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The gradual regionalization policy of 'Baba-Go-Slow', made public and being promoted by the three stooges, could crumble the entire country into an everlasting kingdom of doom; considering people's reactions to the death of Lamidi Adedibu.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dr. Femi Ajayi


he readiness of 'Baba Go Slow' in Regionalizing Nigeria in navigating the Nigerian Ship through the strong storm in the middle of the Ocean should be of great concern to most Nigerians. Once 'Baba-Go-Slow' says there is nothing to worry about, when the storm is growing stronger with the bay still at a distance, the human nature should pray for a divine intervention.


Nigerians should never fold their arms for too long before nemesis do their magic again and wreck the Ship. Whatever individuals could do to safe the Ship would be heavily appreciated by the future generations.

It is unfortunate the exculpation move by the trio past Military Heads of State, of Northern extraction, Generals Muhammad Buhari, Ibrahim Babangida and Abdulsalami Abubakar, 'the 3 stooges'; that late General Sanni Abacha did not burgle the National Treasury. They went further to say that he ruled very well, even though he was buried without the usual Military ceremony befitting a General.

The three stooges would like the world to believe that the more than $2billion repatriated by Switzerland, Britain, and America among others, from Abacha's Bank Accounts, emanated from Heaven. Could it be that these foreign countries just repatriated foreign currencies from non-existent bank accounts of faceless top Nigerian government functionaries just to justify the allegations of looting by any Nigerian leader who is friendly with them? Possibly the 'invisible hands' deposited the money in Abacha's account because he was a good Nigerian Military Head of State or President.

Whatever the motives of the three stooges for exonerating a despot, prosperity could be knocking at their doors. Agreeing that African culture does not permeate people to speak ill of the dead, exonerating Abacha of looting Nigeria Treasury for the sake of Northern solidarity, should be of grave concern to Nigerians and the entire world.

Babangida, Buhari and Abdulsalam, the 3 Stooges

The gradual regionalization policy of 'Baba-Go-Slow', made public and being promoted by the three stooges, could crumble the entire country into an everlasting kingdom of doom; considering people's reactions to the death of Lamidi Adedibu. In my entire life, I have never seen the amount of public curses rained on a dead person as done to Pa Adedibu on the internet, shortly after his death was announced. Some Nigerians took an exception to the African culture to rain curses on Lamidi Adedibu.

There are lessons to learn from Abacha and especially Adedibu's death. Good name is better than trillions of Diamond.

The demise of Adedibu was met with sadness and joy all across the world. It was amazing how negatively Nigerians, across the world, especially those residing abroad reacted negatively against the death of late Adedibu, the Amala Politician of Ibadan. Even in Ibadan, there were jubilations, drinking and wining by the residents of the ancient City. Those crying and wailing must have done that for loosing a source of income. I pity Adedibu's family witnessing the barrage of curses on Lamidi.

Unfortunately Babangida, Buhari, Abdulsalami, the three chorus masters, started to sing the song that was abandoned by the family of frogs to say that Abacha ruled Nigeria very well. Birds of the same feather, people say, would always flock together. How much of their chorus songs would be heard from their neighbors, especially the Northern Youth.

There is no way by which late General Sanni Abacha would measure up to the legacies of Sir Sardauna of Sokoto, Sir Tafawa Balewa that the three stooges ABANDONED. Neither would the three stooges, including Abacha, measure up to Dr. Nnamdi Azikwe, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, or Chief Michael Okpara to mention a few. Regardless the three stooges songs of praise for Abacha, it would not change the course of history.

The three stooges and their connivers should be aware of the watchful eyes of God over Nigeria and God is ready to cast out demons among Nigerian leaders, not Jerry Rawlings style in Ghana. The three stooges should take a lesson from the death of Adedibu who claimed to have more wisdom than God, before the devil's hand reaches them, for their time is fast approaching.

There were many reactions to Pa Adedibu's death, the good, the bad, and the ugly. The Ibadan market women wailed uncontrollably; while beggars and the crippled who are beneficiaries of Adedibu's largesse cried with tears all over their faces. When some people die, people cry and rejoice, for loosing real human being; some die and people jubilate to signify the end of a devil or tyrant; some die and people thank God for his demise because of the problems that individual went through.

Every human being has those three parameters in their life with different proportions. In as much as there are no Saints or perfect human beings in this world, and quite unfortunate, from all indications, Pa Adedibu's scores were far below average, just like Abacha, inspite of the regional efforts to exonerate him being championed by the three stooges of Ibrahim, Mohammed and Abdulsalami.

Abacha died like a little rat and was buried same way, with no appropriate Military honor. Pa Adedibu's burial shook the whole of Ibadan. Businesses were paralyzed, traffic was hectic, and the whole City was charged. Despite that, most people were happy that he was gone. They still wondered, "So Pa Adedibu could die."

