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Nigerians, and even the rest of the world, are waiting to hear from Babangida why he annulled the June 12, 1993 election. We want him to name names and shamed the devil. Nigerians say 'dam the consequences General.'
Thursday, September 5, 2002

Dr. Femi Ajayi



ne of the most disturbing part of the grooming of the Nigeria ‘nascent democracy’ is to get some warnings from General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida for President Olusegun Obasanjo, his friend and fellow draft player, not to open the "old wounds," because Obasanjo expressed his unhappiness over the non appearance of the past Generals at the Oputa Commission to exonerate themselves. This piece was brought to us Wednesday, September 3, 2002 by www.Nigeriaworld.com. Does that mean that Babangida has become a SAINT that no one should talk about? Babangida has made himself an unavoidable devil proclaiming himself "an evil genius", that we have to pact with. I doubt if he realizes that Nigerians are ready to smell the stench from Babangida’s "old wounds." Not one, several wounds. We want to know the location of the "old wounds." The odor would not kill us; it won’t smell worse than the one we’ve smelled since we were born. Therefore, what is the deal and what is new about "old wounds" General, that could "create a lot of problems for a number of other eminent Nigerians."

Enough is enough of threats from Babangida who considers himself above the law, who thinks that he is "THE NIGERIA." Hiding behind the documents or information that could "create a lot of problems for a number of other eminent Nigerians," is considered illogical to me. Who are those that are causing trouble, or division, in the Nigerian politic, is it not the ‘eminent Nigerians" hiding behind the law, their tin gods, and ill-gotten wealth.

If part of the wounds is in reference to the death of Dele Giwa, so let it be. We want to open it and see with our ‘kongba’ eyes the state of the wound. If it is June 12 election, Nigerians are very anxious to see it. If it is any other thing like the oil Gulf revenue money, death of a crop of Nigerian elite Army Officers, or the installation of Abacha, or Obasanjo that was forced into our throat and now became fish bone, we want to see the wound and anyone can go to hell, if we may borrow from your draught player and friend, Aremu. All these threats and even the easy access to Aso Rock of Babangida should be abridged. How many times do we see Clinton walking in to the White House interfering in the Bush’s administration, since we love to compare Nigeria with American Democracy?

We want to see what had happened to the unhealed wounds. Many Nigerians are fretfully waiting to see the current condition of the "old wounds" of "eminent Nigerians" of valor. The Prophets, Traditional Healers, Imams, and Modern Medicine Personnel are ready to apply the modern method to treat and heal the wounds once and for all. If the wounds are so bad that it could not be treated, we’ll perform serious surgical operation on them, get the best medication from anywhere in the world. We can send those that love to travel to go and obtain the medication to treat the wounds, and save the life of the wounds carrier. We could go to amputate the part of the body where the wounds are so that the people around the wounds carrier would breathe some clean air.

Madam Elekia Giwa, Dele’s mother, wants to look at the wounds. She is not afraid to tang the current whiff of the wounds. She is always dressed in Iro and Buba made of light green, the symbol of peace, of the Ankara cloth with stripes of black, mourning her son’s death, and wearing a platted hair, appealing to all mothers to pray for the wounds to be opened, awaiting to know the killers of her son. This is her message to the killers of Dele Giwa: " I can not be happy until I hear that Babangida has been punished." Madam Elekia, we won’t punish him yet until we’ve seen how ugly the wounds had been, we only want to know who killed Dele Giwa with the information that Babangida has on Dele’s murder, that could "create a lot of problems for a number of other eminent Nigerians".

May be the non-appearance at the Oputa Commission is part of the ''old wounds.'' Babangida was invited to state his case and clear his name. Shikena! Unfortunately he chickened out. It's only in Nigeria. What a General!

