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41 Buhari and Miyetti Allah, the audacity of greed and contempt
The attitude of southern leaders to this Fulani cancer is not a solution. It is cowardice and lack of leadership by ignorant, selfish and self serving leaders, who will do anything to appease evil. Such attitude only emboldens, not assuage, the oppressor....
42 Biafra, an Igbo tragedy
It is heart wrenching to watch the disintegration of Igbo society in the name of agitation for Biafra. As I recount the hundreds of youth who have died in the name of this struggle, I ask myself does it worth it.
43 In Buhari and arrogance of Miyetti Allah, Nigeria died
The call by Miyetti Allah for the establishment of Fulani militia in East Nigeria is another clear evidence that the essence of Nigeria has been lost and that the Fulanis are in arrogant and blood thirsty conquest mood.
44 Arbitrary exercise of power, a feature of autocracy
The report of the suspension of the operating license of Daar Communications PLC, operator of AIT and Ray Power, is another example of the troubling, whimsical and autocratic way and manner, the Buhari administration has been exercising power in Nigeria.
45 N100bn for Miyetti Allah and Radio station for Fulani terrorists, all hail one Nigerian
President Buhari, a Fulani, refuses to declare Fulani herdsmen a terrorist group in spite of the evil, terror, kidnappings and ethnic cleansing they are committing. The question is why the response of the Buhari administration to Fulani terrorism has been...
46 The law, the bar and the bench (Part III), Ideas that build nations
The destruction of the rule of law, corruption of the judiciary and undermining of jurisprudence are some of the saddest results of corruption and bad government in Nigeria.
47 The Lord as a refuge
Introducing the TULE (Think, Understand, Learn and Examine) series. Enlightening expositions on the word of God.
48 Buhari puts Nigeria on express Road to Islamic Republic
By this appointment [of Tanko Muhammad] President Buhari has completed the take over of all government agencies in Nigeria by Fulanis and Sunni Muslims from the north. How can anybody think that it is acceptable in a multiethnic democracy for one ethnic...
49 #nigerinaslet’sdoit. The hubris of Atiku
The problems Nigeria face today was caused by those in APC and PDP. They are the people who destroyed Nigerian education and health system. Today, they send their children abroad to study while ASSU is on strike and make almajiris of others. They travel...
50 Neither APC nor PDP (Part II)
The most important reason to reject both APC and PDP is because neither of them is capable of providing democratic opposition, which is very important in a democracy.

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