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171 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - North's Islamic agenda, makes Biafra inevitable
The death Nail to Nigeria as a united country would seem to have been hammered in, when the northern states adopted sharia laws. ... The utterances and policies of Buhari and governors like El Rufai of Kaduna State and Governor Abdulaziz Yari of Zamfara...
172 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Beheading of Mrs Bridget Patience Agbaheme in Kano, it is time for Igbos to leave North Nigeria
No people with the kind of Islamic agenda that has taken root in north Nigeria and evolving and, giving rise to the fracturing violence we observer today ever gives up. Afghanistan and Pakistan are just two examples of countries that took the route North...
173 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - President Mohammadu Buhari must end brutality and extrajudicial killings of Igbos by Nigerian army and police
It cannot be acceptable that there there can be a reason in a democracy for a professional army and police to behave in the barbarous and murderous way and manner the Nigerian army and police behave in Igbo land.
174 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Redesigning and rethinking the Nigeria nation and answering uncomfortable questions
Nigerians need to understand why the Nigerian army is underequipped and under resourced to such an extent that they are unable to provide a robust response to boko haram and need the support of America, Britain, Israel, France and China to find a bunch of...
175 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - There will be a country: Introducing Nigerians for Change (Part 2)
We the citizens of Nigeria in order to form the best possible federation united on civil and democratic values, establish justice, equality before the law, ensure internal tranquillity, provide for common development, promote the welfare of all, secure...
176 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - No! to the proposed six years single term for the President and Governors
Once again, Nigerian politician have not disappointed in their pursuit of their selfish interest. The latest is the attempt to amend the constitution to give the president and governors six years single term. My condemnation of this proposed amendment is...
177 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Mr President, the law is the law, it is meant to be obeyed and Obedience is better than explanation
Mr Goodluck Jonathan is setting a very bad example of how public officers should behave. His behaviour should not only be condemned in the strongest of words, but deplored as unbecoming of a president. No true democracy should tolerate a leader who shows...
178 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Why believe, when you can understand?
The mystery of our existence is one thing we will always require faith to make sense of. However science has made many discoveries which challenge what religion has taught about our existence. This has resulted in an unnecessary conflict between science...
179 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Buhari continues ethnic cleansing in Nigeria Military, Northernisation and Islamisation
The attempt and determination of President Buhari to reshape Nigeria in the interest of the north and image of Islam seems to has shifted to Nigeria military. In the last few weeks several senior officers of the Nigerian army and 35 cadets from the...
180 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Mr Goodluck, Jonathan, this is your watch
For the past 40 years Nigerian aviation industry has been plagued by corruption, poor service record, lack of safety culture, cavalier attitude to maintenance and safety, and putting profit before safety. It has been the reign of greed and contempt for...

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