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61 Nigeria unity is non negotiable but imminently conversational!
We do not have to divorce to get our problems solved, or impede the progress and prosperity of our gifted offspring. The government must urgently convoke a true national conference.
62 Air transportation: A beautiful and terrible invention of all time!
These giant moving coffins in the air made by man are the safest, most beautiful and terrible invention of all time! ... Anytime I am at the airport, I always feel like I am in prison where inmates sentenced to deaths are awaiting execution.
63 Catch them young with love! (Poem)
Children are the salt of life.; What you do is what they mimic.; What you nurture in them natures Today and tomorrow's society.; One love in their hearts can; Neutralize millions of hate!
64 A Poem For Tise, Daddy's Daughter! Pius Adesanmi (27 February 1972 10 March 2019)
Tise, your dad dazzled the world; With his intellectual acumen; He mesmerized us with his; Witticisms and erudition.; A gifted satirist who predicted; the reunification of naughty Nigerians!
65 Love conquers hate!
The recent massacre in a Mosque at Christchurch city, New Zealand by a young man filled up with hate crime is another tragedy of a dysfunctional family defined by hate. ... The minds of children are like the process of pollination; hate or love is carried...
66 Softly, Softly Mrs. Oluremi Tinubu
Senator Oluremi Tinubu's statement viraled on social media for a couple of days and dampened my spirit. ... A good leader is a leader to all friends and foes.
67 A short but memorable life of Professor Pius Adesanmi (27 February 1972 10 March 2019)
For those of us who did not know Professor Pius Adesanmi, a rare gem and quintessential young Professor before he smiled away to his lord, I am writing this synopsis of his short but memorable life for your perusal.
68 Mandate of the Plebeians II
As you were awash with more than 15 million votes in the just concluded general elections by the plebeians, your re-election is a referendum on the job have done in the last four years....
69 Religion as a culprit
Look at the most religious people or group of people around you, beneath their minds is embedded hate and resentment of other fellow human beings who don't share their beliefs and ideology.
70 Please, stay safe! Do not attempt political suicide!
United States of America we see as a world leader and a beacon hope for humanity is not better than Nigeria, the only difference is that of genuine spirits and sense of patriotism as imbibed from generation to generation of American leaders....

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