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How are Nigerians in Diaspora reacting to this development, especially the citizens of Bayelsa State? The questions on the tongues of Nigerians are who is that Ijaw person in London that falsified records for the 'Hot Mama'.
Friday, November 18, 2005

Dr. Femi Ajayi



he breaking news for the week that Bayelsa Governor, Chief Diepreye Solomon Peter Alamieyeseigha, (Oh my goodness, he is a Chief, how did he attain that Chieftaincy title), has absconded, jumped bail and now in Nigeria, resumed work, dried my ink pen, and almost crippled my thinking faculty for almost 48 hours and I could not accept the news to be true. The first caller to my office Monday morning (11/21/2005), while promising to call him back, requested for a few seconds, and he broke the news to me. There was a terrible headache that shut off my thoughts that moment. I thought he was joking. I was reminded again Tuesday morning (11/22/2005) by the National Public Radio, located in Washington D.C., through the local Radio station in Atlanta on my way to work, that a Nigerian Governor dressed like a woman escaped from London. What a compacted headache.

Big Mama by digital illustration, by Peter Bakere. "ThisDay"

Governor Alamieyeseigha, chief law enforcer in Bayelsa State, the Governor General of the Ijaw Nation, 'Big Mama' of Bayelsa State, the 'New Bride' for PDP for additional 'baby', fled UK, where he was charged with laundering £1.8m ($3.2m) found in cash and bank accounts; took a train on Friday, November 18, at Waterloo station in London to Paris and boarded an Air France flight to Douala, Cameroon from where he took a boat to Amassoma, his hometown on Sunday, November 20, 2005. Bayelsa's Information Commissioner, Oronto Douglas, said, "We woke up this morning and he was here... God brought him here." Those who scorn God should better be aware that His wrath especially the suffering of the people will be on those who use His name in vain. Did God make him "forged documents" and "dressed as a woman" to escape from UK?

If I may borrow from Chief Gani Fawehinmi, this is "a national and international disgrace". Trouble don start for that State. This is very sad and unfortunate news and bad public relations for Nigeria that is about re-building its international image. Alameyelsia, welcome home to the home of disgrace, shameful community, State of fraud, the den of 419.

Just take a look at this beautiful 'Hot Mama'. Who would not like a date with the 'Big Mama' passing through your Security check?

Some bag eggs among the Nigeria public officials have gone international with their scornful skills to disgrace their State, their people, and Nigeria. Some of the Nigeria Public Officials are number one 419er. Nigeria is in deep rooted trouble where a Nigerian Governor is a high class scammer. Is that the place that was recently believed to be the 'Garden of Eden' that we read in the Bible, where the new 'Bride' just emerged from, Madam Alamieyeseigha? Is this how the Ijaws would gain the respect and assistance from the International bodies that have been yearning to help them out? What about the assistance for the Odi Green City project and those from California that donated millions of medical equipments to Bayelsa State.

Now, Bayelsa State PDP chapter, the toothless bull-dog, was bragging before 'Big Mama' showed up that it is an unpardonable offence for Alamieyeseigha to abdicate his state functions without informing the party which amounts to gross misconduct and indiscipline against the party. Could the State PDP positively address the Governor's arrest in London on the charges of money laundering, and other several criminal allegations of embezzlement, fraud, and corruption? What about Alamieyeseigha's refinery in Ecuador?

The fact that this Governor was arrested in London, detained, granted bail, jumped bail, forged his documents (this is what forging of documents means to those who might be wondering what forgery meant), dressed like a woman, traveled to Paris, Boarded Air France to Cameroon, took boat to his State. What a lousy Security lapses all over the world, from London to Paris, to Douala, and Nigeria. Despicable!

