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1 Insecurity and its Causes are destroying our country, Nigeria, in the short and long term
If appointments are made that negate and destroy the whole concept of federal character, it means that whoever is making the appointment considers their interests more important than the unity and egalitarian existence of our country Nigeria.
2 Institutionalised corruption perpetuates underdevelopment
There is no intention here to trace the history, rather a few examples showing that in spite of all the publicity and trumpeted activities on anticorruption over some decades, the situation has not changed.
3 An Open Submission to the President, governors, and members of the National Assembly on the influx of northern youths to the South
In the past three months or more, youths from Northern Nigeria have been moving down in lorries, buses, and trailers to the South.
4 Nigeria urgently needs a roadmap for the achievement of a successful and sustainable power supply in Nigeria - A challenge to the Federal Government and Nigerian engineers
Over the years, our country has suffered from unstable, erratic, and grossly inadequate grid power supply.

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