Femi Ajayi's Outlook

If you look at the Northern leaders, they are practically and callously egocentric. Once they, and their family members are all right, nothing bothers them.
Monday, September 20, 2004

Dr. Femi Ajayi


n a daily basis, some patriotic Nigerians get worried, angrier, tensed, stressed more than the scores of Nigerian Leaders, especially those at the helm of the Government. Sometimes they pray for hurricane Ivan {the Terrible} to clear away the debris on the stream's path to the ocean. Assessing the events in Nigeria we found that Nigerians are their own "enemies within" and are obstacles to any progressive approach to 'liberate' Nigeria from the manacles of mismanagement.

I wonder what Ahmadu Bello, Zik of Africa, Obafemi Awolowo would be feeling in their graves today, seeing how the 'enemies within', the crops of the current Nigerian leaders, have bastardized the foundation they spent all their life building. Ahmadu Bello would be highly disappointed at the egotistical northern leaders of today. Ahmadu Bello was a great leader, who gave selfless services to his people, practiced true leadership, lived by example, and died with nothing left to pay his debts. Ahmadu Bello might agree with Sheikh Ibrahim El-zakzakky, leader of the Shiites in Nigeria, that General Sani Abacha, the late former Head of State, was a terrorist. According to Sheikh Ibrahim El-zakzakky, terrorism is the "use of violence in order to achieve a political objective through intimidation, harassment in order to make the government or opponent succumb."

We do have the three arms of the Government that act as checks and balances to checkmate each other. Nigerians have seen anything to write home about their performances. I found myself at a cross road not knowing exactly where to turn to. God has blessed Nigeria with many resources, if I may add, better than the United States of America, if properly harnessed. Unfortunately the love of ravenousness and 'ME' and 'ME ONLY', 'I BEFORE OTHERS', is killing the country

Nigerian President went berserk a couple of weeks past, using his draconian iron fist on his Governors. He commanded his Governors not to travel out of the country without telling him. The Governors are now President Obasanjo's errand boys. According to one of his aides, "What if the President wants to send them on a mission to the country they are visiting?" Such unpolished statement sounds like someone sending a small cup of sheabutter to his cousin in Ilorin from Obbo-Aiyegunle. In addition it sounds like Nigeria does not have any Foreign office anywhere in the world except to rely on the visiting Governors.

Can the cockroach be innocent in the midst of fowls? Some Nigerian Governors engage in some questionable practices. Regrettably despite all the appeals for "Hon. Minister Esther Hajia Nenadi Usman Should Name the Fraudulent Governors", she refused to name names. My friend, Chief Joshua Dariye, was arrested for money laundering in England, he denied that. Sarcastically Britain's Metropolitan Police Service, Scotland Yard, confirmed that Dariye was actually arrested at Marriott Hotel in Central London, Thursday, September 2, 2004. Once you are taken to the Police Station for questioning, and detained for a while, what do we call that? There is no smoke without fire.

Dariye might blame his so-called Plateau State leaders who called for a robber to invade the neighbor's farm, while calling on the farmer for his arrest. The Plateau leaders complained to the 'Commander of the Governors Council', the Chief himself, Olusegun Obasanjo to caution Dariye. When CGC lost his short temper, he called for a State of Emergency in Plateau State. Dariye was accused of money laundering in Britain. His foreign account and false assets declaration have been referred to ICPOROC for further investigation. The Plateau leaders are now calling for Obasanjo to reinstate Dariye. Who are the real 'enemies within' Plateau politics? The time they were supposed to rally round him, they were busy calculating how much clean water they could get from the storm. They failed to realize the impact of the 'enemies within' their system.

Is General Alli (rtd.), Plateau State Administrator, better than Dariye? The retired Major General Chris Alli dished out the State money of about N2.8 million to the members of the National Assembly from Plateau State as traveling allowances for peace. Each of them shared a sum of N250, 000.

Some Governors felt that they are Saints that could redeem their peoples' souls; and that they have the obligation to control their faith as if they would be standing at the gate to Heaven to welcome them to the arms of Almighty Father. X-raying their personal life, they might be worse than the devil itself. As it is today, September 19, 2004, we could ask how far the institution of Sharia Code has made the average Moslem a much better Moslem in those States where Sharia codes have been implemented. I believe spiritual maturity should be personal and voluntary. Do you know what I do in the corners of my private homes, at my yacht, and in my private jets? Nigerians suffered at the hands of the phony Nigerians leaders as a result of the 'enemies within' their domain.