Where is Nigerians defense on the labeling Nigeria as one of the world's most corrupt countries in the world, the home of 419? How do Nigerians going to fight this stigma? Where is Nigeria's dignity as a Nation? Let me repeat the scenario again, a State Governor arrested for money trafficking, managed to escape from London to Nigeria. Governor Alamieyeseigha changed his identity, dressed like a woman that shows that Chief D.S.P. Alamieyeseigha is a big time 419.

Nigerians should stop complaining about how they were been treated at the international ports of entry, regardless their status. All Nigerians, wherever they may be, especially those in Diaspora, and those that jet around the world for business, or personal pleasure, please don't get angry when the Immigration Officer pull your moustache to find out if really you are a man or woman, or fondle with your private parts, strip you down to find out if you are really 'pregnant', torn your luggages into pieces to make sure that you are not hiding anything illegal under your Chieftaincy title, public or private high/low position. That is what DSP has brought to Nigerians.

Stop blaming the Europeans Countries or America for not granting you visa, for treating you like animals in their countries, not giving you the 'Royal' treatment that you think you deserve. Nigeria has just endorsed what the rest of the world thinks about the country, the country of scammers, and 419ers. What 'Madam' DSP did is dishonorable, shameful and scandalous.

Nigeria Government, if it is still interested in promoting a good image for the country should do something NOW. The foreign Nigerian embassies need to watch out for hosting such Governors. Do we need to see them around here with their disgraceful behaviors? Nigerians in Diaspora need to start educating their people at home their rights, and how fraudulent some of these public officials are.

Recently, it was understood that the Governor Alamieyeseigha has requested for a 120-day absence from the former Speaker of the House, may be to avoid impeachment. The phony letter was presented by the impeached Speaker and his Deputy to Bayelsa House of Assembly. The discovery of that made the House to remove him and his Deputy for a fraudulent document. The interpretation of this could be that Bayelsa State is rotten from the law makers to the executive, possibly to the celebrants of the Governor's return. It is only in Nigeria.

While Nigeria Attorney General was doing his own thing in London Court room, the Chief was seriously planning how to escape from London. Nigerians would like to hear from the Royal circle in Bayelsa State, if that is what a Chief should do. What do you have to say Chief E. K Clark, Barrister Pa Eniwari, Chief Hausa Brisibe, Chief Anderson Eseimokumoh, Chief Ebitimi Banigo, Chief Patrick Keku, Chief M.Y. Mamamu, Chief Idoniye-Obu, Chief Bukazi Etete, Chief (Engr.) Pere Ajuwa, Chief Zebulon Abule, Chief Francis Doukpolagha, Chief A.A. Ibiama, Chief G. Oki, Chief Victor Ekiye, Chief J. B. Fumudoh, Chief Richard Jolowo, Chief Chris Ghomorai, Chief M.Y Mamamu, Chief A.K. Horsfall, Chief P.S. Kentebe, Chief (Mrs.) Lucy Brisibe, Chief Theresa Oke-Nee Denisah as proxies to the traditional clan? Nigerians are challenging some key leaders in Ijaw Nation to put their house in order and call their current crop of young leaders into order.

I won't be surprised if he comes out with a Press Release or Conference that it was Obasanjo that caused his arrest and the people of the State, with all the money he has stolen, would revolt against Nigeria. On his return he said that he is fully supporting Obasanjo. Rumor has it that he belonged to Atiku's group, 'Birds of the same feather' always flock together, so people say. Now that he has tasted the power of 'POWER', he is 'supporting' Obasanjo. Who would believe any swindler?

Whatever happened to his wife, who has no immunity, the EFCC should go after her in a big way. She was arrested following the alleged discovery of £435,000 found in her section of the governor's London residence during a September (2005) search by the London Metropolitan Police. Alamieyeseigha might be part of the Military that put Nigeria progress clock backward into the Ancient time, while he was at the Nigerian Air Force. May be we should heed to the advise given to Nigerians in Atlanta when he came out from Abacha's prison in 1998 that to stop the coup plotters, their wives should be arrested with the coup plotters. He was talking from his experience as an ex-Military General. He knew the menace of the Military wives' push on their husbands to take over government from the elected civilians, or from their fellow Soldiers. Bad wives would equally push their executive Governors to steal from the public treasury.

