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21 Buhari, the road to hell
When a government no longer represents those who did not vote for it and justify discrimination on the basis of vote, the government sets the country on the road to hell.
22 Dr. Obadiah Mailafia must not be silenced
Many Nigerians who know the truth about Fulani terrorism and Boko Haram have died mysteriously, after threatening to expose the truth about Boko Haram, starting from one time Kaduna state Governor Patrick Yakowa and former national security adviser to...
23 Nigerianís silent genocide: When will the killings in southern Kaduna stop?
Both the Kaduna state and federal government have failed to bring the perpetrators of these heinous crimes to justice. It is clear that ethnic cleansing of Nigerian villages is official policy of the Fulani oligarchy, which wants to take over Nigeria.
24 Nigeria, the tyranny of unequal union
2. By killing Shia Muslims. 3. By empowering Fulani terrorism all over the country to ethnically cleanse minority Christian communities in south Kaduna and invade farms and sack villages. This is the silent genocide going on in Nigeria. 5. By padding the...
25 President Buhari, this is your watch
I have never read of where corruption is as endemic, rampant and audacious as is unfolding in Nigeria. I am yet to read of a country where the military allow a terrorist group, whose camps are known, to operate freely as Fulani terrorists have been. Those...
26 Dr Joy Nunieh, a beacon of light in the darkness of corruption
The sad and chilling details of the allegations by Dr Joy Nunieh, Acting Managing Director NNDC, against Chief Godswill Akpabio, Minister for Niger Delta Affairs, is another sad episode in non ending drama, in the corruption ridden administration of...
27 The dawn of Fulani fascism
All politicians from the south and middle belt with exception of very few, are focused on looting and getting rich, while Buhari undermines the liberty of their people and lay the foundation for their future enslavement.
28 Buhariís attempt to restructure Nigeria as Fulani homeland must not succeed
I am writing this because Buhari has returned a bill to the legislature for the federal government to take over water ways and acres of land around it. In essence, he wants to secure all land around rivers in Nigeria for his Fulani kinsmen to live and...
29 Black lives matter; All lives matter
I suppose Black people should also fight against tribalism, toxic ethnic nationalism, corruption, religious intolerance and terrorism. This is the way to demonstrate that indeed, Black livers matter.
30 The rumble in Ohaofia
18Th April, 2020, will go down in history as the day Ohaofia youths rose up against tyranny and reclaimed their dignity and humanity.

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