Yerima Sanni
Zamfara State Governor, Yerima Sanni would not stop at the Sharia Code. Lately, August 2004, he decided not to allow other Nigerians residing in Zamfara State to have their share of the Free Education in the State. The new Zamfara education policy discriminates against non indigenes and females in the State. Ironically, all those that reside in Zamfara State contribute to the development of the State and they pay their taxes. Unfortunately we do have the same discriminatory education policies in Bauchi, and Niger States.

Nigerians should reiterate that no State should continue to use government fund to run schools and yet subject other Nigerians to discrimination. Forlornly, Zamfara State tops exams fraud list in Nigeria in spite of Sharia Code. Zamfara State does not realize that the funding for education and their monthly allocations come from the Nigeria oil wealth, which is about 95% of the Nigeria economy. If oil revenue should be taken away from the monthly Federal Government allocations to Zamfara State for instance, nothing would be left to propagate Sharia Law, to maintain the Civil Service structure in the State, or for building Islamic Schools or Mosques for that matter.

All progressive Nigerians should support the call for the Resource Control. The States should control of their resources. The popular song now ought to be Resource Control. Some royalties could be paid to the Federal Government. The power concentration at the Central should be reduced drastically. If not for a mental laziness all States should stop the begging appetite and develop the resources within their States. See "Resource control and the North," May 13, 2001 on Nigeriaworld website.

If you look at the Northern leaders, they are practically and callously egocentric. Once they, and their family members are all right, nothing bothers them. In as much as they could nosh their people with fish without actually teaching them how to fish, shikena. If there is that genuine love within the society, the 'enemies within' will have no more eggs to lay for the future generations.

Unfortunately again, the 19 northern States' Governors are going to Court over the Oil revenue, because of their 'enemies within' their tent. The deadly 'enemies within' will not let them see the other side of life. They have nothing to loose for the fact that they are reaping where they did not sow, but getting the regular monthly allocation from the oil money, without any problem. Their life is better than the people in the Riverine areas whose livelihood has been destroyed by the oil industry. People live in abject poverty, and the ecology is at its lowest ebb in Nigeria where 'enemies within' would always set the progressive hand backward. If the Northern Governors has the oil like in the South, they could have declared the 'Arewa Republic'. The 'enemies within' would not let them see reasons for living together as brothers and sisters within Nigeria.

The 'enemies within' the heart and soul of the 58 Northern Senators prevent them from considering that the South-South deserves to be considered as part of Nigeria in its quest to field candidate for the 2007 Presidential race. At the end of the Northern Senators' second retreat in Sokoto September 11, 2004, they reaffirmed their belief in the principle of rotation of Nigeria Presidency between the North and the South. The 'enemies within' the Northern Senators telling South-South to "wait for their turn" need to be hoed out from their system.

The Middle Belt that claims to be the pillar of the North, that has produced leaders in the past could be asked, how good are their leaders? Babangida made the worst mistake of his career by annulling June12, 1993 election, as a result of the 'enemies within' his soul. The Middle belt, with the highest number of high ranking officers in the force, failed the country with their military career. The 'enemies within' blocked Babangida's sense of judgment and now taking responsibilities for whatever happened during his administration. According to Babangida in his recent interview on African Independent Television (AIT) "June 12 {1993} is one of the mistakes in the history of this country {Nigeria}. Mistakes are on-going thing. That is why I say that I take responsibility for what happened in my regime." I am not sure that Nigerians would agree with Babangida that "the uncooperative attitude of the public to provide necessary information to the police and other security agents was responsible for the inability of the Police to track down the culprits in the murder of Dele Giwa, the former Editor-in-Chief of Newswatch magazine, since 1986."

Babangida should take responsibilities for what happened during the entire Military administrations; the absolute display of corruption; and polarization of Nigeria along ethnic and religious lines. IBB was involved in the military coups all his career, and now hiding under his draught player partner, Mathew Aremu Obasanjo. The 'enemies within' his coordination inflicted punishment on Kwara State by removing Kainji Lake Reserve, Borgu Game Reserve, Niger River basin, Ilorin International Airport from Kwara State and 'planted' them in Niger State and excised Kabba Province from Kwara State, because he could not see beyond the 'enemies within ' his scheme. Babangida has already told Nigerians: "'NAIJA' SHUT UP! Aso Rock is my 'Spider Web Hole'; I am Nigerian President, no Negotiation."

