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161 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - On politics and power in a multi-ethnic democracy (1)
To confound men, you have to play god by being a genius, have power, or a lot of money. Men are more difficult to reason with if they have a prior determined position, and if you urge them to do good because it is good. They are creatures of selfish...
162 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - AIDS in Nigeria the forgotten epidemic
It was in 1987 or there about, while I was rotating through dermatology that I first saw a patient with AIDS. I was running a clinic in Wesley Guild Hospital Ilesha with Professor Femi Soyinka when I was asked to see a very chronic ill looking and...
163 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - On John Kerry's recent visit to Islamic Nigeria
America, under Obama, would seem to prefer to engage with the people, who imposed sharia laws all over north Nigeria, implement blasphemy laws, cut the hands of thieves, stone adulterers, deny equality of women, publicly flog people who drink alcohol and...
164 Impunity, ethnic and religious loyalties, the bane of Nigeria -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
The apparent failure of things and rules that work well in developed countries to function in Nigeria or do I say, the inability or refusal of Nigerians to obey in Nigeria, the same laws they obey abroad, has continued to confound many who wish Nigeria...
165 How do you hold your Faith? -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Faith becomes the veneration of ignorance and the single most important factor, which retards human development and emancipation, when it fails to make uses of reason and knowledge. It can imbue the mind with prejudices and shots the door of inquiry.
166 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The Egyptian revolution and the poisons of ethnicity and religion
At the beginning of what was later called the Arab spring, many commentators argued that Mummar Gadhafi, Hosni Mubarak, Assad and some sub-Saharan dictators were at risk. For some reasons, all the Arab predictions have come true and not a single country in...
167 The restructure of Nigeria is non-negotiable -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
The demand for restructure of Nigeria and a new constitution, which is being fiercely opposed by prominent northern politicians, raise grave concern for the future of Nigeria. Those opposing the restructure of Nigeria Seem to ignore the fact that it is...
168 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Nigeria, the making of a pariah state (Conclusion)
A lot of Nigerians believe in prayer. Yes, it is nice to pray. However, ever since I was a little boy and believe the Bible; I have not seen anything believers attribute to prayer which science, diligence and money, cannot do. Maybe, prayer works when...
169 Northern Nigeria beats the drum of pogrom -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
The regression of Nigeria into primitive collectivism continues with the emergence of hate poem by some northerners, which makes Igbos objective of hate. This is as regrettable as it is frightening. It is another step in the continuing disintegration of...
170 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Africa, the path to enlightenment
If the bitter truth can be told, Africa is the continent the rest of the world has left behind. In spite of the advances in science and understanding of nature and human mind, Africans would seem to have held on to traditional practices, cultural attitude,...

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