Femi Ajayi's Outlook

Babangida is claiming that nobody can stop him if he decides to contest. This is a freer world than when he was the self-styled President.
Monday, February 23, 2004

Dr. Femi Ajayi


e were under the big Iroko tree one night thinking of the last soccer match that we just watched, where the smartest guy, who moved the goal pole to the direction of the ball, won the game. One of us broken the trend of our discussion and reminded us of a petrifying period in a village called Riageni, whereby Noitpurroc creature, a deadly animal, threatened the village's survival. Every hunter in the village tried endlessly with 'human sacrifices' to stop this animal from destroying Riageni village with no success. The villagers invited Babalawo, Oluwo, Bishop, Imam, and Headhunters to put an end to Noitpurroc devilish acts, to no avail. Everyone was aware of the dangers posed by the presence of Noitpurroc animal to the village. Riageni neighbors stopped all relations with the village as a result of this animal called Noitpurroc.

Fortunately, a group of headhunters remembered their old friend whom the villagers had forgotten, who could possibly stop Noitpurroc creature which one of his hunters created. The Big Head Hunter gladly accepted the invitation to stop Noitpurroc. Everyone was happy about his promise to devour the animal. Following his promise he made preparations to face the animal. Unfortunately the village Chiefs have to approve his plans so that gods of the land would be pleased with the village. The Chiefs that benefit immensely on the activities of the animal called Noitpurroc, were not ready to support the headhunter because they knew, not only getting the job done, but lost their sources of power. What do you expect from the angry villagers in such a situation? The people of Riageni trooped out in numbers armed with cudgels, cutlasses, catapult, mortals, brooms, sticks, and all that they could lay their hands on, to chase the chiefs away from their houses so that the Head Hunter could do his job. Most of these selfish Chiefs could hardly walk, aged and inexperienced inspite of their longevity in this world, deaf, mentally crippled, legally blind and brain dead.

Unfortunately, the headhunter is running out of steam and the real creator of this animal has been asked to give a helping hand. Little do we realize that when Noitpurroc was born, about two decades ago, its teeth could easily be broken by a cudgel from any of the hunters. But today Noitpurroc has grown to be a giant animal that could not be easily destroyed. I wonder where they would get the most modern sophisticated weapon to destroy this animal so that Riageni Village will continue to exist. Unfortunately while they were actively hunting for animals, they could hardly manage their ancient weapons to kill an insect, as tiny as an ant.

After much talking under Iroko tree, there was a loud sound from nowhere with a song that asked us to get up for the race. Wondering which race, the Presidential race for 2007. So we are going to start the race from now, 2004 till 2007, and the choice is Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida leading the race. Babangida is warming up for the 'beaten' of his life for the 2007 race with "Double O Seven" James Bond's style - "Project 007"

We have been reading the series of meetings organized for "likes mind" to encourage Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida to run for the Nigerian President in 2007, which is still more that three years away. Nothing is wrong with this project at all. Any living soul has the inalienable right to vie for any political position in Nigeria. No question about that. May I say that those canvassing for IBB to come back for 2007 might be mentally bankrupt parading IBB as the best qualified man for the 2007 better than any one of them that are working on the "Project 2007". Remember when the tortoise is heading for a senseless journey, and you say to him, 'Brother tortoise, brother tortoise, when will you be wise and come back home? The tortoise will say: Brother not until I have been disgraced. '

IBB, I have a kobo to loan you "penny wise, pound foolish" so people say, continue to enjoy your retirement and your wealth. He should not listen to the cries from the wounded lions who claim to be his friend. The cry for Babangida or Buhari to join the 2007 Presidential ticket by some men in Nigeria is like some brains that are full of maggot and do not know how to synthesize their process of straight thought.

I see Babangida or Buhari like watching a soccer game on a big screen Television with a theater set up, featuring two strong teams from the same zone for the division championship cup. As I was watching this game, I noticed two forward men, one from each team. One was older than the other. The older player had been playing very well until all of a sudden the younger player, from the other team, picked up the ball and continued dribbling the older player to the point that everyone in the arena continued to shout the name of the older player. The older player continued to raise his hand to the applause of the spectators, not realizing that they were making a mockery of his inability to beat the younger player. The younger player dribbled him to the point that the older player knocked his head on the goal post. Unfortunately, he became unconscious and was rushed to the hospital for evaluation. He was found to have developed a brain damage, while the younger player scored a goal for his team. They later met with all the players to resolve the controversial goal, unfortunately, the brain has not function since the 'goal post' knock out.

The news we got from Nigeria is 'Go Obasanjo Go'. Where is 'Akinlawon' going? We are stocked with him till 2007. God safeguard our life. Who is going to get the baton from Obasanjo? Maradona is watching and wanting to 'correct' Obasanjo's poor management. Some sick Nigerians are going on hunger strike to make him come back for 2007. I wish those people would never eat again until we can take them to the Biology lab for practical classes on human ribs.

