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71 Democrats must not savor victory for loss at Senate runoff election
Democrats need to walk a fine line now. The party should stop amplifying unnecessary rancours and demands; they should be serious about making the Georgia race a national campaign right now.
72 America is back: The world wants America to lead again
The forefathers of this great nation were envisioned and very thoughtful to have created American exceptionalism. Despite America's ugly past, resilience, and ability to imagine great possibilities for her future make America a unique country.
73 Why Buhari should honorably resign (Nigeria is bleeding under his Buhari!)
Without any contradictions, Nigeria is a failed state under President Muhammadu Buhari. Buhari wants the best for Nigeria, but his best is being sabotaged by his twilight age,
74 Diego Maradona: A wild child of Argentina (October 30, 1960 -- November 25, 2020)
While the soccer legend Maradona invented the 'hands of God.' in soccer, our own pseudo-Maradona in Minna originated the 'hand of his gods' in Nigeria's general election.
75 American thanksgiving: A reflection for Nigeria
Every time you go out of your comfort zone or house here in the United States or travel to other States of the Union, itís a sad reminder of the sorry state of our roads in Nigeria.
76 Buhari's place in Nigerian controversial history!
...the Plebeians in Nigeria have twice given Buhari their mandate to steer their ship; the ship is callously (adrift) floating without being either steered or moored.
77 This is our Moment, This is our Time!
Friends, Americans, countrymen, and countrywomen. Lend me your ears and attention. Tonight, whosoever still doubts the exceptionalism of America is oblivious of the goodness that is etched in America's imagination, ingenuity, and possibility.
78 President Buhari's leadership problems!
The gory pictures of the ugly events going viral are a sorry representation of the failure of leadership in Nigeria. ... the president has handled the ongoing crisis in Nigeria with levity and shoddiness....
79 Nigerian Youth Movement: Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater
The treatment Mr. Omoyele Sowore, the antagonist of bad government and csar (Combat Search And Rescue) of "RevolutionNow" in Nigeria received a few days ago is very disturbing. Sowore's revolutionary insignia is an affront to the classic and peaceful...
80 Nigerian Youth Movement: Speaking with one organic voice #strongertogether!
With the admission of truth and no equivocation, President Buhari is sitting on the a keg of gunpowder! No power or mightiness can stop an idea whose time has come.

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