What can the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) do about this? Wait till May 29, 2007 before he could be tried? Before then, Alamieyeseigha would have built a bunker where he would stay for the rest of his life. While in the bunker, he would complete his cosmetic surgery to change into a beautiful lady for Obasanjo to date, since he claims to like him. Is Obasanjo's fight against corruption just a fad? President Obasanjo's critics say the anti-corruption drive is being used to target his political opponents. Hello ooooooo! Does the Governor's act prove anything about his 'ways of life'? Fortunately, Tafa Balogun is going to spend ONLY six months in prison with most of the stolen money recovered from him. Nigeria is a laughing stock across the universe.

Unfortunately again, his people began jubilating on his return. The people that he does not care about are happy that the man is back from his trip. Bayelsans should know that DSP is selfish, a coward, who only thought about himself, his family, very egoistic, and one of the 'Pepper Soup' ex-Generals in the Air Force who would run at the sound of the multitude of fowls.

The reactions from Bayelsa State are very disturbing. Your Governor was arrested for money laundering, jailed, granted bail, restricted in London to report to Police Station, (decent people do not visit Police stations on a scheduled), jumped bail, forged his documents, dressed like a woman, sneaked into Nigeria through Cameroon border in a boat, and you started jubilating.

Are the people aware of the fact that their leaders could be part of their problem, not only the Federal Government? How much have been given to these leaders for the State development and found its ways to their pockets? Possibly, HRH Alfred Diete-Spiff, the first Military Governor of the old Rivers State, who is now a King, would know better than anyone else, the compensation from the Oil Companies that never got to their people.

We will agree with Ezekwesili that sick Nigerians are placing ill gotten wealth above dint of hard work. There is nothing to jubilate about for the State number one citizen to be arrested in the first place in a foreign land, granted bail, jumped bail, falsified his documents, dressed like a lady, and is holding his head up as a 'respected' Governor in Nigeria. What a State! This is a disgrace to all the good leaders in Bayelsa State. I am sorry if I have to keep on repeating the scenario. I have an incredulity smile each time I replay the scenario in my head. People watching me think that I am crazy beaming with such a sporadic smile.

Happy Governor

Jubilating Bayesians welcoming their 'hero'

How are Nigerians in Diaspora reacting to this development, especially the citizens of Bayelsa State? The questions on the tongues of Nigerians are who is that Ijaw person in London that falsified records for the 'Hot Mama'. It should be thoroughly investigated and I hope his wife would be made to pay for his escape. Whosoever that Ijaw man is that assisted him to change his identities should face the wrath of British and Nigerian laws.

Is this what the Diaspora Ijaw organizations are meant for to falsify records for their thieving leaders? May be this individual was among those that raised thousands of Euro money when Ijaw Peoples Association was formed in London. Is this how Ijaw Peoples Association that is upholding Nigerian Unity? According to its mission:

"IPA, as an Organisation, endorses the 'One Nigeria' concept and philosophy with enthusiasm without a modicum of conditionality."
The rest Ijaw organizations are;
Ijaw American Caucus, Ijaw American Caucus Minnesota, Ijaw Alliance of the Americas, Ijaw American Caucus, Committee of Ijaw Association, Ijaw National Alliance, Ijaw National Congress, and Ijaw United Fund.
What D. S. P. did is an embarrassment, to say the least, to all Ijaw organizations in Diaspora. It might make life more difficult for the members of these organizations, and even the entire Nigerians, given the state of affairs around the world today. Fraudulent Government of Bayelsa State!

