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101 Military occupation of Igbo land must now end -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
The army is not used to quell civil unrest in a democracy. There is no civil unrest in Igbo land. The army is not used to contain criminals in a democracy. There are criminals in all parts of Nigeria. Why has the Nigerian army not deployed soldiers to...
102 Igbos deserve better -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
It is a clear evidence of failure of Igbo leadership, their lack of strategic thinking, ability and capacity to manage an evolving crisis. It exposes the democratic deficit in Nigerian politics and the disdain of president Buhari for the rule of law and...
103 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Nigeria united versus Igbo divided
Those who believe that the future of Igbo land rests with Biafra should remember that Ojukwu was not buried with Biafra flag and consider the political implication and ramifications of the fact that Ojukwu was buried with Nigerian flag as a Nigerian...
104 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The Scottish dilemma
Vote yes, wreck the must successful union in history, vote No, reject freedom and appear incapable of running your affairs. Alex Salmon has finally marched the Scots to the top of the hill. Will he persuade them to take a leap of faith with him to an...
105 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - AIDS in Nigeria the forgotten epidemic (Conclusion)
It would seem that Christianity and Islam have created misconceptions about sex which need to be corrected if Nigerians in particular and Africans in general will adopt and enlightened attitude to this natural instinctual urge. We now know more about sex,...
106 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Buhari, an experiment in sectarian presidency
With the noise building up about the sectarian nature of the appointments Buhari has made so far, cancellations of projects like the second Niger Bridge and crack down on groups like MASSOB, one can either take the position that it is Buhari's political...
107 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - True Federalism through restructuring is the only option for Nigeria now
The utterances of people like Tambuwal and conduct and attitudes of political Islamic North, its intransigence and the arrogance and, sectarian attitude of the Buhari government; are evidence that Nigeria is far past the rubicon and its existence as a...
108 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Prayer, without work is noise
Having faith in God is a great gift and easiest way to become wise. It is also one of the surest ways to remain ignorant, become foolish, gullible and blind. This effect of faith on insight was noticed by Jesus and he did lament that the children of this...
109 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Let him who read the Bible and Quran understand
A building belonging to one of the major Christian private enterprises exploiting Nigerians in the name of God collapsed. There are now evidence that the building had no approved plan. If this is true, then the site is a crime scene and the owner of the...
110 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Criminal democracy and capitalism
...evidence so far has shown that Nigerian politicians, being mostly unscrupulous, are not good judge of character, as all they have succeeded in doing is selecting someone worse than them, this continues to be the case. The experience of Obasanjo, Orji...

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