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231 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Nigeria: The road map to peace and development
The question remains how do we really begin to solving the Nigeria problem, especially since many people have compared it to the legendary Augean stable. Unfortunately, the problem with this perspective is that the Nigeria problem is a real problem which...
232 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - How do you solve a problem like Nigeria?
There is no doubt that Nigeria is at a very critical point in its evolution as a country and its future will depend not so much on what has happened in the past but on what the present generation does or fails to do. the extent of the polarisation of...
233 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Why I am involved in Returning Hope to Nigeria, and path for a better future for Abia state in 2015
The available evidence would suggest that nowhere in Nigeria have the effects of corruption, impunity, criminal leadership and bad government been more devastating than in Abia state where there has been practically no real development since its creation...
234 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Nigeria and the Paradox of two wars
Many years ago, the government of Nigeria developed a penchant for declaring war on problems that require simple and clear thinking, planning and strategic execution of the solutions. The first of these wars was the declaration of war on corruption WAC....
235 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The fallacy of Climate Change Theory of Fulani herdsmen genocide
The continued detention of Nnamdi Kanu and many others, who are imprisoned because of their views, is a symbol of oppression of those who want a new Nigeria. Nnamdi Kanu, Barrister Onwuka and many others who believe in self determination have been...
236 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Nigeria is in a state of war ...The government needs to show leadership and the people need to prepare for what is coming
Now that the army is responding to the threat of Boko Haram, it is time for the government to think of ways to use the current war against terror to unite the country, strengthen our civil society and enable the people to work with the government in...
237 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - On the battle of the mind; Religious thinking which underline the Nigerian problem (1)
The development in north Nigeria should be a source of serious concern to anybody who loves Nigeria and understand the nature, aims objectives and mind set of Islamic extremists and what they are determined to do to others because of their beliefs. In...
238 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Why I am involved in Returning Hope to Nigeria, and path for a better future for Abia state in 2015 (Conclusion)
To get Nigeria right, the government must ensure that every Nigerian play by the same rule and that religion, ethnicity, socioeconomic status and circumstance of birth no longer give people undue advantage or disadvantage in life. The government will...
239 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Xenophobia, the mirror in the face of Africa
It has been a difficult time for Africa. In Nigeria, the Oba of Lagos threatened to throw Igbos into the lagoon.... In the north of Nigeria, for six years, Boko Haram waged a war to establish and Islamic state and drive out Igbos and non muslins.... In...
240 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - A dark sun rises over Nigeria
After the election of Muhammad Buhari, a new mood took over Nigeria. There was a feeling that he would be the messiah that finally starts the building of Nigeria into a united country.

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