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51 Igbo Youth: Jonathan's return in 2023 will be a misnomer!
Kai...Kai...Kai.GEJ!!! Do not listen to AGIPs!; They're ignorant people with no moral identity.; Let your peaceful mien and grace ace us.; Get the Eastern youth together to ask for equity.
52 We all need urgent mental health evaluation in Nigeria, nay Africa
If I were to be President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I would declare a state of emergency on national cognitive behavior and healthcare from day one.
53 Nigeria is journeying on a rough road to nowhere!
There is a complete failure of leadership in Nigeria. ... Sunday Igboho is a glorified new normal in the nauseating and sorry lexicon of Nigeria.
54 Larry King takes the biggest bow at 87
The loud silence is currently palpable in CNN's Situation Room and other newsrooms all over the world.
55 President Biden will inherit a troubled world
The road ahead for Biden's administration will not be easy as the past domestic impediments are still lurking around. The road will be steep in the short run....
56 Joe Biden: The restoration of a (Dis)United people and American soul
The trust reposed in Biden and his government experience will help him to quickly leverage and work with his former Republican colleagues; and the enemy-induced reTrumplicans in the US Congress.
57 MLK: A tribute to a quintessential black American
King's messages of love, oratorical stance, and powerful speeches from his contemporaries are vocal resources that energize good people's everyday lives.
58 Nigerian Youths, "Where art thou?"
If I have my way, I would have graciously advised all the youths in Nigeria to change their juvenile activism and tactless strategies to take back their future from men of yesterday.
59 Thank you, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan!
In retrospect, every Nigerian residing in the U.S. or the Diaspora, who witnessed the 'Trump insurrection' ... will be quick to ... appreciate the meekness and courteous goodwill of former President Goodluck Jonathan.
60 News -- Jon Ossoff for US Senate!, By YAHAYA BALOGUN
HEADLINE | Posted: Monday, December 4, 2021 Jon Ossoff for US Senate! Jon Ossoff By Yhy Blgun Arizona, USA hese are trying times in the political climate of the United States of America. Elections have never been this chaotic and...

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