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31 Something worries me about the general strategy for combating the Covid-19 Pandemic
The strategy would be for people with persistent fever and cough, which do not abate within 72 hours, to be offered Covid-19 test and chest examination by a health care worker in PPE, who can detect early sighs of bronchitis and pneumonia by listening to...
32 Nigeria has gone proper crazy preferring schizophrenic solution to existential problems
[On launch of Amotekun] The Minister of Justice went into over drive. ... the north has lunched its own sectarian security outfit .... This is in spite of the fact that the north have had regional security outfit since it declared Sharia law in the region.
33 Nigeria died, when the north declared Sharia law
Islamists from north include President Buhari, Governor ElRufai, of Kaduna State, former Governor Abdulaziz Yari of Zamfara, Saultan of Sokoto and other members of Miyetti Allah. They are a group of Muslims who use Islam as a political weapon and sanction...
34 Restructure or disintegrate
I do not believe that anybody from the Obasanjo generation has what it takes to help Nigeria, talk-less of saving her, for the simple fact that they have had many opportunities to do it, but failed.
35 Nigeria is under the rule of men
Justice is a favour granted at the pleasure of the president. This is the sad tragedy of the state of Nigeria, under Rtd Major General Mohammadu Buhari.
36 Buhari, the burn fire of democracy and take over of Nigeria by Islamists
After the assault on the rule of law at the federal high court last week and the statement by the Chief Justice of Nigeria that Islamic law should be taught in Arabic in Nigerian universities....
37 Is Nigeria now a terrorist state and Nigeria police a terrorist group?
It was very sad to watch the video of houses in Oraifite, Anambra State, home of of Barister Ifeanyi Ejiofor set ablaze by the Nigeria police and heart wrenching to read the police attempt to justify this act of terrorism and barbarism.
38 Nigeria needs a new constitution to begin to end the rot
They wrote a constitution that legitimised autocracy and imposed the north on Nigeria with disproportionate advantage to the north, when the wealth of the country comes from the south. This is as unfair as it is unworkable and unacceptable. It has gone on...
39 Abia state, epitome of perfidy, corruption and inhumanity
It is not an exaggeration to say that Abia state is the worst state in Nigeria, and perhaps the world. It is worse than a war zone.
40 Detention without regard to the law and justice, is evidence of executive lawlessness
The treatment of Sowore by the Buhari dministration is another disheartening evidence of the rise of autocracy in Nigeria.

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