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81 Omoyele Sowore's chapter in the political history of Nigeria
When the time comes to write a comprehensive history of Nigerian polity, Omoyele Sowore's chapter is adequately assured and preserved in the impending historical book of Nigeria.
82 MLK: A quintessential American exceptionalism
King Jr. has a legacy that continues to prick, shake and shape the conscience and consciousness of the world.
83 The fizzling political relevance of Mr. Tortoise!
The surreptitious role Baba is playing at this defining moment in our nation's history is unstatemanlike, and very disturbingly concerning!
84 Dino Melaye's Gymnastic Antics!
When a man begins to get scared of himself, it's the beginning of the end to his antics, deceitful and ruinous life.
85 One day, one drama in Nigeria!
What's the fuss about a presidential candidate of Nigeria visiting the United States if he doesn't have skeletons in his closet? For boosting his political credentials?
86 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Ogbeh and Obasanjo: Two sides of same coin
Where are the leadership qualities they say this man possess that Abacha was killed and someone got him out of prison to ruin us? A leader does not behave like this. It shows how idle the man is to have time to react to every comment to the extent of...
87 Sowore: When truth is bitter!
What I received in return from Sowore's followers were threats and hurl of insults for telling Sowore and his campaign organization the home truth on how to predict tomorrow in order to create it!
88 Sai Mama! Sai Aisha! (Poem)
Aisha is awesome!; She commands respect; Aisha commands grace; She ensues womanhood!
89 My New Year message to everyone!
Never film your nakedness, or nudity of mind or body to that circumstantial lover or acquaintance of yours. You might be lovebirds today, tomorrow is shrouded in darkness and mystery.
90 Sowore: When tomorrow is not too far!
The sad reality in Nigeria today is that the Nigerian youths want tomorrow, but the true reality is that they aren't ready for tomorrow!

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