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1 Shame on you Nigeria army; Shame on you Nigerian government
Many ethnic communities are living a nightmare under Buhari and his sectarian federal government.
2 Letís not destroy this country, stop the slaughter of the innocent
A prejudiced government that deals in lies, unable to reject flattery and incapable of treating the citizens with dignity.
3 IPOB, stop the sit at home protest now
More worrying is the attempt to muzzle the debate about the future of Igbos in Nigeria by intimidation and forceful imposition of the stance of IPOB on Igboland.
4 The pogrom and madness in Igboland, must now stop
Nnamdi Kanu is seeing the futility of his uncoordinated vocalisation, rascality and liberation though the airwaves.
5 Letís not destroy this country, stop the slaughter of the innocent
Nine years ago, I could not envisage that a government which would set out to be cruel to some of the citizens on the basis of ethnicity and religion would emerge in Nigeria.
6 Governors of Igbo States, the naked emperors
The communique issued by governors of [Eastern] states ... on 11 April 2021, is another evidence of the philosophical insanity and suicidal decisions of Igbo leaders in the face of existential threat.
7 The war by Nigerian government against IPOB is a hate crime
The plan of Fulani terrorists responsible for the mayhem in Igbo land is to occupy Igbo forests, drive Igbos away from their villages, and burn the villages, force Igbos to live in displaced people camps, while Fulanis from other African countries occupy...
8 Is Governor Umai of Ebonyi State a Milquetoast?
Igbo politicians ... They are quiet about Fulani Jihad. They are quiet about Buhari nepotism, which has resulted in most senior positions in Nigeria being occupied by Muslim Northerners and Fulanis. They are quiet about....
9 Danladi Umar, a disgrace to Code of Conduct Bureau and civil society
The video of Danladi Umar assaulting a member of the public makes a difficult watching.
10 Govt by fraud and force: Is there a way back for Nigeria?
If the Imo State govt was elected by the people, the governor would have thought of the electoral consequences of inviting the army to attack defenceless villages in the name of looking for faceless security operatives.

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