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201 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The militarisation of south East Nigeria is a deliberate act of provocation and intimidation
In the time Buhari has been in power, South East Nigeria has become a military occupied region. The government is building a new army brigade, the 61 brigade in Port Harcourt, the number of police and military road blocks in East Nigeria has sky...
202 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - From Nigeria to Nigeristan
The Nigerian boko haram problem is not as complex as some people are making it out to be. The root cause is in the ethnic and religious mistrust in Nigeria, the attempt by some elements from north Nigeria to impose Islam on Nigeria and the incompetence,...
203 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Declaration of State of Emergency and good governance
I am amazed that even as the security situation in north Nigeria continues to spiral out of control that there are Nigerians who are minded to play politics with what a desperate situation is. In one week in Nigeria, you hear of terrorist attacks in the...
204 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - On the battle of the mind; Religious thinking which underline the Nigerian problem (2)
Muslims also claim that they pray five times a day facing Mecca, while Christians do not seem to care what direction they face while praying or how many times people pray as long as they do. Both the Christians and Muslims are convinced that abstract ideas...
205 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Are the Nigerian Governors’ Forum and national executive council undemocratic faces of the mutating Nigerian democracy?
The government of Nigeria continues to behave in ways that lead credence to the assertion of some critics that it excels in the perverse. The latest is the activities of the governors’ forum which continues to show that they have an agenda that is...
206 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - A Bill to extend Sharia law all over Nigeria, quietly scales second reading in House of Representatives
I was shocked to watch the live proceedings of the House of Representatives as covered by NTA2 and saw that the bill calling for the criminal aspects of Islamic Sharia law to be implemented in our legal system in Nigeria at the Federal and states passed...
207 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Accountability as the soul of democracy and a tale of two moralities
Indeed, Nigeria has a crisis of morality which we can no longer ignore. We need to start asking people to account for the source of their stupendous wealth and how they exercised power during their time in office. From the president to the councillors, we...
208 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - On suicide, morality and judgment (1)
In his famous master piece ‘Things Fall Apart’, Chinua Achebe told the story of Okonkwo, the quintessential traditional Igbo man, whose struggle with the Whiteman’s interference in his clan and culture, finally led to his suicide. In the book, Achebe...
209 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Deconstructing the Nigerian problem, the role of ethnicity and religion
I have observed that Europeans’ attitude to life and problems is very different from those of Africans. Whereas Europeans are empirical and tend to allow evidence to inform their attitude and behaviour, Africans tends to be traditional and magical in...
210 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The resurgence of Igbophobia in Nigeria
The prejudice against Igbos, which Professor Soyinka revealed in his lecture, is always the first step towards discrimination. This should be a source of serious concern to all those who understand the evolution of hate that ends in genocide.

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