The most corrupt sector in the Nigeria public sector, the Nigerian Senate, used the Elephant tusk to kill the mosquito in their groin, when a Minister made a quote from one of the popular saying that "silence is the best answer for a fool as people say". The highest law making body in Nigeria boycotted their responsibilities for 48 hours because the elephant cannot catch up the little rat. The Senates action could be an evidence, may be, they are, after all, fools. But what Nigerians are sure of, is that the Nigerian Senators are grimy corrupt without any exception. If there are no 'enemies within', the law making body should be after the corrupt practices in the public sector. Their complaint is that the Presidency refused to release money for their OWAMBE style of life. I hope my readers still remember that piece that some people wanted to chop off my head for, "''OWAMBE'': Let's go dancing huuuuuuuuuuuu la! la!" Please go back and read it.

Since the Senate could not catch that 'little rat with the elephant heart', it is taking Malam Nasir el-Rufai to Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPOROC) on the report of the Senate's Committee on Public Accounts which allegedly indicted him and other top government officials. The most corrupt group in Nigeria is twining itself for a rude awakening. They are asking for snag , and the 'enemies within' their responsibilities would definitely bring out sources of their wealth, their foreign accounts, their exotic cars, luxurious homes in and outside Nigeria since they became Senators.

The Senate passed a Bill on Nigerian Labor Congress reforms. Some disgruntled Senators among them are planning to impeach the Senate President. Although the Senate President, like most other Senators, became Senators through fraudulent means, because the 'enemies within' them blocked their level of conscience in their system.

The 'enemies within' the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) awarded the 2003 Presidential election to Obasanjo's PDP. When "Dr. Sir Guobadia {was} Boxed into a Corner at the NPF Conference, Atlanta, on the 2003 Elections", the man could not defend himself. Attorney Charles Onyirimba put him on the witness stand, and the old man wet his pant and NPF have to rescue him from the witness box.

The Civil Servants are not better off either because of the 'enemies within' their 'codes of conduct' in the public service. Obasanjo cried out recently to the Accountant Generals as the most corrupt, may be competing with the Senate. Disappointed Obasanjo reminded the Accountants of the

"public outcry about ineffectiveness, lukewarm attitude towards accountability and transparency and general ineptitude of some of your members in the discharge of their duties….all these dysfunctional traits and behaviours must be eliminated completely."
Hardly could you get anything pass through them without the AGs making some physical gesture and with comments of "toooooooooo" "heyyyyyyyyyy" "How now Oga, Madam" "We go chop now". Little wonder did Justice Mustapha Akanbi, Chairman, ICPOROC, accused the Public Service of paying lip service to Obasanjo's administration's resolve to fight corruption in Nigeria.

The 'enemies within' the law enforcement agents, especially the Police, will do everything possible to go home each day with enough 'gifts' from the motorists more than the winning of the lotto or lottery. Unfortunately they sell or lease ammunitions to armed robbers. The 'enemies within' are really working on them.

It is only in Nigeria that 21 bunkering vessels of the oil ship would disappear from the shore without anyone noticing when it left the shore. The 'enemies within' the Naval sunk the M.T. African Pride with 15, 000 tones of crude oil illegally siphoned from Nigeria's reserve. Another Ship, MT Jimoh was just declared missing. The 'enemies within' the Nigerian Navy prevented them noticing an Elephant that passed through their house without noticing its presence. We are not talking about a sport car that could get away very easily on the free way. We are talking about a Ship in high waters that would take a while before leaving the dock, and no one was aware when it disappeared.

The SSS as a result of 'enemies within' their system decided to go on rampage to implement the military system of investigation by clamping down on the press. The Editor of Lagos based Insider weekly news magazine was arrested and detained in prison. Attorney General of Nigeria was killed and SSS could not use their 'skills' to find the killers of Chief Bola Ige. The agency is after the shadow of destabilization instead of looking for the REAL tornado.