Among the prominent old "chicken hearted Generals", according to Major John Aghadia Ehigiator (rtd), Major Gideon Orkar's bestman at his wedding in April 1979 and classmate at the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), and their fellow Nigerians canvassing for IBB's return are General Officer Commanding (GOC) 82 Mechanized Division, Major General Chris Garuba (rtd) and Colonel Lambert Iheanacho, Col, Aminu Isa Kontagora (rtd), Brig.-Gen. John Shagaya (rtd) and Col. Abdulmuminu Aminu, Retired Col. Lambert Ihenacho (South-East Coordinator), Maj.-Gen. Chris Garba (rtd), Generals Tajudeen Olanrewaju, Chris Garuba and Abdulkarim Adisa. General Babangida (rtd) was at the armored corps.

Others at the epoch ceremony were Mrs. Catherine Hamkwap from Plateau State, Elder Sam Bassey from Cross River State, former Deputy Speaker of the Cross River State House of Assembly, Chief Orok Otu Duke, Anambra women leader, Mrs. Nike Nwabueze, the South West Co-coordinator, Mrs. Remi Ojengbede. Devil always found work for idle men and women.

The highlight of IBB loyalists came at the gathering at the Regency Hall, Ikeja, December 18, 2003 with personalities like former Lagos State deputy governor, Senator Kofoworola Bucknor-Akerele, Chief Kenny Martins, Chief Dapo Durosinmi - Etti, Sir Tunde Olowu, Generals Tajudeen Olanrewaju, Chris Garuba and Abdulkarim Adisa, Princess Bisi Sangodoyin, Justice Abiodun Kessington (rtd), among others were present. It made me sad when former Communications Minister, Gen. Tajudeen Olanrewaju (rtd), said the attendance was a

"sign of hope for a generation that has tagged itself the wasted generation …to elect IBB as Nigerian president come 2007 so as to consolidate and solidify the democratic legacy which we are currently enjoying and evaluating……………..This legacy as a covenant is not to be wished away………. it is evident that IBB is a man of enormous experience. He is an elder statesman and as such, we do not need to wonder whether he will lead effectively. We certainly know that he will avail us of this national call to duty."
What type of human species are Nigerians not realizing that Nigeria problem is Nigerians themselves. What is Babangida going to offer that other Nigerians can not offer, besides recycling the wheel of misfortune of Ibrahim?

I wonder what Gen. Abdulkarim Adisa was thinking that in 2007, Gen. Babangida will "bail the country out of its predicament." Does that mean Adisa cannot contest for the Nigerian President? What led Senator Kofo Bucknor-Akerele, the lady who fought against the annulment of June 12, 1993 election, to a statement, that "things are so bad in the country and we want somebody who can put the country back on the right path. This is why we are backing IBB to put things straight." Madam Kofo, is Babangida the only soul that could put the country back on track. Are you saying that you are not better than Babangida? Who dared challenge Babangida when he was the self-proclaimed President when he ruled the country with iron hand? Kofo, aren't we tired of the Military men who plugged their ears to the yearnings of the people. Where is your brain Mama. Even though his fellow chess player might have decorated him with the Grand Commander of Federal Republic (GCFR)- the highest honors in the land.

Sir Tunde Olowu's description of Babangida's award as being "useful to the country" is being insensitive to the poor Nigerians. Those carrying the placards of Babangida's creation definitely need psychiatric evaluation as suggested by former House Speaker, Na'Abba. I will see the level of wisdom from Nigerians that sleep with their heads on the same direction

"to choose wisely by queuing behind Babangida, the man with the magic wand to steer the ship of the nation to safe harbour"
according to Chief Ademola Ayoade.

Babangida is claiming that nobody can stop him if he decides to contest. This is a freer world than when he was the self-styled President. Nigerians are saying Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, come on down, Nigeria's 'most highly intelligent', most wanted human rights abuser in the world. There are some crocodile eyes watching him, ready to swarm on him. Babangida equates himself with the Nigerian intellects and believes "no country had developed without the active participation of its intellectual elite" so no one can stop Babangida.

Babangida needs to visit the History Department of the Riageni Village that Journalist for Democratic Rights has said that the return of IBB to the 2007 presidential race is a monumental insult on the Nigeria media, and on the integrity of the 120 million people of the country that Babangida ruled and ruined for eight years. That

"a leopard can hardly change her spots. The man who brought down the glory of Nigeria and pushed the country to the backbench of economic and political share to the extent that the most promising the dream in black continent was lost" the unresolved murder of Dele Giwa, a journalist during the IBB era. The closure of The Punch, Concord newspapers, Abuja Newsday, the Ogun State Broadcasting, (OGBC) The Observer and The Guardian newspapers in July 1993 by General Babangida's regime, the annulment of the June 12 elections, an action that brought in General Sani Abacha, IBB's second in command, who set in motion, a draconian machinery. The wiping off of the most intelligent crops of Nigerian Army officers at the Lagos lagoon"

According to its Chairman Mr. Adewale Adeoye noted that "the veiled campaign for Gen Babangida's presidency in 2007 confirms that some Nigerians have lot [lost] their sense of history, and instills the fear that the country is exhausted of men of passion, vision and dignity who necessarily do not need to be a former military dictator". Nigerians have so far forgotten. You see how some Nigerians could easily fall prey to money, without using their God given head, thinking that it is only Babangida that has solution to Nigeria problem.

