need to have a culprit to save face is America's immediate concern. What form of message is the US now sending to other nations that when people are killed both by terrorists and tyrant governments (most times supported by the US) and when human rights groups demand for a better government they should also immediately revenge and damn the "dummies" such as the UN declarations and the World Court? Is there really a Global relationship that is based on fairness and human face? Or are we just a tool been used for exercising the powers and control by the Western States? I don't know, your guess is just as good as mine.

Finally, as mush as the media gives so much credit to Usama Bin Landen, it may turn out that he is not or is involved. Who are those that are angry at the US and its policies? It could be some Macveighs within America that the government has refused to look at (its own home) or it could be some very angry individual that has lost a brother or a sister to either US foreign policy or US economic policy.

Really it’s a hard analysis, but there is need for us all to look beyond the WTC and the Pentagon but ask our selves these questions. For some of us, we may not have terrorists in our homes in this magnitude but the foreign and economic global policies are enough to terrorize us. This is my humble contribution to the September 11, 2001 massacre.


1-10, Noam Chomsky: What Uncle Sam Really Wants (1992)