Nigerians are awaiting what Ijaw News Newspaper story Headline is going to read. Is this the type of human being Ijaw people are looking for, fed with some distorted information about their Governor? Ijaw News need your congratulatory messages advertised on its newspaper, at least 'man go wack o.' 'Man go chop o.' 'Na so-so wayo be dat o'. Obasanjo dey Aso Rock, DSP dey Yanoga. Life goes on!

Where is Bayelsa, people keep on asking me. Bayelsa is located at the Delta area of River Niger. Bayelsa State was created on October 1, 1996 and its Capital is at Yanoga, a small and mostly rural city that is now moving to take its place in Nigeria and the Niger Delta. It has an area of 21,110 Sq Km, with 42% literacy rate, and a population of 2,000,000 people. Ijaw is the main ethnic group in Bayelsa State. Ijaw nationality stretches from Apoi/Arogbo in Ondo State through Edo, Delta, Bayelsa, Rivers and Akwa-Ibom States.

Not all at home are jubilating anyway. While Asari thinks that most Ijaw Political Elites are Traitors, the Chairman of Supreme Egbesu Assembly (SEA) Sgt Werinipre Noel Digifa, was of the opinion, in 2002/2003, that Alamieyeseigha

"….. has no good leadership qualify {qualification} and he has a strong bad followership."

Noel Digifa went on to say, back in 2002 during his campaign for the second term, that,

"So we don't expect anything worthwhile from his administration. ….. Alamieyeseigha has lost focus, so he must go. Hence we are only appealing to him to honourably go….. 99 percent poor people in Bayelsa while the wealth of the richly endowed state is today being controlled by a circle of family….. Believe me sincerely the Bayelsa people have resolved to send Governor Alamieyeseigha out in 2003 because his leadership has misled us the Bayelsa people. …We are only appealing to him that he should have sympathy on the people of Bayelsa to honourably resign form Greek haven at the end of his tenure in 2003. He should on resignation appeal to Bayelsans for forgiveness for misleading the people and ask for pardon and go home peacefully."
Fortunately or unfortunately, he won the election, PDP style in 2003. The Bayelsans are stocked with the number one 419 of the century.

Ijaw leaders both dead and alive where are you? The spirit and bones of the dead are very uncomfortable in their graves. The blood and bones of those in the grave might not be happy at what their son is doing. They might be coming back to sanitize the rotten current leaders in the State. Late Major Adaka Boro, Late Big Daddy George Weikezi, Late Comrade Tony Oladipo Engurube, Late Dr. Denni-Febiresima, Late Prince (Rev) DME Odondri, Late Chief M. Waritimi, Late Chief Edward Ekiyor, Late General C. B. Ndiomu, Late Chief Jonas Abam.

Hopefully those alive would not sell out to the younger fraudulent generation. They would not allow such 419ers to ruin the Ijaw Nation. While those alive are still have more challenges in their hand: HRH Pere Harold Dappa Biriye, HRH Alfred Diete-Spiff. In the academic settings we have Dr. Gabriel Okara, Dr. M. T. Akobo, Prof. E. Alagoa, HRM. Dr. Egbe Ifie, Professor Dagogo Fubara, Professor C.A. Dime, Dr. Bolere Ketebu-Nwokeafor, Dr. (Mrs.) Grace Koroye, Dr. Timiebi Koripamo-Agary, Dr. (Mrs.) M. Ekiyor. While we have Senator Melford Okilo, Senator Amatere Zoufa, Hon. Ezeke, Amb. Lawrence Ekpebu, Amb. J.T. Iyalla, Brig.-Gen. C.K. Emein, Rear Admiral N. B. Soroh, Rear Admiral F.B.I. Porbeni, Mr. Pius Uromi Owu, Mr. Patrick Erasmus, looking!

Unfortunately and very sadly, for the most part, Ijaws have failed to transform their fortunes to better the lot of the Ijaws in generality.

'Madam' Diepreye Solomon Peter Alamieyeseigha you are the 'Big Turkey' of the year 2005, and a disgrace to Nigeria!

To my readers, Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!