We were created by God from dust, so we would all return to dust, either we like it or not. While still alive, people should associate you for your good works and NEVER equate yourself with God.

Pa Adedibu might have equated himself with God, if not above God, and he fell dolefully. Abacha might have had similar mentality with all the atrocities committed by his aides, before God asked him to come home. Those that do not fear God would always have a sour ending, regardless how people try to sing their praises.

Since Adedibu is gone there are many repairs that need to be done immediately, not what the three stooges of northern extraction are doing. All Adedibu's thugs should be disarmed and rehabilitated into the good life once again. The Police should mobilize its highest intelligent agents to the City to deactivate Ibadan ruffians. The Police IG Okiro started very well by 'inviting' late Adedibu to Abuja and was cautioned to maintain peace in Ibadan and its environs. Would Adedibu's trial continue?

NAFDAC could go back to Ibadan and Oyo State to sanitize the consumable products that late Adedibu had prevented.

The political phase Adedibu represented, Thuggery, should be buried with him. The armed gangsters of the "Garrison Commander" should be demobilized and disarmed completely. Adedibu's 57 years experience in Nigerian politics should go to his grave with him. That should be the end of political thuggery in Nigeria.

In this sinful world, we all pray to live a good life so that the later part of our life would be with joy and songs of praise. Death would come when it is time, but before it comes, it is always good to remember that there is God. When you have a better opportunity than your fellow human being, instead of making mockery of their state of affairs, use that to make life better for them.

Chief Lamidi Adedibu acquired many titles as he bid the world good night: "Alaafin Molete" "Baba Adedibu!" "Field Marshal"; "Adedibully", "Dry Fish"; "Controller of Politics in Oyo", "the Ashipa of Ibadanland", "the Exponent of Amala politics", "The only Father of the PDP", and "the Garrison Commander of Ibadan politics".

Adedibu was once praised by one of the popular Ilorin dadakuada exponent, Odolaiye Aremu, in the early sixties, as "Ilaji Ibadan ti won npe l'enikan (One mistaken for a person when he is indeed half of Ibadan). Odolaiye Aremu went further: Eniti o ba mo oriki Adedibu, ni o mo oruko ti Sango nje, iku tii so fun ni ki otoo pani; omo aje t'o raja to n beere eni. Adedibu tii gba kobo meji ninu toro, oni nkan koo, Adedibu gbaa,... (Anyone who knows the praises of Adedibu would know Sango's name. Death never gives any warning before it strikes. The offspring of a witch that saw the roof and asking for a mat. Adedibu who refuses little token while the owner keeps it, would grab it all).

From the archives, Pa Adedibu was born into the Olupoyi chieftaincy ruling house at Oja-Oba, Ibadan, on October 24, 1927. He attended Mapo Elementary Primary School, Ibadan, and Ibadan High School. He served as Publicity Secretary to the defunct Action Group (AG) in the colonial period and later became the Chairman of Youth Wing of the party in Ibadan. In May 1956, Adedibu contested election into the Western Regional House of Assembly on the platform of the Action Group in Ibadan East constituency and lost. In 1976, he was elected a councilor into Ibadan Municipal Government. After the failed campaign for the late General Sanni Abacha for life president, Adedibu later pitched his tent with the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) during the advent of democratic rule in1999. He regained control of Oyo politics in 2003 with the emergence of Senator Ladoja whom he sponsored against the AD government of Alhaji Adesina.

Adedibu turned around and used 18 of the 30 state legislators loyal to him to callously impeach Ladoja for a simple reason that he failed to allow 25 per cent of the government's security vote-or roughly N15 million monthly paid directly to him. The secretariat of PDP was relocated to his Molete residence. He was a messiah, and to several others, he was terror, a common thug.

Adedibu was a very controversial figure who endorsed every act of violence in Ibadan. As reported in some Nigerian dailies; on May 23, 2007, a mob destroyed the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State (BCOS); thugs beat up journalists and multi-million naira equipment. Adedibu's reaction was that he could not allow the governor to use the radio and television stations to communicate his agenda to the state. Ironically, Adedibu turned the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) as a primary source of the thugs.

Adedibu was human, played his game well and got results from non-stylish and non-erudite "amala and gbegiri" politics. He died when his adversaries wanted him dead. The life of Chief Lamidi Adedibu has confirmed that life is indeed, transient. Regardless how Nigerians received his death, the man has made history and it should be the last of the dirty politics in Ibadan and Oyo and even in Nigeria as a whole.

Adedibu's death is a reminder to the living that they would one day reap the fruits of their labor, good or bad. It is from God we came and to Him we shall return some day.

So, this is the end of the journey for lamidi Adedibu, and it was time to say 'Good Night'.

May the Soul of the dead rest in Peace!

However, the likes of the three stooges be aware.

Good Night Pa Lamidi Adedibu.