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61 News -- Pastor Raphael Warnock for US Senate, By YAHAYA BALOGUN
HEADLINE | Posted: Monday, December 4, 2021 Pastor Raphael Warnock for US Senate Pastor Raphael Warnock By Yàhàyà Bálógun Arizona, USA astor Raphael Warnock of Georgia is a good example of how pastors should be involved in real clear...
62 The botched "Nigeria Vision 2020" contemporary Nigerians or Africans are squandering the opportunities that the interregnum of social media (that is, the advent of the age of ignorance or misuse of information on social media) is festering or bringing unto us.
63 The U.S. and 2020 Word of The Year! (How the world was temporarily closed) word kept running through the profound ways our lives have been upended or changed—and our language so rapidly morphed—in this freakish year-2020.
64 Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala: A vintage woman for the WTO
Dr. Okonjo-Iweala's vintage and creative managerial skills transcend the firmament of local and international monetary affairs. She also has a record in the homefront that speaks volumes.
65 A Short Tribute to Dr. Fauci at 80
Without any hindsight, for those of us who do not know Anthony Stephen Fauci, this unsolicited piece is a synopsis of the man currently fighting the (in)visible enemy-Mr. Coronavirus and liars in the United States
66 Give Mike Pence credit for "one thing" after a chaotic regime!
In a real-life situation, If not polluted, Pence's demeanor can sway excellent and intelligent people to his side in any plebiscite. But the dude's first-rated character has been obsequiously sucked up to the outgoing mendacious and loquacious Potus.
67 'The Opened Tome' by As Saheediy! As Saheedily, a budding young Nigerian author
As Saheediy belongs to the next Gen Z. An SSS 3 student. When you see a budding author and impassioned boy at a tender age topping his quills and writing ceaselessly on parchment papers to teach, inspire, reconstruct cognition and mesmerize an audience....
68 The power in Biden's sense of calm and decency!
Biden was called all sorts of names: sleepy Joe, basement candidate, uninspiring Joe, etc.; Biden remained steadfast while his political adversaries cried in the wilderness of blissful ignorance and idiocy.
69 Spiritual leaders, marabouts, and the #BRINGBACKOURBOYS
When spiritual leaders of a country become an integral part of a nation's central intelligence and reconnaissance mission, the people in that country must be in grotesque fear, REAL fear!
70 Buhari's failure of leadership
My initial and unconditional support for Buhari's Presidential candidacy was born out of love for a beleaguered country we all love.

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