Femi Ajayi's Outlook

Saddam Hussein is a REAL hero of very high degree! Those who have ears should listen and reshape their life and stop following the wrong path of Governance, the followers should watch the butterfly leaders.
Monday, December 15, 2003

Dr. Femi Ajayi


could not believe that Saddam Hussein would be captured without a SINGLE SHOT, nor any RESISTANCE. Is this the level of bravery of leaders that ruled with terror? Those who claim to be giants and began running at the sound of a swarm of fowls in the bush, have been exposed. What a shame on a leader who reigned with terror for decades and paid people to commit suicide, suicide bombers, asked his Iraqis to fight to the last to resist the occupation of foreigners, and he could not shed his own blood for his country, and REFUSED to do that. Could the people learn from this?

Saddam Hussein ruled Iraq with brutal repression and challenged the world community, but his defiance ended December 13, 2003, near his hometown of Tikrit, with the one-time dictator found hiding in a cellar with unkempt hair and beard. In his eight months as fugitive, the 66-year-old Saddam continued to taunt American soldiers; audiotapes attributed to him that were smuggled to journalists kept up his threats. In the latest, broadcast November 16, the speaker, supposed to be Saddam, urged Iraqis to drive out occupying forces with "jihad and resistance." Where is Saddam's 'jihad'?

Let us forget about the politics of Iraq invasion by the United States, or other issues that surround the ill-feelings between US and Iraq. Is this how Tyrants demonstrate their leadership, through the microscopic eyes of Saddam Hussein. Look at him in this picture holding a sword, to fight to finish. He is a damn coward. Just like an Iraqi said, "he is a woman". The picture reminded me of Noriega in his own heydays as well. Idi Amin Dada ran into exile in Saudi Arabia where he died, Seseko of old Zaire, now Congo dies like a puppet, what about Papa Doc?

Saddam Hussein in his heydays

Saddam came from a peasant clan in Tikrit, north of Gabda born on April 28, 1937, 120 kilometers (75 miles) north of Baghdad. As ruler, he lived in grandiose palaces, advertising himself as the loving father of a nation, he dominated through fear and murder. His aura of power split the United States from its European allies over whether his downfall was worth a war.

Saddam was arrested in 1958 for killing his brother-in-law, a Communist; and spent six months in prison. He worked himself, through force, to the helm of Baath Party and took over from al-Bakr on July 16, 1979 as President of Iraq, and launched massive purge of Baath Party. In Sept. 22, 1980 he sent troops to Iran in a war that lasted for eight years, on March 28, 1988 he used chemical weapons against Kurdish town of Halabja, killing an estimated 5,000 civilians. He invaded Kuwait Aug. 2, 1990. In March 1991 crushed Shiite revolt in south and Kurd revolt in the north. In Feb. 20, 1996 he ordered the killing of two sons-in-law who in 1995 defected to Jordan and had just returned to Baghdad after receiving guarantees of safety. He was on the run for eight months, and on Dec. 13 - Saddam was captured at 8:30 p.m. in the town of Adwar, 10 miles south of Tikrit. He is hiding in a specially prepared "spider hole." Entrance to Saddam's new 'palace' "If you could see where we found him, he could have been hiding in a hundred different places, a thousand different places, like this all around Iraq," remarked Maj. Gen. Raymond Odierno.

Saddam pictured in 1971 when he was interior minister
Look at him from his heydays and his new home life 12/13/2003

Two lessons from this capture:

The followers should open their eyes and use their God-given brain to show their leaders what directions they want to go. Here is the leader who insisted for his people to die for their country and could not die for the sake of those people that he had put into pain and death. Dieing for a tyrant does not worth it as demonstrated by Saddam Hussein. Many people had lost their loved ones following Saddam's ferocious reign. ''He was just caught like a rat,'' said Maj. Gen. Raymond Odierno, with two AK 47 rifles Kalashnikov rifles in his possession. He was ''very disoriented'' as soldiers brought him out of the hole from his hiding place of a 6-foot-deep vertical tunnel, with a shorter tunnel branching out horizontally from one side. A pipe to the concrete surface at ground level provided air. Saddam went from Palaces to rodent holes. The entrance to the hide-out - covered with Styrofoam, rugs and dirt - was a few feet from small, mud-brick hut where Saddam had been staying. What an hero.

Entrance to Saddam's new palace

Hole that Saddam was found hiding in

What about other tyrant leaders like Saddam? Could they recollect the wonderful life this man had lived, in so many beautiful palaces, with the most beautiful women around the world, shared rooms with rodents, termites, for eight months in a 6' or 8' holes. He was still holding up to $750,000 in $100 denominations. Could the leaders think of what will make people love them even in the times of trouble?

Charles Taylor and others, your days are numbered. Taylor could keep on running, but he cannot hide, his days are numbered. He who plans evil would definitely see, smell, swallow, garner, and feel evil before he dies. It is here on earth.

Saddam Hussein is a REAL hero of very high degree! Those who have ears should listen and reshape their life and stop following the wrong path of Governance, the followers should watch the butterfly leaders.