Each time anyone visits Mama, her first question has always been "has Babangida been prosecuted." This is what Mama shared with Muyiwa Adeyemi, of the Guardian newspaper in June 2002, about the killing of her son, Dele Giwa, the Editor-in-Chief of Newswatch Magazine. "I want to believe that this government {Obasanjo’s administration} is also afraid of Babangida." Good one Mama. You are damn right, Obasanjo is afraid of Babangida. She went on, "is Babangida not a human being like others?" Mama queried. "Babangida must be prosecuted. He must be punished for the sins he committed against man and God. He killed my son, and walks about freely as if he is above the law." Mama is right about this, referring to Babangida’s absence from Oputa Commission to clear his name. Is Babangida really a brave soldier? Here is what Mama said about that. "You people should remember that Dele Giwa did not die immediately. He spoke before he opened the letter and said the letter came from Babangida. After he was blasted, he still spoke. If Babangida is sure that he did not commit the murder, why is he afraid of the court? He should be courageous, as a soldier, to go to the court and defend himself or tell the nation who killed my joy (Dele Giwa)" Mama queried.

Mama further stated "Each time my daughter takes me to the Hospital, doctors always complain of the level of my blood pressure. My daughter said I should not be thinking. But that can only be possible if I witness Babangida being prosecuted and punished." The poor woman concluded, " I know Dele Giwa’s blood will continue to haunt his killers. The more they allow the case to drag on, the more they will not have peaceful mind." That is very strong Babangida and other eminent Nigerians."

We can see now that Mama and other mothers are not afraid of the "old wounds" any more. Mama just wants to know who killed her son. It would be a thing of joy if Babangida should mention names of the "other eminent Nigerians" that were involved in all his ‘policies’ complained about during his administration. The Chief hunter himself has developed an attitude that suggests, "I don’t care." Obasanjo stated, "the destabilization of the polity should be my headache to deal with." Go Uncle Sege! We want to know what problems the "opening of the old wounds" would possibly create, which Nigerians have not gone through before now. We want to see how to "create a lot of problems for a number of other eminent Nigerians." We could ask Obasanjo to complete his book on "My Life in Prison." He has seen it all. Obasanjo has no more hair on his head anymore as a result of the heavy load that he has been made to carry since May 1999. He knows now that when you are in Politics, khaki no be leather. If he has any headache now, there is a free flow of air with no obstruction to refresh his brain.

Gani would be more than happy to see the "old wounds" reopened. His teeth are brawny enough to pick up the dry bone with Babangida and whosoever is involved in the killing of Dele Giwa. The odor of the wounds is no problem for Gani Fawehinmi. His nose is large enough to smell whatever Babangida is cooking. If Gani becomes the President of Nigeria he is ready "to dust the file in respect of Dele Giwa, call on Abubakar Tsay who was investigating, call on my minister of Justice and call on the inspector General of Police to go and arrest the man called Ibrahim Babangida, and tell the Police to conclude their investigation immediately, Minister of Justice, arraign Babangida before the court, and let the course of justice take its turn. And if he’s found guilty, I am not going to use prerogative of mercy, I will not use bombs to blast him the way he blasted Dele Giwa’s life out of existence. I will use the ordinary process of hanging which we have under the law. The hangman is there and his life will be taken in accordance with the law if he is found guilty. I have no doubt in my mind that he committed the offence. I have never had any doubt since 1986, so that will be the first of many acts I will take as President." Gani want to see how stinking the "old wounds" are. General Babangida should note what Gani said, "..if he is found guilty." Gani might have many "eminent Nigerians" to hang if Babangida has enough chutzpah to release his documents to the public. If Obasanjo is part of the "eminent Nigerians’ it would help Na’Abba to tack Obasanjo’s Presidential sarcophagus for ever, and Obasanjo would be the ‘Napoleon’ of the great "Animal Farm" Kingdom of Otta Village. Gani keeps on the fight.

The oldest man in Ugbeke-Ekperi, 111 years old Sule Nakosi, is very anxious to smell the aroma of the "old wounds." He would be at peace with himself and have something to share with Dele Giwa when they meet in the world beyond. May be, the elderly man could bring Dele Giwa back to life.

