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101 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - In the name of God, their victims and ignorance
There is no other area in life, where people read a book, ignore the context of the book and then decide that, what was said by and to characters in the book, is literarily said to them, applicable to them and and binding to them, except in religion.
102 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Abia state needs a Marshal plan, after years of criminal and corrupt leadership
I often wonder what is it about power that turns some Nigerians into monsters, once they gain it? Why do many Nigerian politicians see power as something to be abused and used to serve primitive instincts, instead of opportunity to make bad good, good...
103 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The way not to lead a country (Part 1)
I am angry with the Nigerian government for its failure to garner the support, mobilise, educate and sensitize the people against Boko Haram and the utter evil of all they represent and hold dear, represent to the society. I am angry because the Nigerian...
104 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The fallacy and Paradox of freedom fighters and struggle for self-determination
As the tragedy in Syria and Palestine unfolds and blurs the boundary between the good and bad guys, it is perhaps appropriate to examine what possible object lessons it may have for others whose perception of injustice give them justification for arm...
105 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Where is the Igbo survival plan, as Nigeria descends into anarchy?
Last week a number of Igbo politicians were in London to rub minds with Igbos in diaspora. As usual there were a number of engagements one of which I attended. Unfortunately, as I later found out on the night of Saturday 3rd November at APGA meeting in...
106 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Remedies for a dysfunctional and corrupt democracy (Part 1)
The privatisation effort in Nigeria is another crime taking place before our eyes. Suddenly, Nigeria has embraced privatization without first studying how it was implemented in some countries and what the results have been. Countries which went through...
107 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The Nigerian Critics and internet trawlers, an examination of the deniers of the Nigerian reality
The point is not that these two nationalistic critics disagree with my views on Nigeria as a failed state. It is that their mails do not focus on the issues in question and are usually full of abuses, foul languages and false generalisations. In addition,...
108 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Sheik Gumi threatens Nigeria with real Boko Haram, if Jonathan is re-elected
His statement above demonstrates all that is wrong with Nigeria. He thinks Boko Haram is not real at the moment and at the same time he is threatening Nigerians not to vote Jonathan. He minimises the evil Boko Haram has unleashed on Nigerian. Viz killing...
109 Conspiracy of silence as Nigeria army massacres Igbo youth and aid Fulani herdsmen ethnic cleansing of Nigerian villages -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Since the election of Mohammadu Buhari, a Fulani, as president of Nigeria, the Fulani herdsmen have become embolden and evidence of the complicity of the army in the atrocities they commit is growing.
110 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Child marriage, is sexual abuse of children
The latest is the abduction and forced 'marriage' of 14 year old Christian girl to Emir of Kastina. This abuse and violence against young girls is simply paedophilia in the name of Islam.

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