The religious leaders in Nigeria have no fear of God in their hearts as a result of the 'enemies within' their practice. They continuously squeeze water out from the dry rag. "The 'Pastors' dey on Cheesebutter, while the 'Congregation' dey on Sheabutter." I hope someone has gone to Heaven and come back to tell us on earth how it is in Heaven. My strong belief is that whatever individuals do in this world would be adequately rewarded before he gives up the ghost. People that follow region blindly, without the human feelings or touch in others life, should reassess the impact of the 'enemies within' their life that they fake to their followers.

Much has been said about Nigerians in Nigeria, what about Nigerians in Diaspora? Could they be better off than the Law makers, the Executive and the Judiciary arms of Nigeria government? We have Nigerians in Diaspora who for one reason or the other are in positions of policy making. In their local organizations, they have the opportunity to influence their fellow Nigerians to be better off in their respective responsibilities in the Society. Unfortunately, what we experience is nothing compared to what is needed in the gathering of intelligential. Do we belief that the crop of Nigerians in Diaspora invest between 2-3 billion US dollars every year, which accounts to about 20-30% of what Nigeria earn from oil. The 'enemies within' Nigerians in Diaspora prevent them from realizing their role as a major resource to the future development of Nigeria.

I happened to be at one of the USA Chapter of PDP's meetings in Atlanta sometimes. The President of PDP was away to Abuja for the PDP convention. His Vice President chaired the meeting. Coincidentally, there was a discussion about the plight of Nigerians in Diaspora as to their voting rights. My expectation was for that meeting to discuss some strategies of getting the Bill through the Senate. The Vice President cut off every suggestion made that day with the statement from the VP that "I am the VP, and I am in charge of this meeting". At a point I broke my silence and reminded him to listen to his people and address the issue affecting the plight of Nigerians in Diaspora. All he cared about was the end of the year party. That was my last time I attended the meeting.

We do have some in the legal practice that have the opportunity to lead a Nigerian organization, and because of the 'enemies within' their life, they abused it. It is very hard to find any Nigerian organization leadership without thinking that he is the de-facto leader. The unfortunate part of Nigerians in Diaspora life is that, they reside in these countries outside Nigeria, especially those in the United States of America, like a snake passes through the rock without any mark. A typical example is how "NIDO Americas Board {Displayed Itself} on the Abattoir Table."

Dim Chukwuemaka Odumegu-Ojukwu was invited to Abuja by State Security Services (SSS) for questions, sending a little rat to deliver the message to him. His invitation is connected with the Movement for the Actualisation of Sovereign of Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB. There was no warrant or significant evidence that he was being invited by SSS Director who might probably be younger than Ojukwu. After much pressure from Dim, a one-way ticket was sent to him to come to Abuja. My people do say that "E ni ti Sango ti oju e wole, ko ni ni wipe Oba Koso" The saying surrounds the History of Sango, the god of Thunder in Yoruba land, about Thunder and Lightning impact when both strike. Who would blame Ojukwu for crying out that his life is in danger. Nigerian system works with the 'enemies within' when it comes to the security and safety of life. I won't blame Ojukwu for his refusal to go to SSS headquarters in Abuja. Like he said, if SSS follows the legal process, he would gladly honor it. That is good enough. If and when they bring the Court order, I hope Ojukwu would honor it and not defies the law, like some past Military leaders did by not appearing before Oputa Commission. Babangida is still contemplating on what to do with the 'enemies within' his system to vie for the 2007 Presidential race. Dim should remember that: "Going back to trenches……": may not be the way out this time.

According to Chief Chekwas Okorie, Chairman of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), "Let me emphasize that Dim Ojukwu is not too big to honour an invitation from the SSS or to be arrested but we demand that he must be told why he is being arrested or invited."

By the way if some Northern States defy the Constitution and went ahead to establish a religious code as opposed by the Constitution, why is SSS raising eyebrows on MASSOB within the same country. If Obasanjo's' administration fails to stop the Constitutional abuses of Zamfara State and other Northern States, SSS should look the other way from MASSOB.

What can we do to kill the 'enemies within' Nigerians? Until we use the 'weed killer' in our lawns so that the real lawn grass could flourish well, Nigeria would know no peace. Supporting the call by The Patriots, Nigerians need to get to the table now, with the Sovereign National Conference; so as to kill the 'enemies within' Nigeria and Nigerians could sleep well. If we are waiting for the current law makers to be responsible, we might wait for ever.

The 'enemies within' Nigeria, the two-headed dragon of RELIGION and ETHNICITY are rearing their ugly heads to devour Nigeria.