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91 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Still on religious prejudices and discriminations
Before the enlightenment, the west held on to religious world views as many do today in Africa. Often informed only by a world view rooted in a God based attribution system which sees ancient writings as absolute truth that cannot be reinterpreted, they...
92 No easy way to restructure -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
He [Buhari] has been single minded in strengthening the hold of the north on Nigeria by ensuring that the north controls the army, police and customs and empowering islamisation. His first action as president is to retire nearly 200 senior army officers...
93 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Saraki, a Symptom of a chronic Nigeria Disease, that has a cure
It is not difficult to find reasons why Buhari may be after Saraki. Especially, after the way he emerged as the Senate President. It is known that they are not friends. Buhari has not met with Saraki, officially, since he became President, in spite of...
94 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Nigeria, a democracy without substance (1)
Every democracy tries to imbue itself with some special feature that makes it unique. Some democracies are just a dilution of monarchy, while others are an amalgam of military dictatorship and civilian elites. Yet many are genuine attempt to create a...
95 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Nigeria, a democracy without substance (Conclusion)
We know the long term consequences of the type of policies the Jonathan administration is pursuing. It creates a divided country along ethnic and religious fault lines with a poor illiterate underclass that feels alienated from the society, and prepared to...
96 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Eminent Nigerians; there is a better and shorter way to the promise land
One thing that has baffled me about the eminent Nigerians who advocated this idea is the ease with which the military and subsequent governments have outsmarted and side-lined them, even though many of them are well educated and experienced men. I suppose...
97 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - National conference; Dead on arrival
I am surprised that President Jonathan has yielded to the pressure of men, mostly in their 70s and 80s who believe that a country with an elected house of Assembly and a Senate needs another body of men selected by politicians to decide its future. My...
98 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Response to APC policies (Part 1)
State police is one of the polices that can have unintended consequences on the unity of Nigeria. Therefore, serious consideration should be given to it before its implementation. It would seem to me, an idea whose time has not come, but which is advocated...
99 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Response to APC policies (Conclusion)
If this is true, it is really sad. Jonathan has not done his reputation no favour by refusing to declare his assets and reigning in his wife. APC should state what the party would do to any member who is involved in corruption to make its position more...
100 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - On Federalists vs Ethnic Nationalists
Today in Nigeria, there are people who masquerade as Federalists, who are actually ethnic nationalists, propelled by the self consuming ambition to have a country made of people of their ethnic group. Not that there is anything wrong with this, the danger...

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