Femi Ajayi's Outlook

Whatever is left for Babangida to pick up from Aso Rock might kismet him this time around?
Monday, August 23, 2004

Dr. Femi Ajayi


pening any history book sometimes reveals how history repeats itself. Ironically, IBB seems to have found some ease in getting back to the book of controversy. Fela reminds us to ignore anyone that wants to shut up our mouth when it comes to public service. IBB could say anything he likes and do whatever he feels like doing, but he cannot stop Nigerians from airing their opinion. According to Fela, he would open his mouth as wide as African Basket, and no one would close it.

Babangida has vowed to go back to Aso Rock and pick up the 'dust' he left behind in 1993 when he stepped aside. He prays to God to make him attain that dream. I belief God knows what is good for Nigeria. He knows what is best for Nigeria. Even in the midst of bewilderment and intricacy, God is always with Nigeria. The murky days, with zealous prayers led by Gowon across the country, Nigeria survived under the hand of self-proclaimed 'de facto' leader. When the time was ripe, God remained and always remain with Nigeria.

David Oyedepo, who owned the Living Faith Church Worldwide, "Winners Chapel", should hurry up to bring out a new generation of leaders to emerge from his Covenant University. With "Covenant University as an arm of the liberation mandate", Nigerians are anxiously waiting Oyedepo's miracle for Nigerians to know the difference between Light and Darkness, "through an educational revolution."

Whatever is left for Babangida to pick up from Aso Rock might kismet him this time around? He might be the Saddam Hussein of Africa in his Spider Web Hole, where IBB could be singing, "I am Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, the Nigeria President, and I am ready to negotiate."

You know that some fools never know when to quit, like brother Tortoise going on a shameless journey. When asked when he was going to turn back from his senseless journey, he responded, "Not until I have been disgraced." Babangida might be writing his doom memoir at 63 years old, (August 2004), if all he knows is POWER.

Oh, by the way, Happy Birthday brother Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida. May you live long enough to witness the demise of your late life? Babangida should remember the importance of human late life.

Members of the House of Assembly abandoned their retreat going on in Minna to crash IBB's birthday clout. The 63rd birthday might be the best birthday bash IBB might ever had, with the 'do nothing' Honorable members of the House of Assembly.

Sometimes we wonder how some people apply their senses. That goes with the saying that "if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything". Members of the House of Assembly have not made any remarkable impact on Nigerians since they were elected in 2003. The only thing House of Assembly deemed necessary to do was to schedule their retreat in Minna to coincide with IBB's birthday, despite their denial, thinking of fooling Nigerians. They are like the big turkey in an open desert, burying its head in the sand, and thought that no one else sees him. Members of the House of Assembly should go back and give Nigeria some good laws to correct all the ills of the society. They should equally take to the advise of a Royal Father, Oba Okunade Sijuade, Ooni of Ife for the National Assembly to pass bills that will cushion the socio-economic hardship in the country. That would help in building the good image for Nigeria.

When would Alhaji Babangida visit Mecca to ask for forgiveness of all his past atrocities to humanity? He has the guts to say that he takes responsibilities for whatever happened during his 'political game' with Nigerians, and nothing to apologize for. He claimed to have said everything he needed to say about 'June 12 election.' I did not hear anything he said about June 12, except that he does not want to open the old wound." The man who has no guts to appear before Oputa Commission, and would not state his own story, pertaining to June 12 election, now needs Nigerians to elect him as their President in 2007. What a country. Unfortunately, Obasanjo let him off the hook. Where is the Oputa report?

Professor Wole Soyinka must be very nice to IBB by asking him to apologize to Nigerians before he ever thought of 2007. Even if IBB is apologizing, it would not be only to the living, but also to the dead, the lost of innocent soul. What happened to the blood that had flown in the country all from the hands of IBB? Let us talk about the lost soul; Pains of the self-imposed refugees in Diaspora; Ghosts from the East, West, North, and South. Where are the naked women of Abakaliki? Nigerians need to hear from the dead that IBB is forgiven, before he starts clearing the rough road to Aso Rock. Aso Rock that he has designated as his second home. Ilorin musicians would say, "Ki Olorun gbawa lowo atenuje", the 'boot lickers', those with no principles.

What about those that passed away due to the strangulation of Nigeria economy? What about our top notch academicians that fled the country as a result of total destruction of Education in the country, all in the name of keeping the South down so that the North could catch up. Ironically, where is the North today in education; what happened to the south. The news for IBB is that the North is not better off than it was during his administration than today 92004). The South found its way out of the country. They engaged themselves in the menial jobs to attain their level of education. They worked their ways to the top in the foreign land to the level of policy making. Ha! Ha! Maradona.

Some Nigerians are ready to get into that 'Spider web hole' with IBB. Dr. Femi Ajayi has already offered his service as IBB's Political Adviser when he gets back to his beloved sacred room in Aso Rock. His former colleague, General Adisa is working day and night in support of IBB. We are both from Kwara State.

I could not belief what my good friend Adisa is doing with IBB. Why is the man I respect still chasing Babangida's shadow? The most disappointing aspect of Adisa's loyalty to IBB is the statement credited to Adisa that IBB is the most qualified and of benefit to Kwara State. Give me a break. Kwarans memory is not that short. Kwarans would not forget what happened to Kwara State during IBB's self-imposed Nigerian President: The Ilorin International Airport, Ilorin Niger Basin, Kainji Dam and Game Reserve were moved to Minna to Niger State. Adisa, please give Kwara State a break. How did IBB's records benefited Kwara State? He excised Ajaokuta from Kwara State, and sliced the Kwara Yorubas into pieces, in the name of benefiting Kwara State. Adisa 'Give me a Break'.

