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21 Dr Joy Nunieh, a beacon of light in the darkness of corruption
The sad and chilling details of the allegations by Dr Joy Nunieh, Acting Managing Director NNDC, against Chief Godswill Akpabio, Minister for Niger Delta Affairs, is another sad episode in non ending drama, in the corruption ridden administration of...
22 The dawn of Fulani fascism
All politicians from the south and middle belt with exception of very few, are focused on looting and getting rich, while Buhari undermines the liberty of their people and lay the foundation for their future enslavement.
23 Buhariís attempt to restructure Nigeria as Fulani homeland must not succeed
I am writing this because Buhari has returned a bill to the legislature for the federal government to take over water ways and acres of land around it. In essence, he wants to secure all land around rivers in Nigeria for his Fulani kinsmen to live and...
24 Black lives matter; All lives matter
I suppose Black people should also fight against tribalism, toxic ethnic nationalism, corruption, religious intolerance and terrorism. This is the way to demonstrate that indeed, Black livers matter.
25 The rumble in Ohaofia
18Th April, 2020, will go down in history as the day Ohaofia youths rose up against tyranny and reclaimed their dignity and humanity.
26 Something worries me about the general strategy for combating the Covid-19 Pandemic
The strategy would be for people with persistent fever and cough, which do not abate within 72 hours, to be offered Covid-19 test and chest examination by a health care worker in PPE, who can detect early sighs of bronchitis and pneumonia by listening to...
27 Nigeria has gone proper crazy preferring schizophrenic solution to existential problems
[On launch of Amotekun] The Minister of Justice went into over drive. ... the north has lunched its own sectarian security outfit .... This is in spite of the fact that the north have had regional security outfit since it declared Sharia law in the region.
28 Nigeria died, when the north declared Sharia law
Islamists from north include President Buhari, Governor ElRufai, of Kaduna State, former Governor Abdulaziz Yari of Zamfara, Saultan of Sokoto and other members of Miyetti Allah. They are a group of Muslims who use Islam as a political weapon and sanction...
29 Restructure or disintegrate
I do not believe that anybody from the Obasanjo generation has what it takes to help Nigeria, talk-less of saving her, for the simple fact that they have had many opportunities to do it, but failed.
30 Nigeria is under the rule of men
Justice is a favour granted at the pleasure of the president. This is the sad tragedy of the state of Nigeria, under Rtd Major General Mohammadu Buhari.

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