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1 Abortion right, the crime that dares not mention its name
I agree that people have the right to do evil when no one else suffers. However, in abortion, a helpless and an unborn human being is destroyed.
2 Religion and terror, do not vilify Emmanuel Macron
My first awareness of the effect of religion on the mind was my observations that religious people can hold their beliefs and process religious information in exactly the same way patients with psychotic illnesses, like schizophrenia, hold their delusions...
3 Nigeria is too important to leave it to Buhari
The slaughter of protesting Nigerian youths by members of the security forces is another gruesome reminder of the cesspit Nigeria has become under Buhari.
4 Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), bandits in uniforms
It was the making of a monster. A police unit mainly staffed by ill trained ethnically biased officers, armed to do whatever they wanted....
5 Ideas that build nation (II) The rule of law
Fulani terrorists from many west African countries have come to settle in Nigeria and conducting ethnic cleansing of Nigerian villages, without the president demonstrating that it is unacceptable. ... clearest evidence of his complicity and unfitness to...
6 Non negotiable unity is an imposition
It is a country where many Igbo youths accused of being IPOB members are locked up in without trial, while the government defend and protect Fulani terrorists.
7 Nigerian rogue judges and and the war against corruption
Politician recommend lawyers for SAN and have undue influence in the appointment and dismissal of judges. ... This incestrous relationship must be sorted out. No nation can allow unscrupulous judges and lawyers to continue to pervert the law....
8 In Buhari, Nigeria died
The call by Miyetti Allah for the establishment of a Fulani militia in East Nigeria is another clear evidence that the essence of Nigeria has been lost and that the Fulanis are in a conquest mood.
9 Buhari, the road to hell
When a government no longer represents those who did not vote for it and justify discrimination on the basis of vote, the government sets the country on the road to hell.
10 Dr. Obadiah Mailafia must not be silenced
Many Nigerians who know the truth about Fulani terrorism and Boko Haram have died mysteriously, after threatening to expose the truth about Boko Haram, starting from one time Kaduna state Governor Patrick Yakowa and former national security adviser to...

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