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141 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - This is not war, but mass slaughter of the innocent Palestinians
Why is Israel doing what she is doing? Why does Israel think that killing Palestinian children sleeping in their beds or playing in their schools will bring peace to her borders, while it continues to treat Palestinians in the way and manner the then South...
142 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Nigerian senate failure to vote for restructure, a missed opportunity to make good history
Their loyalty is first and foremost to themselves and not to the country, morality or noble values and they vigorously defend their selfish interest, whatever the law says. They are also ever ready to play the ethnic and religious cards, when they believe...
143 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Al-Mustapha, the villain, the victim and the hero in a typical Nigerian tragedy
Unashamedly, without any iota of sensitivity to the victims and families of Al Mustapha’s abuse of power, the government appears hell bent on making political profit out of a travesty of justice; seemingly unaware that the worlds in which the likes of Al...
144 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - War against corruption and Nigerian criminal political class
In attempt to avoid rocking the boat, Nigerians allow evil to flourish and then wonder why the country cannot develop. ... What is happening under Buhari is not war against corruption. It is the misuse of the law to achieve political and personal...
145 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Much Ado about football
FIFA has committed a foul in Nigeria and should allow Nigeria to decide how it runs its football until the NFA evolves into an independent association. This is interference in the internal affairs of a country and no country should fund an association it...
146 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Nigeria, the survival of the armed
For many years, Fulani herdsmen and Islamic fundamentalist have unleashed a genocidal war on the predominantly Christian ethnic minority groups in north Nigeria and the people have been told to pray to God and the government had not put anything in place...
147 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Buhari and Butari, two brutal soldier, brutalising Nigeria
By appointing only Muslims from the north to strategic positions, Buhari has elevated nepotism to a national policy and destroyed whatever interethnic trust and goodwill that existed in Nigeria, leaving the country fractured along ethnic and religious...
148 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The Gospel according to Sheik Gummi
The recent criticism of Nigerian Christian leaders by Sheik Gummi which drew some ire from some Christians gives a glimpse of the complexity of the Nigeria problem and magnitude of the of the challenge that must be surmounted to give Nigeria a future. I...
149 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - We must now bring this Macabre to an end
It is common knowledge that Nigerian government is corrupt full of deceitful self-serving unscrupulous individuals, whose aim is to hide the truth and allow them to continue to benefit from corruption. International community have very little respect for...
150 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The failed state of Nigeria (2)
Sadly, but not surprising; no Nigerian government has been able to hold Shell to account in Nigeria as Shell makes sure that one of its own is always at the centre of Nigerian government. Whereas shell has paid over thirteen million dollars ($13M) dollars...

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