The Northern Youth Forum (NYF) are not too happy to see the "evil genius" back at the helm of Nigerian affairs. According to its President, Mallam Sabiu Gaya, youths in the north are not comfortable with Babangida's overtures towards the presidency. He noted,

"We wish to remind IBB of the ugly incident in Zaria where he was manhandled. This ugly incident will be a child's play compared to the nasty treatment he will receive in the hands of young northerners if he eventually decides to contest. Northern youths are looking for an opportunity to vent their anger on him. IBB deprived young northerners of the right to good livelihood. Up till today, the General has not used his stupendous wealth to better the lives of Northerners. Rather, we see his son, Mohammed, buying very expensive horses all in the name of playing the game of leisure-polo while the children of the Nigerian masses are left to die in penury."

This is the hard truth for Babangida to swallow. Things have changed in this modern world, most especially with the former dictators. Babangida is lucky so far that his fellow "chicken-hearted generals" are still cajoling him to contest for 2007. They are the one that would roast him to his bitter end, like Iraq Saddam Hussein, "I am Saddam Hussein, president of Iraq, and I am willing to negotiate." Gadafi of Libya was smart enough to quickly denounce his weapon of mass destruction program and succumbed to the wish of the changing world.

Babangida has been enjoying his luxuries, at the protection of President Obasanjo, his chest partner, but all "the Chicken-hearted general" days are numbered and coming to an extinction, from those that sacrificed their blood to build Nigeria, to those that suffered from the atrocities of Military rule in that country. The days are near and knocking at every door of the evil players. IBB has the choice to stay away from the public scene, and stay on the political sideline, or join Saddam Hussein in his "spider hole" still claiming to be the Iraq President.

Babangida is among the League of Human Rights Abusers, LHRA, unrepentant like most of them. He should realize that the world is changing on the Human Rights abusers from those despots that lived and died in luxury in foreign countries - Idi Amin lived and died in Saudi Arabia, Milton Obote in Zambia, Guatemala's Efrain Rios Montt live within his country just like Babangida, with much influence and untried. I hope he is following the new trend with Panama's Gen. Manuel Noriega, 1983-1989 and Yugoslavia's Slobodan Milosevic, and the move by the United Nations for the trial of former rulers of Rwanda, Jean Kambanda. Others are Alberto Fujimori Peru, 1990-2000, Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier Haiti, 1971-1986, Liberia's ruler, Charles Taylor Liberia, 1997-2003, the extradition of Chad, Hissène Habré, 1982-1990, Chile's Gen. Augusto Pinochet Chile, 1973-1990, Argentines former military ruler Leopoldo Galtieri, Paraguay's Alfredo Stroessner, Mengistu Haile Mariam Ethiopia, 1977-1991, Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski Poland, 1981-1990, Gen. Efrain Rios Montt Guatemala, 1982-1983, Slobodan Milosevic Serbia, 1989-2000.

Gen. Ibrahim Babangida (rtd), 1985-1993 came to power through palace coup in 1985. He was ousted by another army generals after annulling 1993 elections. Babangida is enjoying his life in Nigeria, and

"retains powerful political influence, in part through a fortune amassed while in power. Despite widespread human rights abuses under his rule, no serious effort to try him has arisen."
Regrettably, it is coming Babangida, and those "chicken hearted generals" would be gone before you realize how you got into the "Spider Hole." Babangida, the trend toward prosecution of former dictators is a new one. The impunity of former strongmen has weakened, and an increasing minority are finding themselves in court or in prison. Babangida could be next. Obasanjo is not going to be there for ever protecting Babangida. Look at these two pictures of Saddam Hussein.

Captured former Iraqi

Saddam pictured in 1971 when he was interior minister
Look at him from his heydays and his new home life 12/13/2003

Maryam's Better Life program could be used as a cover up to resurrect Babangida for "007 project". Keep all the tricks coming? Keep all your eggs into one basket. Human Rights courts are on their way to the Hill Top 50-room house in Minna. By the time they get to the last room they would find you, unlike Saddam Hussein that was found in the "spider hole." Babangida can run, but he cannot hide. The set of people drawn from among his loyalists in his active service days and some politicians who feel frustrated by the current administration are planning Babangida's demise.

My penny gift to Babangida, send those canvassing for your bitter end to go back to their tents and mend their fences so that you could continue enjoying every luxury you have till the end of your life. The only penny I have to lend you is wiser than the trillions you are keeping under your bed. The beginning and the end of Saddam Hussein should be an history lesson for you. Is that how you want your life to be, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida? Think about it. Think about Saddam Hussein's "Spider Hole."

Thank you.