Wole Soyinka carries Dele Giwa’s death like a cross. According to him, "he {Dele Giwa} was a very pleasant person. He was too nice to a fault, very open-minded, very frank, in fact, brutally frank." Every peace loving Nigerians want to see the "old wounds" reopened soon. Ray Ekpo re-echoed Wole’s statement on a different platform that "Dele Giwa was an extrovert and brutally frank." Everyone is waiting to see the "old wounds" reopened. Whatever Babangida knew about Dele’s death should be made public and clear his name. He was the self-proclaimed President at that time; he should not shy away from taking the full responsibilities of whatever happened in his administration. The popular saying, a group of ‘wise men’ erroneously used, "uneasy lays the head that wears the crown", goes with him.

May be the non-appearance at the Oputa Commission is part of the "old wounds." Babangida was invited to state his case and clear his name. Shikena! Unfortunately he chickened out. It’s only in Nigeria. What a General! The fear that Obasanjo would make the report public and implement its recommendations, made Babangida to turn to the Judiciary to bail him out. How can Babangida conclude in his mind that Dele Giwa’s death has been politicized? We are talking about human life. Babangida’s lawyer, Yahaya Mahmood, Esq., asked the court to grant "an injunction restraining President Olusegun Obasanjo, the Attorney General and the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, from considering and for accepting the observation and recommendations by the Human Rights Investigation Commission, pending the hearing and determination of the suit". Who is this lawyer by the way? I need help from any part of this world to explain to me how Babangida believe the Judiciary that he obliterated would answer his prayers. By the way who are the Judges that are listening to Babangida’s case to stop the Government from publishing Oputa Commission’s reports.

Regardless of its politics, Babangida was a brave General in the Nigeria Army, who understood the implication of failed coup; he went ahead with numerous coups, and survived. Where is his fortitude? I belief Babangida does not belong to the group that Col. Qaddafi referred to as Generals that could not kill a rat. Meanwhile he advised his men in the Libyan Army that they should go to Nigeria if they want to be Generals. If Babangida is not frightened, which I think he is not, he should open that "old wounds" and name names of "eminent Nigerians" that were involved in Dele’s death.

In all honesty I want Babangida to come out and safe his name instead of blocking the publication and implementation of the Oputa Commission’s recommendations. Once again borrowing from his boss one more time, Babangida can go to hell with the "old wounds" and some "eminent Nigerians," so that Nigerians can dey kampe. Let heaven falls. We’ve had enough of this information in Babangida’s archives regarding "eminent Nigerians." Nigerians want to know what Brigadier Haliu Akalu, Kunle Togun, himself and any other ‘faceless’ "eminent Nigerians" knew about Dele Giwa’s death of October 19, 1986.

Here is a huge challenge to President Obasanjo, Chief Gani Fawehinmi, Dr. Chuba Okadigbo, Chief Edwin Unne-Nzeribe, Chief John Nnia Nwobodo, Pere Ajuwa, General Mohammed Buhari, Alhaji Abubakar Rimi, Alhaji Umaru Shinkafi, Chief Ogbonnaya Onu, Chief Emeka Ojukwu, Chief Kalu Ndika Kalu, Chief Harry Akande, Clement Akpawgbo, and may be this writer, Dr. Femi Ajayi, the known Presidential candidates for the year 2003.

Kwarans want to know his thought process when he expurgated Kainji Dam, Ilorin International airport, and River Niger Basin Authority among others, from Kwara State. Nigerians want to know why he rendered the Justice Department impotent to the point of not able to make babies. He once accused the Judiciary of its ill advise given him to annul the June 12, election. He crippled Education by his trio- Education Officers at that time, with the instruction to keep the South down educationally. Is the South down educationally now? Who got been powdered with ashes now, the thrower, or the receiver?

Nigerians, and even the rest of the world, are waiting to hear from Babangida why he annulled the June 12, 1993 election. We want him to name names and shamed the devil. Nigerians say ‘dam the consequences General.’ We want to see it all. The "old wounds" need to be re-opened "for better for worse." Obasanjo, as a General also, if he is not petrified of Babangida, should go ahead and implement Oputa Commission’s recommendations without wasting more time. A man dies only once in his lifetime. You have gone from Grace to Grass, and then back from Grass to Grace again. Good name is better than trillions of gold.

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Thank you.