I hope I heard Adisa very clearly,

"We are not supporting Babangida for the sake of making profit. It is our belief that he will not disappoint the nation in the end. While we are doing this, we are also aware of the fact that Babangida does not like dubious persons. At the same time, he will not easily forget the good done him by anybody. But Kwara is bound to gain something one way or the other from this Babangida's project. It is not only Adisa that will benefit. The others have equal chances. We need liberation and development in our state."
Fool me one time, shame on me, fool me twice shame on you.

Enough is enough Sir. Stop the craziness for IBB. Adisa should remember that he is a man of his own. Without IBB he can survive, he has what it takes to survive on his own at his level now. IBB experience is painful to millions of Nigerians. IBB does not like dubious persons, is to say the least. Adisa, please 'Give me a break'.

Adisa thought of IBB's experience: in legitimizing corruption, destruction of Nigeria Education system, destruction of Nigeria infrastructure, meddled with people's mind, corrupted the Traditional Rulers, Religious leaders, qualify IBB to be the next Nigeria President, mba, o ti o. IBB's experience, Mr. Joker, play your next card.

According to Adisa,

"people call what I am doing as fronting for Babangida. No! I am working for him. Let me take you down memory lane. Babangida made me a governor when he was the Commander-In-Chief. If I am therefore working for him now, it is just a case of one good turn deserves another."
I belief there are better ways of appreciating someone's mentors, those that helped you to make it in life. What Adisa is doing is not the only way of assisting his mentor, going down "the memory lane." Adisa is not helping Kwara State by working for IBB. Nigeria is under new dawn in its political process. Adisa is free to excise his right. But he goofed by saying that it is for the benefit of Kwara State. I respectfully disagree.

Adisa went further,

"In Kwara State for instance, we do not want it to be a family affair where one person and his children will continue to dominate the scene. Some of us too are coming up. That is the reason why we must not relent. I have been a minister and a governor before; what else do I want in life than the comfort of my people."
If Adisa disagrees with Saraki, using IBB to do that could be a miscalculation. If you want to be critical about an administration, do that objectively, and unbiased.

What attracted me to Adisa then was what he was doing in Kwara State for Kwarans. Unfortunately, his tent pitched with IBB, and Adisa's utterances are giving an average Kwarans some serious concerns. According to Adisa,

"I just feel I should help my people the more. When I say my people, I am not referring to the people of Ilorin alone but the entire people in Kwara, whether they are citizens or visitors as long as they reside here. As a former military governor of two states, and a minister, I am not happy with the present state of Kwara. I want to be politically active to bring about the Kwara of my dream. We need political empowerment to enable us contribute our own quota."
That was what brought me closer to Adisa, helping the People of Kwara State. But he is going a wrong direction with IBB.

While not blaming IBB for his ambition to rule Nigeria perpetually, thinking that he is the best Nigeria could have as the President, is very ironic, and unfortunate. The crops of people cajoling IBB for the Presidency are the Nigeria problem, so to say. They can like IBB, but not to the point of encouraging him to come back and mislead Nigeria again, going through "memory lane." Going through Nigerian "memory lane", Babangida is sleek, cunning, smooth, deceitful with hidden selfish motive, killed Nigerians' spirit slowly and systematically. Since IBB is full of himself, he is still living in the dream worlds of emptiness.

God always work in mysterious ways. Whatever anyone wants from God will be attained if you pray fervently for it. IBB wants to be the President for another term, some Nigerians are toiling their time for him on that line, the average Nigerian under poverty are going to vote for him. No, the INEC will collude with PDP again to get all the votes from a ward that is never PDP. The jinx will be broken again in 2007. "Nigeria, we hail thee."

Nigerians would be tested in 2007 how well their "memory lane" could best serve them. Some Nigerians have their minds twisted backward, full with greed, money hungry people, paving way for IBB to pick up the remaining filths he left behind in Aso Rock. Nigeria might be rated as the most religious country; the most contented country, with the highest poverty level around the world, because the selfish leaders have mortgaged their minds. The big question, is it right for them to return IBB to Aso Rock?

IBB, I will see you at the polls. When he became the President, Obasanjo would be a bartender in Aso Rock to fulfill his last wish on earth. That is Obasanjo's life long wish. According to Obasanjo,

"My ambitions in life are limited, and to become a paramount ruler is not one of them. Two of the ambitions I have, which I am still hoping to achieve, one of them is: when I was growing up in the village, I wanted to become a vehicle mechanic. I did not want to go to school, until my father decided to tell me one day that I would be wasting my time if I did not go to school. I don't know whether I will still be able to make it to become a vehicle mechanic. Secondly, when I first went into a bar and saw a bar tender in white upon white, serving other people, I had a second ambition, and it was to become a bartender. That, I hope I can still attain it before I die, but not to become a paramount ruler."
IBB, please assist Obasanjo to attain his dream on earth, so that he could be a bartender in Aso Rock.

IBB could ask us to shut up, how does he want to close up the African basket made from dangerous palm tree, is a challenge to him. IBB's draughtsman's player has already asked Nigerians in Diaspora to go to hell. When IBB succeeded Obasanjo, Nigerians could be roasted in hell's fire.