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11 Ideas that build nation (II) The rule of law
...the rule of law and how its apparent failure in Nigeria is contributing to slow disintegration, increasing sectarianism and worsening security we are witnessing.
12 Amnesty International Report on Nigerian army, a tale of impunity and brutality
The recent Amnesty International report on activities of Nigerian army in the last three years makes a grim reading. It vindicates what many people were saying, when the killings were going on.
13 Neither APC nor PDP
For three and half years, Fulani herdsmen from different African countries have been conducting a killing spree in the middle belt ... not a single political party is interested in justice for the victims and how to end this scourge.
14 Ideas that build nation series
These are powers no executive in a liberal democracy should have because the main role of the executive is to administer the constitution, which protects fundamental human and property right.
15 Rochas Anayo Okorocha is an ugly face of Igbo politics
There is a video making round in social media. It is the video of a pristine estate purportedly owned by the wife of Rochas Okorocha, Imo state Governor. ...yet another example how Rochas Okorocha pillaged Imo state....
16 Nigeria, the rise of authoritarianism and death of outrage
Today most senior positions in Nigeria army are occupied by northerners because of who they are and not what they know. Buhari is struggling to prove that he had any qualification before he was enlisted in the army.
17 Let wisdom and reason guide on Nigeria and Biafra: A plea to my people
Since my last article, I have received s number of abusive emails from die hard Biafra supporters. ... The issues Igbos face in Nigeria is not peculiar to us. However, we seem bent on approaching it in the way that will ensure the worst outcome.
18 From Biafra to Biafraud
If Nnamdi Kanu is alive, the government of Nigeria deserves an apology by those of us who have been holding it responsible for his disappearance.
19 Choosing between two evils
Buhari or Atiku? Whatever happened to people taking their future into their own hand, by refusing to choose from the options offered by those who have brought Nigeria to her knees?
20 The sins of religion and the danger of mixing it with politics -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
As President Buhari overtly ... and covertly ... pursues his islamisation and northern domination agenda in Nigeria, I wish ... to draw attention to religion, which provides the orthodoxy for the convictions ... of the present government.

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